Why does my toddler hit?

Why does my toddler hit?

Has your otherwise friendly toddler suddenly started hitting people? Many children this age start communicating their feelings physically, partly as a way to get your attention and partly because their language skills are still limited.

Here's how to help curb the behavior:

  • Make a show of noticing when your child communicates without hitting. Positive rewards for acceptable behavior teach better than negative consequences for bad behavior.
  • Don't put your child into social situations when you know she's ready for a nap or too hungry to be calm.
  • Try to spend some time alone with your child each day so you can give him your full attention when you play together.
  • Hang in there! Soon your child will develop language skills that will help her communicate much more effectively.


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My grandson hit me and kick me

My daughter and my grandson have been living with me in my house since he was 9 months old. Just recently he has started hit me and trying to kick me. My daughter works full time and he very attached to her, since she is a single mother. He tells me to go away all the time, this very hurtful. He also cries all the time when he does not get what he wants and my daughter run to always see what is the matter. Oh by the way he is 2 and a half. I try keep not distance from him and his mother.

I have a Hitter

Lex 5/5/2016
My 23 month hits and bits when she doesn't get her way. when she doesn't get mommy's phone in time and starts to hit and then I come down to her level in a soft voice and tell her that's not nice and it is not nice to hit. You will not be playing with Mommies phone.


yuk 4/29/2016
This happened my baby now. It's really helpful.

He thinks it's funny

My toddler hits me and then laughs. He does it when he wants to show off for some one. I say no we don't hit and put him down. I continue this until he stops. We are now up to about 2 times of being told no and put down before he gets it.


My toddler hits just about everyone and I can't understand why. Possibly for attention. Other times it's because he doesn't want to share. This article was helpful to help understand and curb the hitting.

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