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Baby Registry Checklist

Preparing for your little bundle of joy is fun, but it can also be daunting. You know you need basics like diapers, but it seems there’s a never-ending list of clothes, nursery accessories, and toys you’d also like to have.

Luckily, your family and friends are more than happy to help with these newborn essentials. And, we can help you build the perfect baby registry!

If you're wondering what to put on your baby registry, the printable list found below gives you all the baby registry ideas and must-haves that you’ll need. Essentially you’ll want the registry to include the following:

  • Diapering: Plenty of diapering accessories such as diapers (in various sizes), wipes, and diaper cream.

  • Feeding: Essentials for breastfeeding or bottle feeding, like bottles and a nursing pillow.

  • Baby Gear: Those larger items such a car seat, high chair, crib, changing table, and stroller.

  • Bathing: Bath time must-haves, such as a baby bathtub and towels, and fun accessories, like rubber ducks.

  • Clothing: It's almost impossible to have too baby clothes on hand, so add some outfits and items in various sizes that suit the weather the first few months after birth.

  • Nursery: Baby bedding, pacifiers, and a nightlight.

  • Health and Safety: No baby registry list is complete without some health and safety items, including a baby thermometer and babyproofing essentials, like baby gates and electric socket covers.

  • Baby Skin Care: Don’t forget sunscreen, baby lotion, and baby soap.

  • Playtime Accessories: Add some playful gifts, such as mobiles, books, and toys.

  • Keepsakes: Some guests might even like to hand make their gift, so you can always suggest keepsakes, like a baby quilt, photo frames, or personalized nursery music.

So, for future reference, and for even more baby registry essentials, save or print the full baby registry checklist that’s just below. (Just click on the download button to save or print.)

If you happen to be organizing a baby shower for that special mom-to-be, check out the Pampers baby shower tool — it's packed with handy information. Plus, read our baby shower checklist and our guide on how to organize the perfect baby shower.

Once the baby shower registry is ready, your next fun task as the party host is crafting the perfect baby shower invitations. The invite should also include a note letting guests know where to find the baby registry.

Pampers Baby Registry Pampers Baby Registry Pampers Baby Registry

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