How to get your child to try new foods

How to get your child to try new foods

Most young children are reluctant to try new foods, so don't be offended if your toddler wrinkles his nose and spits out your carefully prepared offering. His initial rejection as a final judgment on the dish.

The old ways are best

Research shows that offering a new food several times, a day or two apart, will likely lead to success. An old pediatrics adage says that the seventh time is the charm when it comes to getting a new food on the "yes" list.

How to get it done (and in!)

The first time you give your toddler a new food, offer him a spoonful or two, or let him try a small amount on his own. Then give up if you get a negative response. Bide your time and put the dish on the menu again a day or two later. Force-feeding your child will result in him resisting that food and many others too. "Try" is okay for now.

All the effort is worth it. Research shows that willingness to try new foods and a varied diet lead to healthier lifelong eating habits.

Helpful hint:

Children are more willing to try new foods if they see trusted adults and familiar older children eating them too. So if you turn up your own nose at spinach, don't expect to sell it to your toddler. Good eating habits are a family affair, so stock up on the veggies, fruits and whole grains.


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gives me hope

My kid won't try anything but these tips are giving me hope

blend it

the best way to get high nutrition is with a smoothie they love it, and it is quick and easy

my toddler

babycakes 2/22/2016
will eat almost anything but some leafy greens

Encouraging article

My toddler won't even taste a new food. As soon as she sees something new on her plate she walks away. She's not up for new textures or flavors. I'll just have to keep at it and Hpefully after several attempts she'll be more willing to try a new foods.


I'm trying my best to use these tactics now as I introduce new foods to my baby. So far so good! Really hoping she won't be picky!

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