Mandy Treeby

Mandy Treeby | Co-founder of the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™

Chief Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Mandy Treeby is the co-founder of the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ and a Pediatric Sleep Consultant who has spent over a decade working with parents & babies around the world. Understanding just how many families are suffering sleep challenges, ignited her passion to make quality baby sleep coaching available to everyone. A Mom of two, she’s focused on ensuring parents gain the confidence and knowledge to help their babies’ become super sleepers.

“I took all the pre-natal classes, was an expert at swaddling but nothing prepared me for the sleep disruption that comes with being a new parent. If I’d known then what I know now about sleep things could have been so different. Many parents feel alone and helpless about their baby’s sleep. They simply don’t know where to start and there is almost too much information out there, all conflicting. The reality is, just like everything else baby is learning to do, they also need to learn to sleep – that’s why we created the Smart Sleep Coach to deliver developmentally appropriate sleep support that equips parents with practical, effective tools and knowledge to help their baby sleep better now and as they grow!”

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