Why does my toddler hit?

Why does my toddler hit?

Your usually friendly child has suddenly starting hitting people – yikes! To curb this behavior, you may want to try providing positive support when your child uses words, not hands, to communicate. Get more tips on how to help.

Has your otherwise friendly toddler suddenly started hitting people? Many children this age start communicating their feelings physically, partly as a way to get your attention and partly because their language skills are still limited.

Here's how to help curb the behavior:

  • Make a show of noticing when your child communicates without hitting. Positive rewards for acceptable behavior teach better than negative consequences for bad behavior.
  • Don't put your child into social situations when you know she's ready for a nap or too hungry to be calm.
  • Try to spend some time alone with your child each day so you can give him your full attention when you play together.
  • Hang in there! Soon your child will develop language skills that will help her communicate much more effectively.
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Being the baby


My daughter has started hitting and as the youngest of 4 she's trying to assert herself, but I've started to try to alleviate the problem before it gets to that point.



I AGREE, to see sometimes my baby hit her older sister when they are arguing on toys, this advice is a big help. ill will do this to my kids...thanks



wonderful tips, thanks.

Toddler behavior

Anastasia152 8/27/2015

Thank you ,for the good tips you gave me. There are many things that set off toddlers even jealousy of another toddler.

Yeah a new phase


Good advice

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