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Stimulating and Easy Toddler Day Trips

Need to get out of the house? Toddler day trips are a surefire way to help your tot blow off steam. Read on for some easy, stimulating, and fun ideas for your next day trip.

Hospital Checklist for New Moms-to-Be

Your due date is coming up soon, which means it's time to get packing for the trip to the hospital. Use this hospital bag checklist to make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

Baby Bath Safety: Tips for the Bathroom

Time for your little one to splash and play in the tub? Check out these smart strategies for making your baby's bathtime safe as well as relaxing.

Fun Vacations for Adults and Kids

When it comes to family vacations, parents and kids usually have different agendas. That poses some interesting challenges.

Can I make stretch marks go away?

Can I make stretch marks go away?

The Best Gear for Your New Baby's Nursery

Changing table? Check. Crib, mattress, and fitted sheets? Check, check, check. After you have the basics, consider adding these items to make your new baby's room even more comfortable and inviting.

Tips for Eating Out With A Baby

Eating out with your baby can be manageable if you show up to the restaurant prepared. Learn what every new mom should have on hand when eating out with her baby.

Meditation for Moms

When you're a mom, every minute of every day is full — and then some. Find out why it's worthwhile to add meditation to your daily routine.

Your Little One's First Haircut

Seeing your baby's hair snipped off at the first haircut can be a bittersweet experience for you. And your child may find the whole thing unsettling and even scary. Here's how to create a tear-free trip to the hair salon.

Cooking Fun With Your Little One

Cooking together can be a great activity for you and your toddler or preschooler — as long as you take the right steps to keep your child safe in the kitchen. Follow these guidelines to cook up some fun with your little one.

The New Mom Workout

Your baby has arrived, and you've had time to rest and recover. What should you do to build strength and get back into shape? Check out these new-mommy exercises and routines.

Are Crib Bumpers Safe?

My mother thinks I should put crib bumpers in my baby’s crib so he doesn’t hit his head on the wooden slats and hurt himself. Is she right?

Games for Toddler Playdates: Musical Chairs

Want to boost your toddler's development and encourage imaginative play with other children? Of course you do! This toddler play idea will help get you started.

Between Babies: Take Three Steps Now for a Healthy Pregnancy Later

You may not be planning to have another baby right now. But there are some simple, commonsense steps you can take now that can help get you set for when you are ready to become pregnant again. Find out more.

Energy Saving Tips for Cold Weather

When winter rolls around and temperatures plunge, we all want to huddle inside and keep toasty warm. Use these eco-friendly ideas for heating your house and trimming your energy bills.

Fun Craft Activities for Toddlers

Looking for ways to add some artsy creativity to your toddler's play? Try out some activities that involve craft supplies. These toddler craft ideas can be fun and educational, and will keep your tot happy and busy.

Homemade Baby Food: Tips and Tricks

Preparing homemade baby food may seem daunting, but it's actually a quick and healthy way to feed your child. Learn how to do it right with these tips.

Pregnancy Nutrition: Calcium and Iron During Pregnancy

There are two minerals you just can't do without when you're pregnant: calcium and iron. Learn about the vital role they play in keeping you and your baby healthy and strong.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

You'll enjoy helping your child with this project — the perfect way to celebrate the holiday dedicated to love. Find out how to make these fun and easy gifts together.

Clean Up With a Newborn Sponge Bath

Sponge baths are the perfect way to keep your new baby's skin clean and fresh smelling. Learn how to safely bathe your slippery, squirmy bundle of joy with these newborn sponge bath tips.

Exercise With Your Baby

Why exercise solo when you can work out with your new baby? Your little one could end up being your best fitness companion. Find out how to bond with your baby while losing the baby weight.

Traveling With a Baby

Ready for your first family trip? Have your little one sleep in the portable bed for a few nights before the trip, to get used to it. Also, bring plenty of water (for you) and lots of baby wipes. Get more travel-with-baby tips.

Welcome Home Baby Party Tips

Now that your baby has arrived, everyone wants to celebrate with the newest family member. The solution: Have all the relatives come to your house! Find out how to plan a stress-free holiday gathering.

Family Photos With Your Baby

Tired of all those photos of your family, minus you? It may be time to let someone else capture the shot, so you can be included. Learn more.

Holiday Safety Tips

Time for tree-trimming, candle-lighting, and opening gifts? Find out how to carry out beloved traditions of the season while keeping your family safe.

Mommy Resolutions

As the new year begins, you're determined to make some positive changes in your life, from getting fit to getting organized. Follow these tips on how to set and attain realistic goals.

Carbohydrates During Pregnancy

If you're trying to eat well, you may have questions about carbohydrates. What are simple carbs vs. complex carbs? Which foods and how much of them are good for us? Learn more about carbohydrates.

Creating Personalized Greeting Cards

You're proud to be a new family and you want your greeting cards to stand out, not get lost in a stack. Take your holiday cards to the next level with these expert tips!

Holiday Shopping: Work Smart, Not Hard

Finding gifts for everyone on your list can take a huge chunk of time — which you don't have enough of during the holiday season. Learn how to streamline your shopping, get it all done, and start relaxing.

6 Ways to Make Doing Laundry Easier

Is your laundry hamper overflowing -- and making you feel overwhelmed at the thought of tackling it? Check out some time-saving, sanity-preserving tips for getting everything clean and dry.

Grocery Shopping With Your Baby: How to Make It Work

Time to stock up on groceries, baby in tow? With a little planning and some wise choices, you and your little one can have a pleasant and productive outing. Check out these shopping tips.

Make Time for Fitness on a Time-Crunched Schedule

You know you need to exercise — you're feeling out of shape and out of sorts. The problem is finding the time. Check out some smart strategies for fitting in a fitness routine.

Mom 'Me' Time: Why You Need It and How to Get It

Are you feeling as if you're taking care of everyone in the family, except yourself? Find out how to start a healthy, daily dose of 'me' time.

The 30-Minute Kitchen Cleanup

Are those food messes and piles of dishes wearing your down? Take heart and follow our speedy plan for a gleaming, organized kitchen.

8 Quick Tips for a Clean House

Your top priority is your baby and family, not scrubbing floors. That said, walking into a squeaky clean home can feel so good! Check out some tips on getting your place shining in record time.

Creative Ideas for Displaying Kids’ Artwork

Are your child's drawings and paintings piling up all over the house? Pick up some clever ways to preserve, display, and enjoy these wonderful creations.

Dining Out With Your Baby

Many of us fantasize about finally getting out of the house and having a family dinner at a restaurant. But with a small baby in tow, this outing may take some careful planning. Get some great tips.

Easy Ice Pops for the Whole Family

You can use this process to also make baby-friendly ice pops! Use pureed fruits, milk and juices!

Family Photo Fun

Turn your family photos into activity cards you can use to entertain your child. Looking at family pictures will not only engage your baby but also help him learn more about his world and the important people in his life.

Fresh Ways to Help Organize Your House

New moms have lots of baby items and gear to store and arrange at home. Find out how to create order, remove clutter, and save time.

Healing After Childbirth

Several factors can affect this healing, including your general health, nutritional status, and degree of fatigue or stress…

It's All in the Wash: Your Guide to Coming Clean

Laundry time again? With kids in the house, almost every day turns into laundry day. Follow these tips for creating a safe and efficient laundry routine.

Life Skills

Remember your childbirth class, and those breathing and relaxation techniques you learned? Turns out that these skills can be put to good use throughout your life…

Planning a Nature Walk With Your Little One

What could be more fun than exploring the great outdoors with your baby or toddler. Grab a stroller (or your little one's hand), lace up your walking shoes, and head out for some time with Mother Nature. Learn more.

Becoming Fit For Motherhood

Start your fitness program by teaching yourself how to do three common tasks—nursing, carrying your baby, and pushing a stroller…

Baby Care Basics: Creating a Clean and Safe Home

Cleaning up messes and doing laundry are a necessary part of baby care and parenting. Learn how to keep your living space clean and safe for your baby.

Your Baby's First Plane Trip

Planning a plane trip with your infant? With a little forethought and preparation, your baby’s first flight can be a happy adventure for the whole family. Read on!

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Tips

If you're considering adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle for your family, now's the time to start. Pick up some great, easy-to-implement ideas for going green.

Pregnancy Diet Tips

Eating nutrient-packed foods when expecting is a must for your growing body and can help support your baby’s development. Check out this list of menu must-haves.

Beware the Baby Blues

If you're a new mom, you've probably felt exhausted (giving birth and caring for a newborn is pretty draining!) and maybe even a little low. While some sadness is natural, feeling depressed is something different. Learn more.

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Guard your little one with gentle protection

Guard your little one with gentle protection

With its quilted, blanket-like comfort, Pampers Swaddlers is our softest diaper. Plus its color changing wetness indicator helps you know when baby needs a change.
Wave bye-bye to household germs

Wave bye-bye to household germs

Babies can’t help but grab everything in sight; so be sure to use Bounty® DuraTowel™. They’re 3X cleaner than regular dishtowels, so you can rest easy as your baby plays freely.
A gentle clean for sensitive skin

A gentle clean for sensitive skin

Pampers Sensitive Wipes are dermatologist tested and clinically proven mild. Our hypoallergenic and perfume free formula won’t irritate baby’s soft skin.
Wash your baby’s onesies with TLC

Wash your baby’s onesies with TLC

Tide® Free & Gentle™ is dye and perfume-free, so it offers a great clean on gentle skin. Plus, it removes more dirt, food and stain residue than the leading free detergent!
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