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How does the Pregnancy Milestones Tracker work?

Firstly, we ask you to create a free account with Pampers Club (or log in if you’re already a member). We also ask for your due date to make sure the calendar notifications match your week in pregnancy. Not sure what your due date is yet? Don’t worry, you can find out in 2 clicks with our Due Date Calculator Tool!

Once you confirm your due date and choose your calendar app (on whatever device you’d like), you’ll be redirected to your calendar to complete the sync. It can take a few minutes for events to appear on your calendar! 

And that’s it! You’re ready to track your pregnancy milestones. You’ll receive a push-notification every couple of weeks to let you know what’s coming up in your pregnancy journey.

What is pregnancy tracking and why is it useful?

Many parents-to-be find pregnancy tracking a useful way to monitor their progress. Maybe you’d like to commemorate weekly or monthly milestones, or keep a log of how your body and baby is progressing. There are many tracking apps, calculators, and calendars available. 

Tracking can be a fun way to celebrate achievements, share moments with friends and family, and even build a keep-sake to remember your pregnancy journey. It’s important to note that this pregnancy tracker tool shouldn’t replace valuable input from your healthcare provider.

The Pregnancy Milestones Tracker will help you find the best tool for tracking your milestones, expert-written article, or game to play according to your relevant week in pregnancy. 

But remember, you can access any Pampers Club pregnancy and parenting tools whenever you like, just log in via the web!

Can I unsubscribe if I change my mind?

We hope you’ll find the Pregnancy Milestones Tracker a really handy way to follow each week in your pregnancy, whether it’s tracking your milestones with a Pampers tool, reading up on an article, or even enjoying a quiz or game.

If you do change your mind about using our tool on your calendar, you can unsubscribe at any time via the calendar app itself.

You’ll still have full access to 12+ pregnancy and parenting tools with your Pampers Club membership, to help you track, learn, and play at every milestone of your pregnancy and parenting journey! Just log in to the web to explore.