250 Short Boy Names and Their Meanings

Whether you just learned you’re pregnant or your little one’s arrival is around the corner, you’re probably curious about baby names. Some of the most powerful and unique baby boy names are the short ones, offering beautiful meanings and snappy sounds. For a little inspiration, we’ve included 250 short boy names ranging from popular and simple monikers to unique and international options.

Popular Short Boy Names

Short boy names seem to be trendy these days, with many mini monikers dominating the list of the most popular names in the United States in recent years. Even some short international baby names are trending, such as Liam and Luca, so you have plenty of options.

1. Liam. As the Irish short form of William, Liam is the most popular boy name in recent years. It’s a great choice if you like a classic name but want to put a fun and short spin on it.

2. Noah. The second-most popular short name for boys is Noah, a Hebrew moniker that means “rest, repose.” It started gaining popularity in the 1970s and took off in the 1990s.

3. Jack. Cute, short, and sweet, Jack is one of those classic names that never go out of style. Though it’s a diminutive of John (meaning “Yahweh is gracious”), you can also link Jack to the French boys’ name Jacques, meaning “may God protect.”

4. Levi. As a Hebrew name, Levi means “joined, attached,” which is a very cute meaning for your little boy, who will surely be attached to you!

5. Owen. Owen is originally a Welsh name that connects to the Latin moniker Eugenius (a.k.a. Eugene). It’s the perfect short baby boy name as it means “well-born.”

6. John. A true classic, John is a name that's been around for centuries and still makes it in the top 10. It’s a Hebrew name that means “Yahweh is gracious” in reference to the Hebrew god.

7. Leo. Leo was originally a gender-neutral name popular at the turn of the century. It made a comeback 100 years later and started rising in popularity again in the early 2000s. It derives from a Greek word meaning “lion.” 8. Luke. As the English form of the Latin name Lucas, Luke means “from Lucania,” a historical region in Southern Italy. It’s been one of the more popular short guy names since the 1970s.

9. Ezra. The Hebrew and biblical name Ezra has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until the 2010s that it really started to make waves. Though it’s always been a short name for boys, it became a gender-neutral name in 2018.

10. Luca. If you like the short baby boy name Luke but prefer an international twist, consider cute Luca. This is the Romanian and Italian form of Lucas, so it also means “from Lucania.” Interestingly, the name Luca is starting to lose popularity in Italy but is one of the trendiest names in the United States.


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Short Unique Boy Names

Unique baby names offer your little one a bit of individuality to help them stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of short unique boy names you could choose from that are both rare and cool, such as Shaw or Ever.

11. Alva. You might not know anyone with the name Alva, as it dropped off the records in the 1960s. It used to be quite a popular name for both girls and boys and was the middle name of Thomas Edison. It’s a variant of Alvah, which means “his highness” in Hebrew.

12. Cree. Cree is rare as a given moniker, as it comes from an indigenous tribe of the same name spanning the borders of Canada and the United States. It’s a unisex name and a great option for short boy names.

13. Ever. This might top our list of unique short boy names, as it’s very rare. It’s an English name that simply comes from the word ever, though derived from the Old English word æfre.

14. Hayes. If you like the idea of last names as given names, you might consider Hayes. Former president Rutherford B. Hayes bore this name, and it comes from an Old English word meaning “fence, enclosure.”

15. Lorn. Lorn is a short and unique boy name that had a brief moment of popularity in the United States in the 1960s. It comes from the Scottish place name Lorne, and because it was the title of the first governor-general of Canada, it’s been a common given name in Canada for quite some time.

16. Nash. Despite rising in popularity in recent years, Nash is still a unique name. It comes from the Middle English phrase atten ash, meaning “at the ash tree.” If you’re a fan of the folk-rock band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, you might like this option!

17. Rian. The name Ryan is definitely a common and classic short name for boys, but Rian—the Irish form of the name—is unique, only used in the United States since the late 1970s. So, if you're hunting for a classic name with a rare twist, try Rian or even Rían.

18. Shaw. As an English and Scottish surname, Shaw has two options when it comes to meaning. It either derives from the Old English word sceaga meaning “thicket” or the Gaelic name Sitheach meaning “wolf.”

19. Vere. Both a Norman surname and derived from a Gaulish word, Vere means “alder,” as in the tree, so it’s a cute option for a nature baby name.

20. York. If your family has English roots, the short baby boy name York could be a cute option. It’s the name of a city in northern England derived from words meaning “yew,” “boar,” and “village.”

More Short Unique Boy Names

Keep the uniqueness going with these short unique boy names that will surely make your little one stand out from the crowd:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Short and Simple Boy Names

Short baby names seem to be extra cute. These simple boy names are those classic monikers that you probably grew up with, often short forms for traditional titles like Alex for Alexander or Matt for Matthew. Short and snappy, they give a cute yet simple spin to a classic name.

31. Alex. The short form of Alexander, Alex is a common name for guys. As a Greek name, Alexander means “defending man.” You might recognize the name from Alexander the Great, the king of Macedon in the fourth century BCE.

32. Alan. Common and simple, Alan has been a staple in the United States for a long time, hitting its popularity peak in the 1950s. It comes from the Brittany region of France and means “little rock” or “handsome.”

33. Ben. You really can’t go wrong with the name Ben, which is a common staple in many countries across Europe, plus the United States and Australia. It’s the short form of Benjamin and Benedict, which mean “son of the right hand” and “blessed,” respectively.

34. Kyle. Popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Kyle is an excellent short boy name for those wanting something simple yet cool. It comes from several Scottish place names, deriving from the Gaelic word caol, meaning “channel, strait.”

35. Kurt. You might think that Kurt is short for Curtis, but it’s actually the German form of Conrad, so it means “brave counsel.” One famous bearer of the name was the late musician Kurt Cobain.

36. Lou. The short baby boy name Lou gives you a little bit of everything: a cute, classic, and timeless moniker. It comes from the French name Louis, which connects to the German moniker Ludwig, meaning “famous battle.”

37. Matt. Though a short and simple boy name, Matt has a significant meaning. As the short form of Matthew, it derives from a Hebrew name meaning “gift of Yahweh,” referring to the Hebrew god.

38. Ryan. As mentioned above with short unique boy names, Ryan is quite a common moniker. Though the Irish version Rian offers a bit of rarity, Ryan is still an Irish name on its own and means “little king.”

39. Tony. If you’re looking for a simple boy name with a lot of meaning, consider Tony, the short form of Anthony, which derives from the Roman family name Antonius. You might recall the Roman emperor Mark Anthony, also known for his relationship with Cleopatra.

40. Zack. For a bit of nostalgia, consider the name Zack, a popular 1990s sitcom name thanks to Zack Morris from the series Saved by the Bell. Zack is the short form of Zachary, which connects to the Hebrew name Zekharyah, meaning “Yahweh remembers.”

More Short and Simple Boy Names

A simple name never goes out of style, and there are plenty of common and appealing short names for boys out there. Here are a few more for you to consider:

Classic Short Names for Boys

Old-fashioned boy names only get cuter as they get shorter! Imagine your little one as Otto or Rudy, or maybe Jody or Lyle.

51. Bert. Does it get any cuter than a baby named Bert? This classic moniker is the short form of Albert, a Germanic name meaning “noble” and “bright.”

52. Bob. Though the name Bob fizzled out in the 1980s, it’s still one of the most classic names in the United States. It’s short for Robert, a Germanic name meaning “bright fame.”

53. Cary. You might like this name if you’re a fan of the late actor Cary Grant, who contributed to the moniker’s popularity starting in the 1940s. This short baby boys’ name derives from Irish Ciardha, which means “black.”

54. Earl. A truly classic name, Earl peaked in popularity in the late nineteenth century and only fizzled out in the 2000s. It derives from an Old English word meaning “nobleman, warrior.”

55. Guy. This is the Norman French form of the name Wido, a historic Germanic name meaning “wood.” Guy was a popular name until the end of the sixteenth century when the infamous Guy Fawkes attempted to destroy the British Parliament. It rose again in popularity in the nineteenth century, after it was used for character names in several novels.

56. Jody. Though slightly more common as a girls’ name, Jody is a unisex moniker that works as a variant of Judy (for girls) or a diminutive of Joseph (for boys). Its popularity for both genders reigned from the 1940s through the 1990s. If you’re using this classic short boys’ name from Joseph, then it means “he will add” in Hebrew.

57. Lyle. Short and simple, Lyle was quite a classic name for boys at the start of the twentieth century and is currently regaining its popularity. The name derives from the Norman French word l'isle, meaning “island.”

58. Mort. Mort is one of the more adorable and classic guy names, a short form for Morton or Mortimer. Both are English surnames, with Morton meaning “moor town” and Mortimer deriving from Old French and meaning “still water.”

59. Otto. If you’re looking for a classic short boys’ name with Nordic ties, Otto is an excellent option. It’s a common name in places like northern Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden and means “wealth, fortune.”

60. Rudy. A diminutive of Rudolf, Rudy has held its own as a classic name in the United States and is still used today. Rudolf comes from Germanic elements meaning “fame” and “wolf.”

More Classic Short Names for Boys

Channel your baby’s inner grandpa with these classic and traditional short boy names that bring you right back to the olden days!

Cute and Short Baby Boy Names

Though short unique boy names or popular monikers can also be cute, we reserved the most adorable options for this section. If you want a name that’ll melt your heart, choose from our favorite cute and short boy names.

71. Alfie. Sweet Alfie might be the cutest short baby boy name on this list! As a diminutive of Alfred, this name means “elf counsel” in Old English. Famous bearers of the name include the founder of the Nobel Peace Prize, Alfred Nobel, and the late director Alfred Hitchcock.

72. Bear. As a modern English name, Bear is new to the baby-naming scene. Of course, it means “bear,” though this word comes from an Old English word meaning “brown.”

73. Cory. A variant of Corey, the short boys’ name Cory simply sounds cute! It derives from the Old Norse name Kóri, which has an unknown meaning.

74. Des. You can use this name for boys as the short form of Desmond, an Irish moniker meaning “south Munster,” an area in Ireland. Other cute, short options include Desi or Dezi.

75. Jimi. The name Jimmy has a few short variants, including the spelling Jimi. The most famous bearer of this name is probably the late musician Jimi Hendrix. This short guys’ name actually comes from James, which connects to Jacob, meaning “may God protect.”

76. Max. As a short form, Max offers a cute twist on the boy names Maximilian and Maxwell. Both were Roman family names deriving from the Latin word Maximus, meaning “greatest.”

77. Noel. Noel is a cute and classic short boys’ name that's been used for decades and is still popular today. It’s the English form of Noël, which means “Christmas” in French. If you’re a fan of the band Oasis, you might think of the musician Noel Gallagher.

78. Olly. Oliver is an adorable name on its own, but its diminutive Olly makes it even cuter. Oliver comes from either a Germanic name meaning “elf” and “army, warrior” or an Old Norse name meaning “ancestor’s descendant.”

79. Pip. If you like the classic name Philip but want a cuter version, try its truly adorable diminutive of Pip. As a unisex name, Pip is also a diminutive of Philippa, and both Philip and Philippa connect to a Greek name meaning “friend of horses.”

80. Remy. This unisex name started to gain popularity in the United States in the 2010s. It’s the English form of the French name Rémy, which derives from a Latin word meaning “oarsman, rower.”

More Cute and Short Baby Boy Names

We couldn’t leave out adorable meanings like “beloved” and “little king,” so here are even more cute and short baby boy names:

Strong Yet Simple Boy Names

Even simple monikers can be strong boy names, as long as they have a powerful sound or meaning. You’ll find plenty of mini options that evoke a sense of strength for your little baby boy.

91. Cole. Cole made the rounds in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It’s also a common last name that is believed to have derived from the name Nicholas, a Greek moniker meaning “victory to the people.”

92. Cy. If you’re after a truly simple boy name, consider Cy, the short form of Cyrus or Cyril. For a strong and powerful interpretation, go with the meaning of Cyril, which is “lord.”

93. Dom. The cute boys’ name Dom is the short form of Dominic, meaning “of the lord.” During the Late Latin era, parents traditionally named boys born on a Sunday Dominic.

94. Dre. Another cute yet powerful short form, Dre comes from Andre, which derives from Andrew, meaning “manly, masculine.” A well-known bearer of the name is the American rapper and producer Dr. Dre, whose birth name is Andre Young.

95. Eric. Eric is a classic Nordic name with a powerful meaning: “ever ruler.” Numerous kings bore this name in the Nordic region, so your little Eric will have strong royal ties.

96. Grier. For a strong and unique short boys’ name, consider Grier, a rare Scottish surname derived from the more common moniker Gregor. Grier means “watchful, alert.”

97. Kai. This short and strong moniker is one of the more popular Hawaiian boy names. Kai means “sea,” and you can’t beat the strength of the sea!

98. Leon. Leon could be the perfect choice for a short boys’ name. It means “lion,” which gives it a sense of strength while remaining quite cute!

99. Sal. You can use Sal as the short form of any name beginning with Sal, though it’s most commonly associated with Salvador, one of the cuter Spanish boy names. Salvador is the Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan form of the Late Latin name Salvator, which means “savior.”

100. Ty. Your little Ty guy will be in good company with all those named Tyler, Tyson, Tyrone, and other names starting with Ty. You have your pick of meanings, but the strongest comes from Tyrone, which means “firebrand,” as in someone with a lot of personality!

More Strong Yet Simple Boy Names

Keep the strength going with more short baby boy names that offer powerful meanings, such as “ruler,” “wisdom,” and “counsel.”

Short Cool Boy Names

Whether you’re looking for a cool middle name for boys or a hip yet short given name, we’ve compiled some of the coolest mini options for your consideration. Fun sounds like Ace and Wes make great names, as do Dane, Bret, and Kev.

111. Ace. It doesn’t get much cooler than Ace, a short boys’ name deriving from an Old English word that means “highest rank.”

112. Ash. Ash is typically the short form of the name Ashley, a gender-neutral moniker. It either refers to the ash tree or the word ash, as in what remains after a fire.

113. Axel. Though this name might make you think of Axel Rose, a member of the band Guns N’ Roses, it happens to be the medieval Danish form of the name Absalom. It’s a Hebrew name meaning “my father is peace.”

114. Blue. Cool names can be anything these days, so why not use a color for your baby boy’s short moniker? Despite iconic American musicians Beyoncé and Jay-Z naming their first daughter Blue, it’s still quite a rare choice.

115. Bret. This is certainly a short guys’ name that gives off those cool-boy vibes. It means “a Breton,” as in someone from the French region Brittany.

116. Dane. Dane is another naturally cool-sounding name. It either refers to someone from Denmark or relates to the name Dean, which means “valley.”

117. Fitz. The Norman-French word fitz means “son of,” so it’s traditionally combined with the father’s name, such as with Fitzroy (“son of Roy”) or Fitzwilliam (“son of William”). On its own, Fitz just sounds cool!

118. Koby. Koby is simply a variant of Coby, used briefly in the late 1990s and early 2000s, likely influenced by the late basketball player Kobe Bryant, who spent his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. From Jacob, Koby means “may God protect.”

119. Ste. Steve is the more common short form of Stephen, but Ste gives you a much cooler option. As a Greek name, it means “wreath, crown” and “that which surrounds.”

120. Wes. This is a winner in terms of short, cool baby boy names. As the short form of Wesley, Wes has a hip sound and means “west meadow.”

More Short Cool Boy Names

With short boy names making such cool monikers for guys, we had to keep the list going!

International Short Names for Boys

International names also offer a number of short boy names to consider. This might be a good category for you if you’d like to honor your family’s heritage.

131. Arek. This short baby boys’ name is Polish and a diminutive of Arkadiusz. Relating to the Greek name Arkadios, it means “of Arcadia,” as in someone from this region of Greece.

132. Bryn. With this particular spelling, Bryn is typically a short guys’ name. But by adding a second n, you get Brynn, the spelling more common with girls. As a Welsh name, Bryn means “hill, mound.”

133. Elmo. Besides being the name of the adored Sesame Street character, Elmo is one of the cutest Italian boy names. It relates to the name Erasmus and means “beloved.”

134. Emil. As a Roman family name, Emil means “rival.” You’ll find Emil in numerous European languages, including Romanian, Slovene, Danish, German, and Hungarian.

135. Edu. Another cute short name for baby boys, Edu comes from Eduardo, the Spanish and Portuguese form of Edward, and means “wealth, fortune” and “guard.”

136. Gael. You’ll find the name Gael most often in Spanish-speaking countries, as well as France and the United States. It’s an ethnolinguistic term for those who speak Gaelic, so it also works if you’re looking for short Irish boy names.

137. Hugo. Short and sweet, Hugo is the Latinized form of the name Hugh, which has the adorable meaning of “heart, mind, spirit.” It’s a common name in Spanish and Portuguese, plus a few other languages like German, Swedish, and French.

138. Joon. If you’re looking for Korean boy names, you might like Joon, which is an alternate spelling of Jun. The name has several potential meanings, including “talented,” “handsome,” “king,” and “ruler.”

139. Omar. Omar is a common Arabic boys’ name and means “populous, flourishing,” as it derives from the word umar, meaning “life.” 140.Roch. This cute name is the French and Polish version of Rocco, a German name meaning “rest.”

More International Short Names for Boys

Choosing a short name for baby boys is common in many cultures, and you’ll find even more mini monikers from languages like German, Norwegian, and Irish.

Biblical Short Boy Names

Though biblical names tend to be long, there are some short options out there. Plus, many of those longer titles tend to have a great nicknames, such as Gabe for Gabriel or Jed for Jedediah. Either way, biblical monikers make for truly cute and strong short baby boy names.

151. Abe. This cute boys’ name definitely stands on its own, but Abe is also the short form of Abraham, meaning “father of many.” Abraham plays an important role in the Bible, regarded by Jews as the founder of the Hebrews, and by Muslims as the founder of the Arabs.

152. Eben. Eben gives you a cute option for a short version of Ebenezer, a name given to a monument built by Samuel in the Old Testament. It’s a Hebrew name meaning “stone of help.”

153. Eli. Your little Eli guy will have a very cute short boys’ name, one that means either “ascension” or “my God” in Hebrew. In the books of Samuel, Eli was a high priest of the Israelites.

154. Gabe. You can use Gabe as the short form of Gabriel, a Hebrew name meaning “God is my strong man.” In Hebrew tradition, Gabriel is an archangel and is often depicted as a messenger.

155. Josh. In the Bible, Joshua was a companion to Moses and went with him up Mount Sinai. Josh is the short form of the name, so it also means “Yahweh (God) is salvation.”

156. Mark. For a truly classic, simple, and short boys’ name, you can consider Mark, the short form of Marcus. The Gospel of Mark is one of four gospels in the New Testament.

157. Moss. Moss is the very cute medieval form of Moses, an important figure in the Old Testament. The name means either “son” in Egyptian or “deliver” in Hebrew.

158. Pete. This is a classic baby boys’ name and the short form of Peter, meaning “stone” in Greek. Peter was the most prominent of the apostles, and many consider him the first pope.

159. Sam. As the short form of Samuel, Sam means “name of God” or “God has heard.” In the Old Testament, Samuel was the last of the ruling judges.

160. Saul. Meaning “asked for, prayed for,” Saul is another prominent name in the Bible, as he was the first king of Israel.

More Biblical Short Boy Names

You’ll find even more biblical names for boys, many short on their own and others the short form of longer names.

Even More Short, Cool, Unique, and Simple Boy Names

With short boy names offering so much fun and snap, we’ve included even more options, so you have 250 cute, unique, traditional, classic, common, strong, and international names to consider.

The Bottom Line

Whatever you decide to name your new arrival will be a good choice, but we hope this list of short baby boy names helps to inspire you. Short names are excellent options for nicknames, middle names, or just on their own as fun, snappy monikers. Before you know it, little Ace or sweet Elmo will be here and ready to take on their little world!