Play and Games for Young Babies

Play is important to your baby’s development. In fact, it helps your baby understand and interact with the world around him. So enjoy playing simple games and trying new things as your baby grows.

“I found that some of the best ways to play with my baby were things that I already naturally did. Like lots of talking, singing, swaying. Or giving him something new to look at or feel”
Bianca, Mom of Paolo, 3 months

First Games for Babies

  • Sing and sway to different kinds of music. Babies love hearing your voice.
  • Slowly move a bright colored object back and forth and let your little one follow it with her eyes. Babies are learning to see shapes and colors and also to track movement.
  • Let your little one feel fabrics with different textures — such as felt, silk, and cotton — and watch her reactions.
  • Make tummy time fun by lying on the floor with your little one and playing peekaboo with a small mirror. You're guaranteed to get a smile.

Safety First

  • Play with toys made of sturdy, safe materials that are appropriate for your baby's age and stage of development. Avoid any toy or game with small parts that your baby could swallow.

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