Housework With Toddlers

Housework With Toddlers

Kids like to imitate their parents, so why not show your children how to help around the house? Easy, doable chores at this stage include dusting, watering plants, and sorting laundry. Get more ideas.

Ready to start teaching your child to help around the house? Now is just the time to take advantage of her desire to imitate you. She may slow things down at first (don't be surprised if the housework takes at least twice as long with her "helping"), but in the long run, her participation will pay off in so many ways. For one thing, she'll feel proud to be a part of the family's responsibilities.

At this age, your child should be able to help you:

  • dust
  • water plants
  • put laundry in piles
  • hold a dustpan

Just don't expect her to work alone — she'll need you there every step of the way.

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alisass 2/8/2016

I also have my three year old help with dishes, really he just plays in the water, but I try to expose him to that process

Good idea


This is a good idea,because in this way a child learns how to work and not to be lazy.

They sure do


Monkey see monkey do

Great read


Great read!



Very helpful article. had my daughter help me around the house and she loves it. She loves helping her mom!

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