Your relatives just can't wait to meet your new baby. Before you go racing all over town with your newborn, consider hosting a simple celebration and having them all come to you! These tips and tricks will help you plan a successful event.

Get a Head Count

Before you even start planning a meal, get a head count of who you can expect. If you don't have a table at which everyone can sit, think about extending the eating area to another room.

Send Out The Invitations

If you're gathering your family on or near a big holiday, explain why you're holding the event at your house this year. Don't worry – everyone will understand.

Plan a Low-Fuss Menu

Choose a main course that cooks for a long time on its own (a slow-cooker dish or something that can be in the oven for a while is key), and then ask your guests to bring side dishes, appetizers, salads, or dessert.

Set up, Serve, and Relax

Don't feel as though you have to make everything picture-perfect. Gather enough seating, dishes, and glasses for everyone and prepare the food – that's all you need to do. Since you're among family, you shouldn't feel pressured to wait on all your guests.

Meet and Greet

Once the dinner is over, your relatives can take turns meeting and cuddling with your baby while others pitch in to clear the table, load the dishwasher, and put away the food. Teamwork is imperative in both getting things ready and having a successful winding-down of the evening. Be sure to capture and share the moment with plenty of pictures and videos.

Family events and holiday get-togethers can grow and change over time, just as families do. You have your own family now, and you can establish new traditions while embracing ones from your past.