Toddler vocabulary expansion

Toddler vocabulary expansion

Hang in there! Those constant "no's" may soon start to vary a bit. Thanks to increased language comprehension and vocabulary, your toddler may be able to negotiate a little more and understand choices. Learn more

By now, your toddler's tendency to say “no” to everything may be starting to vary a little. As he acquires more language comprehension and vocabulary, your child will be able to:

  • Negotiate a little
  • Understand the concept of choosing between two items (but no more than that)
  • Understand a brief sentence ("We can do this after your bath")

Don’t be fooled…

He's still in the business of trying to get his own way, assert his independence and test his limits. Be clear about what you expect from him. A young child doesn't really understand "Be good", so opt for a precise instruction such as "No hitting" instead. Try not to talk too much when setting limits – a lot of words overwhelm, upset and confuse your toddler. Keep it simple.

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