20 Unique Baby Shower Cake and Design Ideas for Girls


A lot goes into planning a baby shower, and selecting a cake design is one of the big choices you’ll have to make, given that the cake is often the centerpiece of the food table. Whether you go for an eye-catching design or something simple and elegant, and whether you try your hand at decorating it yourself or ask a professional cake decorator to bring your design idea to life, your guests (and especially the guest of honor!) will love and appreciate your effort.

Here you’ll find some cute and unique design ideas for a baby shower cake for a girl baby, as well as some cupcake options.

1. Sunflower Baby Shower Cake

Sunflower Baby Shower Cake

To make this simple yet elegant baby shower cake, start off with naked-style cake layers with no additional frosting except for a crumb coat. Then decorate the cake with fresh sunflowers and a few sprigs of baby’s breath. That’s it!

This cake could work really well for a Little Miss Sunshine theme or a Flower Power theme. Check out this article for more on these and other baby shower themes for girls.

2. Mermaid Baby Shower Cake

Mermaid Baby Shower Cake

If you've chosen an underwater theme for the baby shower, this mermaid cake will surely become the event’s showstopper. The cake is decorated with shells, starfish, seahorses, and a topper of a mermaid’s tail looking as if she had just dived into the sea.

This cake is beautiful and very elaborate, so unless you are an experienced cake decorator you may want to leave this one to a professional for the best results.

3. Princess Baby Shower Cake

Princess Baby Shower Cake

This impressive cake is actually something you could probably pull off yourself. Simply decorate a frosted cake with meringue cookies, and add a tiara-shaped cookie for the top. Silver frosting drips along the edge add some extra pizzazz, but you could even skip this step or dust the cake with edible glitter instead.

You can dye the frosting any color you like — think about pink, purple, or yellow — or simply leave it white.

4. Simple Ballerina Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

Simple Ballerina Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

This simple, elegant cake features a pair of ballerina slippers perched atop the cake. A good cake decorator will be able to create the slippers out of fondant or modeling chocolate.

If you’d like to make your own cake topper but don't think you can manage the one shown on the image, then consider topping this cake with some ballet slipper cookies. You can bake a batch, use one cookie to top the cake, and serve the rest as part of your dessert spread.

5. Butterfly Baby Shower Cake

Butterfly Baby Shower Cake

This pink tiered cake is decorated with butterflies in shades of pink and purple. It would make the perfect cake for a baby shower with an enchanted garden theme or a fairy theme.

You may be able to find butterflies made out of marzipan or modeling chocolate in a baking supply store, but they’re actually not that hard to make out of dyed and rolled-out fondant or modeling chocolate.

6. Baby Birds Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

Baby Birds Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

If you’ve decided against serving a cake at the baby shower, or you’ve decided to do both a cake and cupcakes, you might like these cute cupcakes decorated with birds cut out from fondant. The more simple and rustic the birds, the better they look. So, go ahead and put your cake decorating talent to the test.

The bird idea makes a very versatile baby shower theme, as alongside the cupcakes you could serve chocolate nests and edible eggs. You could decorate the table with a vintage bird cage, decorative branches, and little wooden bird figurines. The sign over the sweets table could say “Mommy-to-be is nesting” or “This chick’s about to hatch.” If you have a dedicated table for presents, add a framed sign saying “Feather her nest” so that your guests know where to put any gifts.

7. Cute Safari Animals Baby Shower Sheet Cake

Cute Safari Animals Baby Shower Sheet Cake

A sheet cake makes it so easy to serve a whole crowd of people, and there’s plenty of space to decorate the top however you wish. This sheet cake is decorated with simple fondant cutouts dyed in different colors, including safari animal faces of a lion, zebra, giraffe, and elephant.

This cake idea is great for a girl baby shower as well as a gender-neutral baby shower if the mom-to-be doesn’t want to reveal her baby’s gender just yet.

8. Baby Blocks and Balloons Baby Shower Sheet Cake for a Girl

Baby Blocks and Balloons Baby Shower Sheet Cake for a Girl

Here’s another sheet cake idea you’ll love. It’s simple and easy to make yourself if you wish. It’s frosted in pink (although you could go for another color like gray, yellow, or white), with piped borders in elegant gray. Then, all that’s left to do is decorate the top with baby blocks and little plastic balloon balls, both of which could also be made out of cake. Spherical decorations can make your cake look a bit trendier.

If you’re good at calligraphy, try piping the “Welcome baby girl” message on top or ask a talented friend for help.

9. Pink-and-Gold “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” Baby Shower Cake

Pink-and-Gold “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” Baby Shower Cake

What could be more perfect than celebrating the birth of a new star with a cake in the theme of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” This cake’s first layer is decorated with different shades of pink, with the top layer featuring the title of this popular lullaby. Decorate the cake with gold stars (made from fondant or card stock) inserted into the cake using wire or skewers. The finished cake looks both elegant and whimsical.

You could expand the theme by using lots of different star shapes in the baby shower decor. And you don’t necessarily have to go for pink — other color options that work well with gold stars include dark blue, baby blue, white, or even black.

10. Pink-and-Gold “Oh Baby” Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

Pink-and-Gold “Oh Baby” Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

If you have your heart set on a pink-and-gold theme, you might consider having a simple white cake decorated with fresh pink flowers, such as roses, and a gold “Oh Baby” topper that you can pick up at a party store. This cake is simple to make yourself, and it’s manageable for a smaller gathering. For a larger baby shower, you could bake more cake layers.

11. Cute “It’s a Girl” Owl Cake

Cute “It’s a Girl” Owl Cake

Baby animals are always an appropriate choice for baby showers, and what’s cuter than a baby owl? In this case the entire cake is shaped like a baby owl with oversized eyes. The cake is decorated with yellow fondant circles that resemble its feathers and white frosting for its wings. A local cake baker can pull this off easily, but you could also try decorating the cake yourself. The secret will be carving the cake layers into a mound shape using a very sharp serrated knife.

12. Elephant-Themed Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

Elephant-Themed Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

This simple elephant cake is covered in pink fondant and then decorated with gray fondant formed into an elephant. The elephant holds onto balloons with its trunk, which is a very cute touch. This cake decoration could be doable to tackle yourself if you’d like to give it a try.

This cake could be the centerpiece for an entire elephant-themed baby shower.

13. Cute Fox-Themed Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

Cute Fox-Themed Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

For a mom-to-be who isn’t into pink, how about an orange fox cake? This simple round cake is frosted in orange with white fondant for its eyes, and it includes pretty painted eyelashes, too. Use orange and white card stock for the ears, and position some mini meringues on top to add some depth.

This cake could work well for a vibrant woodlands-themed baby shower, or perhaps a fall baby shower centered on a cute little fox character.

14. Rainbow and Unicorn Baby Shower Cake

Rainbow and Unicorn Baby Shower Cake

Dream up one of the prettiest baby showers with a rainbow and unicorn theme. This cake features all the colors of the rainbow on its base layer, and a unicorn profile on the top layer. It’s crowned with a rainbow sprouting out of clouds. For this showstopper, you may want to consider using a talented cake decorator.

15. Flamingo Baby Shower Cookie Pops

Flamingo Baby Shower Cookie Pops

Here’s something really cool for your dessert table: Instead of a cake, think cookie pops! In this case, many of the cookies feature a cute pink flamingo while others are decorated with tropical flowers like hibiscus or green foliage like tropical leaves.

16. Simple “It’s a Girl” Baby Shower Cupcakes

Simple “It’s a Girl” Baby Shower Cupcakes

If you know your mom-to-be leans toward the traditional, you’ll surely strike a hit with these simple cupcakes, each with an “It’s a girl” sign. Bake a batch of vanilla cupcakes, frost them with vanilla frosting, and decorate with pink dragées. Top each with store-bought toppers. Cupcakes are a great alternative to a cake.

17. “Welcome Baby Girl” Cake With Hot Air Balloons

“Welcome Baby Girl” Cake With Hot Air Balloons

Get the best of both worlds with this cake that has tiers of matching cupcakes underneath. The top layer is decorated with fondant cutouts of hot air balloons and clouds, and it’s all topped with a “Welcome baby girl” topper. The cupcakes are each piped in different colors of frosting to look like blossoming flowers.

18. “Oh Baby” Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

“Oh Baby” Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cake for a Girl

If you know the mom-to-be hasn’t revealed the gender of her baby yet, but would like to do so at the baby shower, you may consider a cake just like this. Outside the cake is decorated in colors of white, pale blue, and pale pink, and it reads “Oh baby.” But when the mom-to-be cuts the first slice, it will reveal a red velvet cake indicating she’s having a girl.

Here are some more ideas for the gender reveal moment that could help inspire you or the mom-to-be.

19. Rustic Garden-Themed “It’s a Girl” Baby Shower Cake

Rustic Garden-Themed “It’s a Girl” Baby Shower Cake

This garden-themed cake is as rustic as you can get with a naked-style exterior and a crown of fresh roses and baby’s breath. It’s simple and understated for a garden- or a country-themed baby shower.

20. Roses and Swans Baby Shower Cake

Roses and Swans Baby Shower Cake

The top of this cake is decorated with rose-shaped meringue cookies as well as a swan-shaped cookie. And there are additional cupcakes to go along with the cake. The colors of the cake are peach and pink so it’s not too traditional, yet it’s still very feminine. A white drip around the perimeter of the cake adds a nice surprise, and pearl-colored dragées fill in the top of the cake.

The Bottom Line

Selecting a baby shower cake for a girl will be one of the best moments when planning the event, as it’s so creative.

If you find a cake you love, you could even let the cake set the theme of the entire baby shower. Alternatively, if you already have a theme in mind, you can pick and choose from our cake decoration ideas so that it ties in nicely with your chosen theme.

If you or one of your guests has good baking skills, feel free to tackle the cake together. Many supplies can be purchased at local baking shops, craft stores, or party supply stores.

Or, if you rather let a professional do the job, go ahead and shop around at local bakeries to find the right cake decorator who can bring your idea to life. Take along some photos of what you’d like, as well as your preferred color scheme, and any other details that the baker may need to know in advance.

If you’re in the thick of organizing the shower, then you may be interested in these fun baby shower game ideas and these great prize ideas.

For some food inspiration for the party, check out our list of quick and easy baby shower food ideas. And, to make sure you’ve planned for everything, use our helpful baby shower checklist.

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