Newborn sleeping problems: getting your baby to sleep

Newborn sleeping problems: getting your baby to sleep

A brand-new baby needs a standard bedtime routine to encourage good sleeping patterns both now and later on. Follow these tips to getting your baby to sleep!

Although newborns spend most of their time sleeping, you might still encounter a few problems with getting them into a regular sleep pattern.

Stick to a routine
A regular bedtime and a standard sequence for settling down at night is key in developing a sleep routine. If the time, the place or the routine changes all the time, then anxiety and confusion may creep in. Although some babies rely on regularity more than others, they all benefit from a bedtime routine.

Getting them down
A good bedtime routine can include a bath, snuggle time, a story, or a song. Getting your newborn into a nighttime routine lays the foundation for a healthy attitude towards getting ready for bed as she grows up.

Separation issues
Putting your newborn down for the night represents separation from your baby, especially if you’ve spent the whole day with her. As parents, we have to recognize and deal with our own tough issues about being apart before we can solve any of our children's concerns.

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Sleep Patterns

Lisa 2/8/2016

This makes sense but it is difficult to get a 2 week old to do this. He is pretty good about napping but when he cluster feeds it throws things off completely. I wish there were more suggestions for very new babies.

Night time


These are great ideas. I'm trying them out but it is a little difficult with twins. Sometimes they get off schedule from each other.



I need to work on the separation. I would be so exhausted from getting up with baby all night and when he got sick it was worseche had to sleep propped up so I had him with me to make sure he was breathing OK. Guess I'm in for some rough nights to break the bad habit I created

Love it

Becca 2/5/2016

This helped me a little. I have already tried this and started it not too long ago, when my son was about 2 months old or so. It's working pretty much all the time. I do a bath every other day and a story every night, then snuggle and feeding time. If I miss a story my son doesn't go to bed like he usually does, as soon. So definitely agree about the routine thing! Schedules and routies help all of us, but especially babies!



I always do tummy time and play with them for a hour or so before bed and they have been very good sleepers.

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