Baby Proofing: Stair Gates and Fences

Your proud new walker can't wait to take the stairs — two at a time. But if your baby is new to walking, she's probably not ready for stairs yet. Slowthings down a notch and take a few precautions.

  1. Set up gates. These should be placed at the top and the bottom of the stairs. Keep an eye on your baby at all times, letting her know that if she wants to use thestairs, she needs to hold your hand.
  2. Introduce sliding down.Going down the stairs is harder than going up. You may want to teach your baby how to slide down on her belly, feet first. This is the safest methodright now, and you can also treat it as a game.
  3. Teach her to hold on tight.Soon your little one will be skilled enough to walk up and down stairs without help. Just teach her to always hold onto the railing so she stays safe.

Things move along really quickly from here on in, so stay close to supervise your baby's progress up — and later, down — the stairs.

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