Top Baby Shower Decorations: Products and Ideas

Decorating for a baby shower can be a lot of fun, especially when you know the mom-to-be and her guests will appreciate the result.

When you’re looking for smart ways to decorate, buying ready-made items like decoration kits, game cards, or cake toppers can leave you with more time to focus on planning the food or coming up with a game idea. Thousands of Pampers Parents voted on their favorite baby shower decorations; get the entire list of the best baby shower decorations here.

Top 5 Baby Shower Decoration Kits

A baby shower decoration kit can be a great way to pull together all (or most) of your decorations in one step. Each kit usually has a theme or color scheme, and comes with a variety of items like balloons, signage, garlands, pennants, backdrops, and more. Check out the baby shower decoration kits that Pampers Parents voted as their favorites here:

1. Ola Memoirs Greenery Baby Shower Decorations

Why pick this one? This greenery baby shower decoration kit could work for many different baby shower themes, including a jungle theme, safari theme, tropical theme, or animal theme. It also works for a modern baby shower and is a good choice if the mom-to-be loves indoor plants.

Pampers Parents loved the fact that it’s gender neutral.

The kit includes so many balloons that you’ll have plenty to work with to make the party décor a success. The garland itself holds 60 balloons. The balloons come in matte white, pearl white, gold confetti, and gold chrome colors.

Some Pampers Parents noted that the garland makes a great backdrop for social media photo ops — perfect for your social-media savvy guests.

To achieve the lush greenery look, you’ll receive eight monstera leaves in two different sizes, four palm leaves, and two ivy vines. And the crowning touch will be the gold foil “Oh Baby” balloons.

The kit also comes with most of the tools you’ll need to hang everything up as well as specific instructions.

Highlights: Each purchase includes a free downloadable baby advice game for guests to play.

Price*: about $20.99 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Pretty and classic

  • Works with an animal theme as well

  • Creates a great atmosphere

  • Great backdrop for photo ops and social media posts

  • Not too gaudy but still says “wow”

  • Modern, fresh, and gender neutral.

2. Humble Bundle Girl’s Baby Shower Party Decorations

Why pick this one? If you know the mom-to-be is happy to reveal she’s having a baby girl, you’ll love this baby shower decoration kit, which includes a spectrum of pinks from rose gold to hot pink. It’s definitely the kind of décor that traditionalists will appreciate, and modernists will also adore.

The kit includes:

  • A mom-to-be sash for your guest of honor to wear

  • 6 paper fans in 3 different sizes and colors

  • 4 pink paper honeycomb balls

  • 16 balloons in 3 different styles, colors, and sizes

  • An “It’s a Girl” banner

  • “Oh Baby” foil balloon letters.

Quite a few Pampers Parents recommended that the decorations can be repurposed for the baby’s nursery or for the baby’s first birthday party, which gives this kit better value.

Highlights: The kit comes with a straw to help with inflating and deflating the foil balloons for reuse later on.

Price*: about $21.97 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Modern and pretty

  • Happy and colorful

  • Super adorable

  • Love the rose gold colors

  • Makes decorating the baby shower easy

  • Decorations can be reused for baby girl’s nursery or first birthday.

3. Vidal Crafts Boy’s Baby Shower Decorations

Why pick this one? If the mom-to-be is happy to reveal she’s having a baby boy, you may want to choose this baby shower decoration kit, which includes decorations in blues, gray, and white.

You can also use most of the decorations for a wide variety of gender-neutral themes, such as a nautical/sailor theme, an underwater theme, an elephant-themed baby shower, or a sea-life theme.

The kit includes:

  • “It’s a Boy” banner

  • “Oh Baby” foil balloon letters

  • 3 paper fans in 3 colors

  • 3 honeycomb balls in 3 colors

  • 12 paper pompoms in 3 different sizes and 4 colors

  • 6 balloons in 3 colors.

Highlights: The kit can be repurposed as decorations for the nursery, a first birthday, or a gender-neutral baby shower.

Price*: about $19.95 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Eye-catching detail

  • Includes a wide range of decorations

  • Simple and inviting for a boy baby shower.

4. Yara Rustic Fall Baby Shower Decorations

The kit includes:

  • 2 pre-strung burlap banners with the words “Welcome” and “Baby”

  • 12 tassels in different designs and colors, including gold string for hanging

  • 8 paper fans in different styles and colors.

The kit doesn’t include balloons, which might be a deal breaker for some baby shower planners. However, you can always buy balloons separately if you’re otherwise happy with what this kit has to offer.

The “Welcome” and “Baby” banners can be repurposed by the mom-to-be when she holds her sip and see party. And you can always keep the rest of the decorations yourself for birthdays or New Year’s Eve celebrations as gold decorations work for any kind of party.

Highlights: The baby shower kit was designed to be reusable: The pre-taped decorations were manufactured with medium-strength glue so that they can be broken down for storage and future reuse. Paper clips are also included in case the glue no longer holds. The banners are made from burlap, which can last for years.

Price*: about $23.98 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Elegant and natural

  • Classic and simple

  • Gender neutral

  • Good quality

  • Can be reused.

5. Amabella Rustic Baby Shower Decorations Gender Neutral

Why pick this one? This gender-neutral baby shower decorations kit comes in gold and white colors, which makes it very versatile either to use by itself or to tie in with whichever theme you’ve chosen.

The elegant colors can easily be used for a princess theme, rustic theme, woodlands theme, jungle theme, or any gender-neutral theme. Alternatively, if you’ve decided not to have a theme, Pampers Parents noted it works well just as it is.

The gold metallic curtain backdrop can be used for photo ops with the mom-to-be and your other guests. The photos will be perfect for posting on social media. The curtain can also be used for dramatic entrances when hung over doorways or wall openings.

The baby shower decorations kit includes:

  • “Oh Baby” banner with heart

  • 2 pre-strung burlap banners with the words “Welcome” and “Baby”

  • Gold metallic curtain backdrop

  • 3 white balloons with the words “Oh Baby”

  • 3 white balloons with gold confetti

  • 3 white balloons with gold hearts.

Highlights: You'll get lots of use out of the gold metallic curtain backdrop, which will be handy for photo shoots, birthday parties, New Year’s Eve parties, and more.

Price*: about $21.99 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Eye-catching

  • Not cheesy

  • Classy and flashy

  • Love the gold

  • Trendy

  • Gender neutral.

Top 3 Baby Shower Box Decorations

Using props at baby showers has become trendy, and these oversized baby block boxes are all the rage because they look great at the entry of the baby shower location or as a backdrop for social media–worthy photos. Some of the products here also include balloons with which you can fill the boxes to add pops of color. Discover the best baby shower box decorations, according to Pampers Parents, here:

1. Baby Shower Decorations Balloons Box, DIY Transparent Baby Shower Boxes

Why pick this one? If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to the baby shower you’re hosting, look no further than these plastic boxes that spell “baby.” These 12-inch cubes look just like giant toy blocks.

You can fill the blocks with mini balloons, plush toys, or whatever you like, and use them to decorate the entry area, or to create a photo op backdrop for the mom-to-be and her guests.

The boxes can be assembled and disassembled in a couple of minutes. Folded up they can be stored for a future party or gathering, such as the baby’s first birthday. They make great decorations for the nursery, and they can even store baby toys.

If you’ve chosen a theme, fill the blocks with balloons or items that match the shower’s theme.

Keep in mind, balloons are not included in this set, which means you’ll have to purchase those separately.

Highlights: The boxes are made of non-toxic materials.

Price*: about $17.99 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Elegant and tasteful

  • Reusable

  • Unique and cute

  • Versatile and minimalistic

  • Easy to assemble

  • Make a great focal point

  • Gender neutral.

2. BaraBox Gold Baby Blocks for Baby Shower Decorations

The set also includes 32 balloons in 8 different colors, plus 8 gold adhesive icons like a rubber ducky, teddy bear, pacifier, etc.

The gold foil and clear plastic boxes work well for boy or girl baby showers as well as gender neutral ones. The gold color adds an elegant touch, especially when paired with a theme like little princess, little prince or gentleman, or no theme at all!

Highlights: These blocks and decorations be used not only for a baby shower but also for other events and parties, especially since you can spell out more than just “baby” on the blocks with the included adhesive letters.

Price*: about $20.95 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Beautiful for a backdrop or as a table decoration

  • Great for a prince-themed baby shower

  • Made the baby shower glamorous

  • Versatile

  • Classy and flashy

  • Gold makes the shower sleek

  • Gender neutral.

3. Vellax Baby Shower Boxes and Party Decorations

Why pick this one? These white baby shower boxes are just under 12 inches square and feature white letters that spell out “baby.” Also included in this set are 32 balloons in 8 different pastel colors.

If you’d like the balloons in other colors, you can choose from one of the other color options: blue and white; pink and white; gold and white; and green, gold, and white. This way you can match the colors of the balloons with your chosen theme.

The boxes are easy to assemble and include instructions. After assembling them, all you have to do is glue the letters that spell “baby” onto the boxes, which is easy since each letter has a layer of adhesive tape on the back.

You can use the boxes and balloons for any party, such as birthdays, engagement parties, weddings, and more. However, if you plan to do this, just don’t glue the “baby” letters onto the boxes.

Highlights: The boxes are made from non-toxic materials. They’re also fully recyclable if you decide not to keep them.

Price*: about $14.99 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Great color options

  • Elegant and creative

  • Reusable as nursery decorations

  • Great for photo ops or entryway decorations

  • Gender neutral.

Top 4 Baby Shower Tableware

These tableware products go beyond your average white paper plates. Some are designed to fit in with popular baby shower themes, whereas others are elegant with their foil designs and lettering.

1. Yara Woodland Creatures Theme Baby Shower Tableware Set

Why pick this one? There’s nothing cuter than this woodlands-themed tableware set, which includes 24 large plates, small plates, cups, and napkins. The set features a deer, fox, bear, and raccoon.

This adorable set can be used for a boy or girl baby shower, or a gender-neutral event.

With two different sizes of plates, guests can use the smaller plates for appetizers and dessert, and the larger plates for the main dishes. The paper cups can be used for punch, lemonade, soft drinks, and other cold beverages.

If you want to take the woodland creatures theme one step further, you could also purchase the woodland creatures decoration kit and the woodland creatures backdrop for photo ops.

If the mom-to-be loves the theme, you can even suggest she download these woodland animals monthiversary cards for when she takes her baby’s monthly milestone photo.

Highlights: Made of premium-weight paper, the plates can withstand any moisture or grease from pizza, pasta, sauces, and salad dressing. The entire set is made from non-toxic materials and can be recycled.

Price*: about $25.98 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Cute but not overbearingly so

  • Has a storybook feeling

  • A timeless yet trendy theme

  • Perfect for a country girl mom-to-be

  • Gender neutral.

2. Sweet Baby Co. Baby Shower Plates and Napkins

Why pick this one? If the mom-to-be is happy to reveal she’s having a baby girl, you might be thinking of a pink color scheme, but not just any pink! This tableware set comes in a pretty pale pink with rose gold accents and lettering that reads “Baby Girl,” making it an elegant choice that’s goes beyond the typical baby pink color scheme.

The set includes 24 dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, and 3-ply napkins.

One important note: Since the plates, cups, and napkins feature metallic foil, do not put them in the microwave! Also, the cups are only intended for cold beverages.

If you’d like to continue with the pale pink “baby girl” theme, consider the matching baby shower decorations kit.

Highlights: The plates are cut-resistant and coated with a shield that’s soak-proof so they can handle anything from salad dressing and sauces to a moist, frosted cake.

Price*: about $21.98 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Great design with a unique pink color

  • Cute and elegant

  • Pretty and delicate design

  • Good quality.

3. Sweet Baby Co. Oh Baby Boy Shower Plates and Napkins

Why pick this one? Featuring a similar design to the girl baby shower tableware above, this baby boy set comes in pale blue and metallic gold, featuring the words “it’s a boy” on each plate, cup, and napkin. There are 24 dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, and napkins.

The polka dot design on the tableware can easily be matched with polka dot party decorations or blended into any theme, such as a little prince or gentleman theme, woodland theme, jungle theme, etc.

Be aware that all of these tableware products are made with real foil lettering and designs, which means you can’t use them in the microwave.

Highlights: The plates feature a coating that makes them tough enough to handle anything from salad dressing to cake without soaking through. They’re cut-resistant, too.

Price*: about $21.98 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Love the style

  • Super cute

  • Pretty

  • Goes with many themes.

4. Hello Sweet Baby Shower Supplies Dinnerware Set

Why pick this one? Looking for something a little fancier for the baby shower you’re planning? Look no further than this gold and white tableware set that reads “hello sweet baby” in beautiful script lettering. What makes it even more elegant is the scalloped edge on the plates and napkins.

The set includes 24 dinner plates, napkins, cups, forks, spoons, and knives. This is the only tableware set on our list that includes cutlery. However, you may be disappointed that the set doesn’t include dessert plates. Now, what will you serve the cake on?

Highlights: The plates are thick and durable enough for carrying food from the buffet table or for eating from your lap or while standing, and the biodegradable napkins are two-ply and absorbent.

Price*: about $19.99 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Gold makes it simple and elegant

  • Very nice material

  • Gender neutral.

Top 2 Baby Shower Cake Toppers

If you’re not ordering a custom-made cake, why not go for a simple yet elegant cake and crown it with a cake topper. Either of these options would be great for the cake, which you can decorate any which way you like. Consider using marzipan animal figures purchased at a bakery supply store, or choose fresh flowers — perfect for a garden-themed shower.

1. Oh Baby Cartoon Animals Cake Topper

Why pick this one? This cake topper would be perfect for a jungle-themed or animal-themed baby shower for either a girl or boy, or a gender-neutral event.

The cake topper is made of premium acrylic, so it can stand up to some wear and tear.

The cake topper measures about 6 inches by 5 inches.

Highlights: The design may be glittery, but there is no glittery mess as there is with some other glittery decorations.

Price*: about $10.99 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Cute design

  • Colorful and detailed

  • Great for a jungle or baby animals theme

  • Gender neutral.

2. Andaz Press Baby Shower Wood Cake Toppers, Welcome Baby

Why pick this one? This simple yet elegant cake topper features the words “Welcome Baby,” making it perfect for any baby shower theme, or even just a simple shower that doesn’t have a theme. Use it for a boy’s or girl’s baby shower or a gender-neutral event.

The cake topper measures 9.5 inches by 6 inches and is made from birch and basswood.

The manufacturer also offers many other cake toppers with varying signage, such as “Blessed,” “Hello Baby,” “Oh Baby,” “It’s a Girl,” “It’s a Boy,” and “It’s Twins.”

Highlights: The cake topper isn’t just for topping cakes; it can also do double duty in flower arrangements, table decorations, or in photo ops.

Price*: about $15.99 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Sweet and simple

  • Elegant

  • Can be repurposed

  • Cute

  • Gender neutral.

Top 2 Baby Shower Prediction and Advice Cards

If you'll be playing games at your baby shower, you may want to pick up some premade game cards, which look great and work well for games that involve guessing and prediction. The cards can also be used as mementos and even baby shower favors, as they're an easy, lighthearted way for your guests — some of whom may be moms — to leave their parenting tips and advice for the mom-to-be.

1. 50 Rustic Baby Shower Prediction and Advice Cards

Why pick this one? Some simple baby shower games always add a nice touch and encourage your guests to break the ice and interact more — especially if some don’t know the others that well. This set of 50 game cards makes it truly simple since each card is ready to be filled out by guests with their predictions and advice.

Once filled out with predications and advice, these cards will make the perfect keepsakes for the mom-to-be’s journal or scrapbook, and can be shown to the baby when he or she grows up.

If you don’t have 50 guests, you can keep the extra cards for a future shower you might host, or give them to the mom-to-be, who may like to share them with others who weren’t at the shower.

Highlights: The matte card stock is easy to write on with any pen, marker, or pencil without bleeding or smudging.

Price*: about $12.99 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Love the style

  • Has some country charm

  • Not gaudy at all

  • Makes for a wonderful keepsake

  • Gender neutral.

2. 50 Baby Shower Predictions and Advice Cards for Baby Boy, Mason Jar Design

Why pick this one? The cards are similar to the other baby predictions and advice cards on our list, and are meant for a baby boy, with a blue and gold design that looks like a Mason jar. The set of 50 cards works well for a boy baby shower, or a shower with a country or cowboy theme, for example.

Filled out with predictions and advice, these cards will be a treat for the parents-to-be to read before the baby is born, and to refer back to as their baby grows. Later on, the cards can be shared with their child.

For a little added fun, you could promise to give a prize to those shower guests who predicted things like time of birth and birth weight correctly.

Highlights: The cards feature a matte finish that is easy to write on with any pen, marker, or pencil without the ink bleeding or graphite smudging.

Price*: about $12.99 on

What Pampers Parents had to say:

  • Great experience for parents

  • Helpful and sentimental

  • Guests can connect with the parents and the baby

  • Great keepsake for mom and baby.