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Baby Shower Registry List

Baby Shower Registry List

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Preparing for your little bundle of joy is fun, but it can also be daunting. You know you need basics like diapers, but it seems there’s a never-ending list of clothes, nursery accessories, and toys you’d also like to have.

You have a lot of important tasks to accomplish during this time, but luckily, your family and friends are more than happy to help with providing these newborn essentials. And we can help you build the perfect baby registry!

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What Is a Baby Registry? When Should I Register for My Baby? Where Should I Register? What Should I Put on My Baby Registry?

What Is a Baby Registry?

A baby registry is a list of items from a local or online shop that you would like to have for when your baby arrives. This list serves two purposes: it helps you keep track of what you want and need, and it helps your family and friends select the perfect gift for your baby shower. By creating a baby shower registry list, you can let your loved ones know what you really want and need, avoid duplicate gifts, and make sure you’re covered with everything you’ll need for those first weeks and months with your new baby.

There’s no need to hold back when creating your registry. The longer your list of baby shower registry items, the more choices your friends and family will have, and you’re sure to have a wide variety of price points to suit everyone’s budget.

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When Should I Register for My Baby?

You can put together your baby shower registry list any time, but you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time. Some moms-to-be prepare and share their registry around 12 weeks, toward the end of the first trimester, although you may want to wait until you know the baby’s sex before finalizing your choices, in case you want to add any gender- or color-specific items. You’ll need to research the products you want to include, and your shower guests and family will need some time to shop and choose their gifts. Whenever you decide to share your registry, remember, the main goal is to have everything you need before the baby is born.

Where Should I Register?

Some moms-to-be create a register in person or online at big-box retailers or at local, independent retailers. Be sure to consult the Pampers Baby Registry Checklist before you get started for some baby shower registry list must-haves. You can also make a registry online through sites like With Babylist, you can combine items from multiple stores on one list and browse their guides for inspiration.

What Should I Put on My Baby Registry?

Now comes the fun part. If you're wondering what to put on your baby registry, the printable list found below gives you all the baby registry ideas and must-haves that you’ll need. Here are some baby shower registry list ideas to include:

  • Diapering: They may not be the most glamorous of gifts, but all new parents appreciate having plenty of diapers (in various sizes) on hand during those first few weeks and months with a new baby. You’ll also want to include wipes, diaper cream, a diaper pail, and a diaper changing pad. If you’ve had your eye on a special diaper bag, add it to your list! You’ll want something that is functional and matches your personal style.
  • Feeding: Whether you start out breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you’ll need a variety of supplies to keep your baby fed. Nursing pads and burp cloths, bottles and nipples, as well as a bottle sterilizer and containers for storing expressed breast milk will all come in handy. And, as your baby transitions to solid foods, you’ll also need small bowls, sippy cups, and plenty of bibs as mealtime gets messier.
  • Baby Gear: These are the larger items, such as a car seat, high chair, and stroller. Items like these are a personal choice for every new mom, so you’ll want to do your research and register for products in the style and budget you prefer. Your friends and family may decide to get together and buy one of these bigger-ticket items for you.
  • Bathing: Bath time must-haves include a baby bathtub and towels, and some fun bath toys or accessories, like rubber ducks. You’ll also need safe baby wash and shampoo that’s gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Clothing: It's almost impossible to have too many baby clothes on hand, so add some outfits and accessories in various sizes that will be seasonally appropriate for the first few months after birth. Your baby will need more than just body suits, so don’t forget receiving blankets, pajamas, and jackets or sweaters for layering.
  • Nursery: Consider if you want your nursery to have a theme or style before choosing items like a crib, baby bedding, and changing table. Once you’ve chosen those, you can add smaller items like pacifiers, a mobile, and a nightlight to your registry.
  • Health and Safety: No baby registry list is complete without some health and safety items, including a baby thermometer and babyproofing essentials, like baby gates and electric socket covers. Remember, you’ll need time to install some of these items and test out any electronics, like baby monitors.
  • Baby Skin Care: Don’t forget sunscreen, baby lotion, and baby nail clippers. You’ll also want to be prepared with a baby toothbrush.
  • Playtime Accessories: In addition to all the practical necessities, your friends and relatives will also enjoy giving playful gifts. Register for some classic children’s books for story time, and other fun baby toys.
  • Keepsakes: Some guests might even like to hand-make their gift, so you can always suggest keepsakes, like a baby quilt, photo frames, art work, or personalized nursery music. The Babylist online registry platform even lets you register for gifts that do not come from a store, like home-cooked meals and babysitting services.

Once your baby shower registry is complete, make sure to get the word out! The host or hostess of your baby shower can include your registry information in the shower invitations or share it on social media. Now, you can help your hostess plan your shower if you like, or just sit back and enjoy being celebrated while stocking up on new-baby essentials.

Now, for a quick recap on how to plan your registry plus some more ideas for what to include on your list, take a look at this short video:

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If you’re not expecting, but happen to be organizing a baby shower for that special mom-to-be, check out the Pampers baby shower tool. It's packed with handy information to help you plan a memorable baby shower, including our baby shower checklist and our guide on how to organize the perfect baby shower, from games to snacks and gifts.

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