Clever ways to display your child’s artwork

Clever ways to display your child’s artwork

Looking for new ways to preserve, display and enjoy your child's first masterpieces? Here's how to show off your little genius's work.

Instead of storing your child's paintings and drawings in a shoe box, help her create her own gallery. Here's how.

Bathroom gallery. Hanging art takes up little space while adding color and pizzazz for guests to admire. Use matching frames for a uniform look or just hang the pictures in symmetrical rows with removable tape.

Scrapbooks. Let your child decorate the cover of the album and write or paste her name prominently on the cover. Place the scrapbook on the coffee table in the family room so your child can show it to guests.

Quilts. Photograph your child's artwork and save it on your computer. Print her favorite pieces on fabric and sew it into a quilt. Your child can use it for years!

Clothesline. String a clothesline through your child's bedroom, and clip her artwork to it. To set up the clothesline, place two removable hooks on the walls across the room. String a clothesline rope between them and clip the artwork to it with clothespins.

Placemats. Try laminating your child's artwork to make easy-to-clean placemats.

Calendars. This is a great way to use 12 pieces in one creation. Simply scan your child's artwork and then upload it to an online photo service. It could make a great gift for grandparents and godparents!

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This is such a cute idea. Mimi and popop will love this!

Great Ideas


I LOVE the placemat idea. That is perfect for my little ones drawings.

You're great pampers


Thank you for all the informations. I love pampers.



My son is very happy about this idea!

Love the clothesline idea


My kids can take on and off their own pictures and it doesn't damage the walls. Genius!

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