Choosing Pampers to Ensure Your Baby’s Comfort and Protection


Did you know that 70% of babies experience diaper rash in their first year of life? Babies’ skin is extra thin—30% thinner than adult skin—and sensitive as it adjusts to the world. Four of the main causes of diaper rash are overhydration, increased pH, poop left on the skin, and friction. So, we know that when it comes to your little one’s skin health, you only want the best, so why might Pampers be your top choice? With a world full of choices, especially regarding baby and newborn skin care, you might ask, “Which diaper brand is the best?” or “Among the top diaper brands, which one suits my baby?” In this article, we’ll dive into how Pampers helps protect your baby’s skin against four of the main causes of diaper rash.

Four of the Main Causes of Diaper Rash

Why is Pampers a great choice for your baby’s skin health and helping to reduce four of the main causes of diaper rash? Skin health is our top priority. We’ve conducted over 80 safety studies to ensure our products are tested thoroughly. More than 50 million babies around the globe use our diapers every day, offering a testament to our quality. Here are four of the main causes of diaper rash and how Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Pure Diapers are helping to protect against them.


Diapers, at their core, should keep a baby’s skin dry. When your baby’s skin is left wet and humid from moisture, it can lead to skin irritation and ultimately diaper rash. Some diapers temporarily absorb fluid but don’t lock it away from a baby’s skin. Pampers diapers have technology that helps trap and lock moisture away from your baby’s skin. Pampers diapers stay 3x drier than other leading brands to help maintain your baby’s skin health and help prevent overhydration.

Poop Left on the Skin

When left on the skin, poop can cause skin irritation and diaper rash. Pampers Swaddlers Diapers feature a BreatheFree Liner that pulls poop away from your baby’s skin so they don’t sit in their mess.

Increased pH

Poop and pee together in the diaper can create an elevated pH. This can increase your baby’s skin pH to levels that aren’t good for their skin health. Pampers Diapers and Sensitive Wipes work together to lock away pee and poop and restore your baby’s skin pH.


When your baby’s skin is wet, it’s susceptible to irritation and friction from their diaper. This can lead to diaper rash, similar to an adult wearing a wet swimsuit. Pampers Diapers are soft and feature smooth, gliding materials that help minimize friction on your baby’s skin, helping to prevent irritation.

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More Benefits of Choosing Pampers

Aside from helping protect your baby’s skin from diaper rash, Pampers have more benefits to ensure your little one’s skin is comfortable and protected.

  • Skin health and protection. Our wipes and diapers work together to lock away pee and poop and restore your newborn or baby’s skin pH. Our Pampers Swaddlers Diapers provide superior comfort for your little one. Our unique Lockaway Channels & BreatheFree Liner have been clinically proven to keep your baby’s skin healthy 24/7, absorb 50% faster, and lock fluid away from their skin, keeping it dry and healthy.

  • Quality sleep. A good night’s sleep is crucial for your baby. Our Swaddlers Overnights have 50% more absorbent zones compared to ordinary diapers, providing extra absorbency for dry nights.

  • Sensorial delight. We know that you want only the best for your baby, and that includes the softest and most comfortable diapers. Our diapers soft and have a premium look and feel. Plus, our delightful prints, available across taped diapers, diaper pants, and training pants, add a touch of fun!

  • Leakage protection. Pampers Swaddlers offers three lines of defense against leaks—a blowout barrier, dual leak-guard barriers at the leg, and ultra-absorbent layers. Our LockAway Channels and 360 waistband on our diaper pants and training pants style provide extra protection to prevent leaks.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Ensuring that your baby’s diaper fits properly is also key to preventing leakages. To check if the diaper fits just right, follow these 4 easy steps in the image below.

The Bottom Lines

When considering skin health and four of the main causes of diaper rash, you might wonder “Why Pampers?” We’ve designed and extensively tested our products to prioritize your newborn, baby, or toddler’s skin care needs, offering maximum comfort and protection. Our attention to detail, skin-friendly materials, and innovative designs set us apart from other top diaper brands. With a variety of diaper types available, buying diapers becomes a hassle-free experience when choosing Pampers. Trust us to care for your little ones just as much as you do, because at Pampers, we understand that every baby deserves nothing but the best. Another factor you’ll consider when buying diapers is finding the right size. Check our helpful diaper size and weight chart guide to find the right fit for your little one.

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