Baby monitors are truly a godsend, for new and seasoned parents alike. Though there are a variety of models available, Wi-Fi baby monitors can help you check in on your baby from anywhere, whether you're in the next room, busy at work, or having a much needed date night! This is the main reason so many parents today are opting to purchase a Wi-Fi baby monitor.

Find out how to choose a Wi-Fi baby monitor by learning what features to look for and understanding the different benefits that you will need the most.

What to Look for in a Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

With a variety of Wi-Fi baby monitors available, it can be overwhelming to pare down your options to the one that’s right for you and your family.

Consider the following features when choosing a baby monitor:

  • Video clarity.


    No question that video monitors are far superior to audio-only models. However, be sure to check how good the video stream picture is. Does it pixelate if you zoom in? The best clarity available on the market today is 1080p HD, so you want to try and aim for that range.

  • Night vision.


    As you'll spend a lot of time looking at your baby monitor during the hours of darkness, choose a model with outstanding night vision so you can see if your little one is really awake or just dreaming!

  • Wide angle view.


    Consider how you will want to use your monitor. Having the option to use the monitor to view the whole nursery / room as well as getting a clear view of the crib enables you to capture more of your baby’s environment and everyday activities.

  • Room temperature and humidity tracking.


    Knowing the temperature and humidity in your baby’s room [add link to baby sleeping temperature article when live] lets you know if you should dress your little one in a warm sleeping sack, remove a layer of clothing, or use a humidifier—providing extra peace of mind that your baby is comfortable.

  • Continuous background audio.


    One of the advantages of Wi-Fi baby monitors is that they usually come with an app, enabling you to keep an eye on your baby from anywhere. That said, you want to make sure that whichever monitor you choose features background audio so that you can hear your baby even while using other apps or when your phone screen is locked.

  • Two-way audio.


    Being able to push the button and



    as soon as she starts fussing is a game changer. It can be the difference between you little one waking up fully (by the time you reach her room) or falling back to sleep.

  • Multi-caregiver.


    Make sure whichever Wi-Fi monitor you select lets you set up additional caregivers (like your parents or a babysitter) and control permissions from the app. This level of security settings is super important to ensure only the people you choose can access your monitor feed.

Why Lumi by Pampers™ Is the Right Wi-Fi Baby Monitor for You

Never miss a beat, no matter where you are. Lumi by Pampers™ is the ultimate baby monitor for 2020, bringing you a crystal-clear view of your baby, unbeatable night vision, and 24/7 automated sleep tracking.

Designed with the nursery in mind and developed in partnership with Logitech, Lumi’s Smart Baby Monitor is Wi-Fi enabled and features the latest in monitoring technology, including:

  • 1080p HD crystal clear view of your baby

  • 180 degree wide-angle view with the largest lens range on the market. Lumi by Pampers is a true ultra-wide view

  • Night vision that is truly unbeatable, even when zoomed

  • Tracks room temperature and humidity

  • Continuous background audio so you can hear your baby even when using other apps or when your phone screen is locked

  • Two-way audio, a great built-in feature that allows you to not only hear your baby but also soothe him with a few calming words at the touch of a button

  • State-of-the-art encryption further secured with 2-factor authentication so you can rest assured only you, and those caregivers you choose, can see your monitor feed.

How Lumi by Pampers™ Compares to Other Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

It’s OK, you’re not alone...100 percent of parents we surveyed told us that they love watching their baby sleep. With the Lumi by Pampers™ Smart Baby Monitor, you can check in on your dreamy baby from anywhere, thanks to an HD crystal-clear view that’s super secure too! But that’s not all: this award-winning system also features a complete sleep kit, automatically tracking your baby’s sleeps and providing personalized tips to help you course correct, all co-developed with pediatricians!

best wifi monitor 1536x680-min

Don’t just take our word for it; check out how these features from the Lumi by Pampers™ system compare to other baby monitors out there.

 Lumi by Pampers™Other Baby Monitors
Sleep trackingThe Lumi sleep sensor automatically tracks sleeps (in and out of the crib) and transforms this into helpful insights to help your baby (and you) get better sleep.A few models track sleep, but since this is done via the camera they can only cover sleeps in the crib, and many don’t offer the comprehensive insights that Lumi brings.
Includes The Wonder Weeks® 10 mental development leapsAs Lumi is the exclusive partner of The Wonder Weeks®, you get access to your baby’s 10 mental development leaps for free, directly within the Lumi app.Not available with any other monitor.
Diaper alertsYou never want to have to wake a sleeping baby, unless it’s time for a feeding. Lumi offers automatic wetness alerts so you’ll always know if your little one needs a diaper change without having to unbundle him first.Not available with any other monitor.
Allows you to track feedingsThe Lumi by Pampers app offers a complete view of your baby’s activity, which includes a feeding timer for nursing and a manual entry for bottles, so you're always up-to-date on what your baby needs.Most monitor apps don’t integrate feeding so you would need to use more than one app for a complete overview of your baby’s routine.
Lets you know what your baby needsThe Lumi home screen features the video monitor feed, and also details the last time your baby slept, the last time he was fed, and the status of his diaper. This helps you anticipate what he might need.Not available with any other monitor.

Lumi by Pampers™ Feature Snapshot

The Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Image

Lumi by Pampers™ is an award-winning sleep system paired with an unbelievably good video monitor.

The video monitor, sleep sensor, and easy to use smartphone app all work together to bring parents a complete overview of their baby’s day and routine over time.

  • 1080p HD, 180 degree wide angle with a crystal clear view

  • Night vision

  • Continuous background audio and 2-way audio

  • Monitors room temperature and humidity

  • Automatically tracks sleep patterns and delivers tips and insights unique to your baby’s developmental journey

  • Includes the 10 developmental leaps from The Wonder Weeks

  • Offers diaper wetness alerts so you can keep track of how well your baby is hydrated and if a diaper change is needed

  • Tracks sessions and so you know how often or how much your baby is eating

  • Check in on your baby 24/7, from anywhere

  • State of the art encryption, secured with 2 factor authentication.

Wi-Fi baby monitors have advanced significantly in recent years. The latest options go beyond just letting you see your baby on screen by featuring additional monitoring, like room temperature and humidity, and even offering automatic sleep tracking.

Finding the best Wi-Fi baby monitor for you and your family comes down to your unique needs, whether it’s simply having the ability to hear and see your baby from anywhere or transforming what you see into insights that can help you support your baby’s development even more than you already do!

Consider adding 2020’s newest baby monitor, Lumi by Pampers™, to your registry today.