Best Backpack Diaper Bags in 2020

Going out with your baby can involve packing half the house because you never know what you’ll need. Having a functional and spacious diaper bag is key. But being able to carry that bag without getting a sore back is also important. That’s why backpack diaper bags are so popular.

Backpack diaper bags also let you carry your baby gear while keeping both hands free, which is pretty cool.

Keep in mind that not all backpack diaper bags are created equal, and not every single one will suit your wants and needs. That’s why, based on the opinions of 11,000 Pampers Parents, we’ve compiled a list of the top backpack diaper bags in specific categories (such as top trendy, top sporty and more) to help you decide which one is the best for you.

What to Consider When Choosing a Backpack Diaper Bag

When deciding which backpack diaper bag is the right one for you, consider these kinds of features and aspects:


Choose a backpack diaper bag with reinforced seams. This will help the bag last longer and hold its own after multiple washings. Just make sure the material is machine washable first!

Stress points on the bag, such as around the shoulder straps, should have rivets or reinforced sewing. The hardware should be heavy-duty plastic or metal. Zippers with large teeth and pull tabs are easier to use, especially if you only have one hand free.


Pockets and compartments, both inside and outside, add lots of functionality to a backpack diaper bag. You may also prefer one that has a convenient space for your wallet, smartphone, and keys, too. Some backpack diaper bags even feature an insulated section for keeping your baby’s bottle warm or cold.


With tote or messenger-style diaper bags, all the weight is placed on one side of your body when you carry it. One of the best benefits of a backpack diaper bag is that it more evenly distributes the weight you’re carrying. Many backpack diaper bags come with additional padding on the back panel and shoulder straps for extra comfort.

Look for a bag that has adjustable straps. This helps make it possible for two different sized parents to use the bag. You’ll just have to remember to adjust the straps to your body when putting it on.


There are a multitude of choices when it comes to materials, from natural fabrics to coated, modern ones. Some backpack diaper bags are even made out of faux leather. Vinyl is not the best choice as the material can crack after some wear and tear. Make sure you choose a bag with a durable exterior and with an easy-to-clean interior of nylon or microfiber.


This is totally a personal preference. Choose the bag that appeals to you. There are bags that have patterns that a child would love, whereas others don’t even remotely look like a diaper bag. Browse a few different products below to see which you’d prefer to carry on a daily basis.

One thing to note: Darker colors or busy patterns are great for hiding dirt and stains.


This is an important factor, because a filled backpack diaper bag can soon feel quite heavy even when worn on your back. Check how much the diaper bag itself weighs. You might like to go for one of the lighter options if you plan on carrying the bag for longer periods.


Think about how much you’ll typically be packing. If the backpack diaper bag is too big, you might find yourself overfilling it or struggling to find things. If the bag is too small, you may not have enough room for everything, so you might find yourself needing a second bag.


How much you’re willing to pay for a diaper bag is a personal choice. You can get a very good bag for under $30, like the HaloVa Diaper Bag. A designer diaper bag, however, will run you well over $100, like the Vera Bradley Iconic Backpack Baby Bag. The more affordable backpack diaper bags can look just as fashionable as the designer ones, and sometimes have better features.

A Word on Stroller Straps

Some of the diaper bags on this list have been designed with stroller loops or straps that can be hung from stroller handlebars. However, when the bag is heavy, it can cause the stroller to tip backward, endangering your baby.

Check with your stroller’s manufacturer whether the handlebar can bear the weight of a diaper bag if you do decide to use stroller straps. Ideally, when you’re not holding or wearing your backpack diaper bag, it’s best to keep it in the basket that’s under the stroller.

Top 3 Backpack Diaper Bags

The following backpack diaper bags were voted the overall best three by Pampers Parents:

1. HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack

Why pick this one? Made of high-quality oxford fabric, the HaloVa diaper bag is water resistant and easy to wipe clean. It can be carried as a tote as well as worn as a backpack.

Its large zippered main compartment is convenient to use because you can see all the contents at once. There is a wet clothes compartment on the back. Side pockets can hold a tissue dispenser and a bottle.

The insulated three-bottle storage pocket on the front is a bonus, but some Pampers Parents noted that the bottle pocket did not fit larger size bottles.

The main downside with this backpack diaper bag is that a changing pad is not included.

Highlights: Available in 17 colors and designs, so you’ll probably find a style that you like.


Price*: about $35.99 on

Pampers Parents review: You’ll appreciate the overall roominess of the bag.

2. Skip Hop Forma Pack and Go Diaper Bag Backpack

Why pick this one? The addition of two packing cubes (one insulated and one mesh) sets this Skip Hop backpack diaper bag apart from the others. This extra storage feature is helpful for keeping things together but separate from the other contents of the bag. For example, extra baby clothes can go in the mesh cube, and extra bottles of formula or food can be stored in the insulated cube.

The bag also features two insulated side pockets and a machine-washable changing pad. The changing pad pocket doubles as a tablet or laptop (up to 15 inches) holder. Keep in mind that this may be a drawback if you don’t want to store your laptop in the same pocket as a changing pad.

Some Pampers Parents found the zippers became worn out and were difficult to zip with one hand.

Highlights: The fabric is a lightweight, quilted material.


Price*: about $59.99 on

Pampers Parents review: It’s super lightweight and offers tons of pockets and storage.

3. Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaper Bag

Why pick this one? Get ready for an outing with this rugged-looking unisex diaper bag backpack from Eddie Bauer. It’s versatile for either short outings or longer day trips with your baby. The bag has padded and adjustable straps, but it can also be carried from the top handle for when you just want to grab-n-go.

This bag is very spacious and highly functional, and features two insulated interior pockets and a large zippered front pocket.

Pampers Parents liked that the bag is very sturdy and has a gender neutral style that appeals to both moms and dads. However, some Pampers Parents noted that the included wipes case was flimsy and broke easily.

Highlights: The bag includes a changing pad.


Price*: about $49.99 on

Pampers Parents review: You’ll find the multiple pockets very useful and convenient for keeping your baby’s items organized.

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Top Trendy Backpack Diaper Bags

If you’re looking for a well-equipped and stylish backpack diaper bag that sets you apart from other parents, look no further. Pampers Parents named the following as their favorites:

Fisher-Price Diaper Bag Backpack

Why pick this one? The Fisher-Price backpack diaper bag features fashionable chevron-patterned quilting, and is available in three jewel-toned colors. It has a total of five bottle pockets: The front insulated pocket holds three bottles, and the mesh pockets on either side hold an additional two bottles. There is also a pocket dedicated for a tablet or smartphone. A changing pad is included.

The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and the back is padded for extra comfort. If you do tire of wearing the bag on your back, you can switch to using the carry handle.

Highlights: The bag features four standing feet and a gusseted main section to keep the bag balanced so it’s less likely to tip over when you set it down.


Price*: about $39.95 on

Pampers Parents review: The best feature of this bag is the large insulated pocket.

RUVALINO Large Multifunction Travel Backpack

Why pick this one? With its urban chic look and a total of 18 pockets, the RUVALINO backpack diaper bag helps you stay super organized in style. It includes an insulated pocket that can hold two bottles; a laptop pocket; a mesh diaper organizer; and two external elasticized pockets for holding additional bottles or baby wipes. A waterproof changing pad is included.

The bag also features carry handles and thickly padded shoulder straps for extra comfort.

Highlights: The fabric is lightweight, waterproof, and tear resistant, thanks to the reinforced seams. This backpack diaper bag keeps its shape well even after lots of use.


Price*: about $39.98 on

Pampers Parents review: You’ll love that it has plenty of pockets and compartments.

Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag

Why pick this one? If you’re looking for a backpack diaper bag that makes a loud fashion statement, the Ju-Ju-Be Classic could be the one for you. The cute floral print is also Teflon coated so that stains are less likely to stick. The inner lining is coated with Agion, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

This backpack diaper bag also features long-lasting metal hardware. It has two exterior 3M Thinsulate pockets for storing baby bottles.

There are options for storing your belongings, too — a sunglasses holder, a key fob on a stretchy cord, and a dedicated smartphone pocket.

The bag has luggage feet, and a memory foam changing pad is included.

Highlights:The bag is machine washable. Just let it air-dry after washing.


Price*: about $118.26 on

Pampers Parents review: It’s not just a backpack or just a diaper bag, but a bag with style and design.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag

Why pick this one?For the ultimate in style, the Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack diaper bag is available in 19 patterns.

This diaper bag is actually a convertible bag: You can wear it as a backpack or a messenger bag. The strap has a drop of 22.5 inches with a total length of 51 inches. The bag is designed with a flap top that reveals a wide zipped opening. There’s plenty of space inside for all your baby gear.

Highlights:The bag features a zip-down-fold-out diaper changing station and a removable wipes case.


Price*: about $166.01 on

Pampers Parents review: The fold-out changing pad is an awesome feature, and the various designs mean there’s something for every taste.

Top Sporty Backpack Diaper Bags

If you’re looking for a backpack diaper bag in a simple color like black, gray, or navy, then one of these sporty bags could be the best one for you:

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Why pick this one? The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is made from high-quality, water-resistant polyester with non-fraying stitching and strong zippers. The bag has 14 pockets in total, including a dedicated pocket for baby wipes and an insulated pocket for a bottle. Keep in mind that some Pampers Parents wished it held more than one bottle.

A changing mat and a sundry bag are also included.

Highlights: Bag Nation has a 100-day returns policy if you’re dissatisfied with the bag.


Price*: about $54.95 on

Pampers Parents review: The bag is very spacious, big enough for two kids’ belongings.

Jeep Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

Why pick this one? Sporty and practical, the Jeep Diaper Bag Backpack offers plenty of pockets for all of your baby’s belongings, including four smaller compartments for diapers, pacifiers, and even your keys. There’s an insulated pocket for a baby bottle, too.

With its long zippered opening, the bag is super easy to pack with additional mesh organizers inside so you can find what you need, when you need it.

Highlights: There is a dedicated pocket for an included wipes case.


Price*: about $52.00 on

Pampers Parents review: This bag is gender neutral so both moms and dads will love it.

Columbia Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag

Why pick this one? The Columbia Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag has a wide-mouth opening for quick access to all your baby’s belongings. It has multiple accessory pockets, too, for all the little things you want to keep within easy reach.

This bag has some cool advanced features, such as pockets protected with Microban, which helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, and a two-bottle pocket with a Therma-Flect radiant barrier to help keep the contents cool.

Highlights: The interior and the changing pad don’t contain harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalates.


Price*: about $39.99 on

Pampers Parents review: This bag is durable, functional, and well equipped.

Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag

If you’re not completely sold on the idea of a backpack diaper bag, you could try a convertible bag, which gives you three options all in one. One of these bags can work as a backpack, a messenger bag, or a tote. Pampers Parents voted this as their favorite convertible backpack diaper bag:

JuJuBe B.F.F. Multi-Functional Convertible Diaper Bag

Why pick this one?This diaper bag can easily convert from a messenger bag to a backpack, or it can be carried by the top handle like a tote.

The exterior fabric is coated with Teflon to make cleaning it easy, and the interior fabric is treated with Agion, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. There are also crumb drains, which are special gaps in the pockets that make cleaning the bag even easier — all you have to do is shake out any crumbs.

The metal hardware and zippers are a sign of durability. One drawback: A changing pad is not included.

Highlights: Among the many pockets are two exterior 3M Thinsulate bottle pockets, designed to keep your baby’s bottle either warm or cold.


Price*: about $178.99 on

Pampers Parents review: You’ll love this bag because it’s convertible — so each parent can wear it as they prefer to.

Backpack Diaper Bag for Dad

Although all of the bags on this list can be worn by dads, some manufacturers are now designing bags with mainly dads in mind. Pampers Parents voted this one as their favorite backpack diaper bag for dad:

DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

Why pick this one? This backpack diaper bag from DadGear definitely doesn’t look like your average diaper bag. The manufacturer claims that even Hollywood celebrities have been known to use the bag, but who knows! You don’t have to be a celeb to love this bag, anyway.

Since dads don’t like to dig for stuff (who does, really?), the bag’s main compartment features a clamshell design so it’s easy to see all the contents at a glance. There’s also an easy-access wipes compartment, and a “diaper hammock” at the top of the bag so you can get to a diaper quickly in an emergency.

Most important, the bag is comfortable to wear with its ergonomically designed, padded, and adjustable shoulder straps.

Highlights: This bag has storage for up to four bottles, and pockets for things like extra clothing, toys, keys, and a smartphone.


Price*: about $99.99 on

Pampers Parents review: Dads will actually use this bag since it’s designed just for them.

Leather Backpack Diaper Bag

Instead of a material like cotton or polyester, you might decide you want a backpack diaper bag made of a less porous material like leather. Pampers Parents chose the following leather backpack diaper bag as their favorite:

PU Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

Why pick this one? Made of PU leather (a blend of real and artificial leather), this backpack diaper bag is durable and waterproof. It features adjustable straps and heavy-duty metal zippers. Its multiple compartments include an insulated foil-lined pocket that can hold two baby bottles. Also included are a changing pad and a waterproof bag for storing wet items.

trong>Highlights: The interior of the bag features a key strap so you can find your keys easily without having to dig in the bottom of the bag.


Price*: about $49.99 on

Pampers Parents review: This bag is sleek enough for both moms and dads, and it’s super easy to wipe clean.

Top Designer Backpack Diaper Bag

For those who want a backpack diaper bag that looks less like a diaper bag, consider a designer brand. Pampers Parents named this designer backpack diaper bag as their favorite:

Vera Bradley Iconic Backpack Baby Bag

Why pick this one?The Vera Bradley backpack diaper bag is made with lightweight quilted microfiber, which can easily be spot-cleaned if it gets dirty. The bag features two elastic side pockets, a front zip pocket, and an interior laptop sleeve. The patterned interior lining is great for hiding any little stains.

Highlights:This bag also includes a machine-washable changing pad and a drawstring ditty bag to store soiled items.


Price*: about $150.00 on

Pampers Parents review:It’s stylish and durable, and gender neutral enough for both moms and dads to use, too.