Pampers safety promise

Just like you, we put baby’s safety first. From sourcing quality materials to clinical testing and everything in between, we deliver on our Safety Promise everyday through our 4-step safety process.

Step 1: Ensure Safety at the Source

Having safe product begins with using only safe raw materials. We buy materials from some of the world’s most reputable suppliers that meet the most demanding U.S and European regulatory safety standards.

Step 2: Test (and Retest) All Materials

Once our suppliers are thoroughly evaluated and approved, our safety experts dig below the surface. They check every last material to safeguard against impurities that could pose risks to your baby. We also partner with external experts, just because a third check doesn’t hurt!

Step 3: Evaluate Every Product

Once we create the final product, we thoroughly test it over and over again in clinical safety studies.

Step 4: Monitor Again (and Again)

Our job isn’t done after the product is designed- we conduct thousands of quality checks on every single production line, every day. We also work with families around the world who test our products and provide real-time feedback.

Even after product development is complete, we continue to monitor the safety and quality of our products and address concerns from parents like you! If you have questions or comments, call us at 1-800-726-7377 or contact us online.

Made with Love

Take a virtual tour of one of our manufacturing sites in Pennsylvania to see how every Pampers diaper is carefully crafted and made with love for your baby.