Teaching Sleeping Habits: Toddler Sleep Training

Teaching Sleeping Habits: Toddler Sleep Training

Your child is crying, he wants a glass of water – all you want is for him to get some sleep. Follow these steps to help with toddler sleep training.

Getting enough sleep is essential for your toddler's healthy development, not to mention your sanity. Here's how to help your child slow down, switch down a gear and head off into the Land of Nod.

Create a routine
Start each night with a relaxing routine: changing into pajamas, brushing his teeth and washing his face every night will help establish that these are the things that happen before bedtime. Resist the urge to excite your child with more games.

Be consistent
Stick with the same routine. When bedtime rolls around, he'll know what is expected of him.

Make it comfortable
Let your child take his beloved teddy bear or blanket to bed with him. Allow one drink of water and then turn on a nightlight before closing the door. This gives him fewer excuses for climbing out of bed again.

Pause before answering a call
With each time he calls for you, wait a few seconds longer. When you do answer, remind him that it's bedtime. If you go into her room, leave the light off and make it quick.

Be patient
Teaching a toddler good sleep habits doesn't happen overnight. Keep doing the same thing at bedtime and eventually your toddler will learn to go along with the plan.

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Own Bed


We are having trouble getting our son to stay in his own bed. He typically comes into our room between midnight and 3 am. Half the time we don't even know he's there because we have a king bed with plenty of room for him to sneak in. It has gotten worse since we moved in February. We are consistent with bedtimes and betime routine. He is getting a bed tent for his birthday in a couple weeks so, fingers crossed, hopefully that will do the trick!



During the school year it is easier for our routine. Then my wife had our second and since then it's been harder to get our guy down. We also switched to twin bed that he can climb out of. Trying to find a rhythm and routine when often it's just my wife with the two boys at night. Suggestions?



my son has gone to bed at 7pm every night since he was 3 months old! I highly recommend the book "babywise"



I usually reward my toddlers with a Friday movie night if they went to bed well that week!



I usually just keep repeating myself " bed time, go to bed and go to sleep"....my son does not have a specific time he goes to sleep

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