Exercises With Your Baby

Instead of sacrificing precious bonding time with your new baby, why not work her into your exercise routine? Get started with these simple, easy-to-followideas and exercises with your baby.

Get Outside
Whether you run or walk, taking your baby with you while you log miles is a great way to lose baby weight and get back into shape. Just wait until yourbaby is at least 6 months old so that she can sit up straight in the jogging stroller. Keep your baby engaged by talking to her and pointing out scenery asyou go by.

Take a Class
From yoga to cardio, many gyms offer mommy-and-me classes. You get the benefit of having an instructor guide you through the best post-pregnancy workouts,and your baby gets to watch the other moms and babies move about the room.

And if you need a break, have Dad take your baby on his workout.

Do a Mommy and Me Workout
Incorporating your new baby into your toning exercises can be fun for both of you. Start with these three moves:

  1. Up-dog stretch. Lie on your stomach and keep your hips on the ground as you lift your chest up toward the sky. Lay your baby on theground in front of you and shower him with kisses when you come back down.
  2. Bench squats. Hold your baby as you squat down and sit on a park bench or the couch. Engage your core (as if someone is about to hityou in the stomach) as you drive through your heels and stand back up.
  3. Shoulder press. Stand up tall with your core engaged and hold your baby securely in your hands. Lift him up in the air and bring himback down for kisses.

On days when working out is the last thing you feel like doing, remind yourself that your new baby also needs stimulation and fresh air. Knowing you’redoing something healthy for him ⎯ while working on losing the baby weight ⎯ should help get you out the door.

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