Diapers 101: Diaper Pants

At Pampers, your baby is the center of our world, too. That’s why all of our diapers are designed with baby in mind and are made from safe and effective ingredients. Let’s take a look at one of our most flexible diaper designs for the little ones on the move, Diaper Pants.

What Are Diaper Pants?

Diaper Pants are soft and stretchy, designed for infants who are 6 months and older. At this age, babies are beginning to crawl and flip onto their stomachs, making it harder for parents to put on a taped diaper. Instead, Diaper Pants can be pulled on like underpants on a standing baby. Diaper Pants are also very helpful during potty training, as they offer independence to your little one!

Diaper Pants typically have a flexible band around the waist and legs, fitting comfortably with baby's physique. Pampers unique S-curve waist design can provide less pressure around the belly and bottom to provide the comfort fit and gap-free fit around the waist 360°. Without side tape strips, parents don’t have to worry about their little one disturbing the tape with their milestone movements. Stretchy, easy-tear sides, and a disposal tape on the diaper make them a smart choice for when you are on-the-go and changing and disposing of diapers may not be easy.

Performance Features

Pampers Diaper Pants come in various sizes based on baby’s age and weight, and like our taped diapers, are highly absorbent and offer up to 100% leakproof protection.

Features of Pampers Cruisers 360™ Diaper Pants:

360° Stretchy Waistband

  • For easy application and a gentle customizable fit

Escape the Tapes

  • Easy-Tear side for quick changes

Premium Protection

  • Offers up to 12 hours of comfort and dryness

LockAway Channels™

  • Has breathable dryness to keep baby's skin feeling fresh

Dual Leak-guard Barriers

  • Gently seals around baby's leg to help prevent leaks where they happen most

Cottony-soft Materials: Dermatologically Tested and Hypoallergenic

  • To ensure they are gentle against your baby’s skin

How To Use Diaper Pants

Pampers Diaper Pants can be quickly pulled on and off, all while the baby is standing up!

1. Putting them on

  • Ensure proper positioning by using the “BACK” side indicator

  • Slip your baby’s legs through the opening in Pampers pants and pull upwards

  • Adjust waist around the tummy to ensure baby’s comfort

  • Check the leg cuffs to ensure they are turned outwards to prevent accidental leaks

2. Taking them off

  • While you can pull them on like pants, you don’t always need to pull them down like pants, which is especially useful when you’re dealing with a messy diaper

  • To remove, tear apart the sides and slowly slide them out from between your baby’s legs

  • Roll up the diaper and use the disposal tape to secure them before disposing in the trash

  • Then, clean your baby as your normally do, and put on a fresh pair of Diaper Pants before sending them off on their next adventure!

For an on-the-go baby, Pampers® Diaper Pants are your go-to option. Learn more about how Pampers is dedicated to every baby’s happy, healthy development.

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