Housework With Toddlers

Housework With Toddlers

Ready to start teaching your child to help around the house? Now is just the time to take advantage of her desire to imitate you. She may slow things down at first (don't be surprised if the housework takes at least twice as long with her "helping"), but in the long run, her participation will pay off in so many ways. For one thing, she'll feel proud to be a part of the family's responsibilities.

At this age, your child should be able to help you:

  • dust
  • water plants
  • put laundry in piles
  • hold a dustpan

Just don't expect her to work alone — she'll need you there every step of the way.


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I love help

My 3 yr old daughter loves to help sometimes but my 20 month old son just comes right behind me and tears everything back out

19 month old

My 19 month old has been helping load and unload laundry since she turned 1. She likes to help pick up toys too. She is way more helpful sometimes than my 7 year old. lol

helping with baby brother

My son loves helping with his little brother, he loves feeding him baby food & cleaning him up when he gets messy.

Cleaning Time

WrigleyBear 4/27/2016
My 2 year old loves "to help" with the dishes, laundry, and sweeping and moping. She feels very proud of herself when helping. I feel that it is another good way to spend quality time with my growing toddler.


This is an interesting thought...having even children as young as toddlers help with housework. I think it's important to allow kids to help you whenever they want to, so great article.

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