Baby Birth Announcements and Card Wording Ideas

Now that your baby has finally arrived, you’re probably curious about birth announcements—what to write, how they should look, and perhaps when to send them. For the most part, it’s completely up to you, so you can be as funny, creative, or traditional as you’d like! But if you need some birth announcement inspiration, we’ve got plenty of ideas for baby girls, boys, twins, and more.

What to Include in Birth Announcements

Although a lot about baby birth announcements depends on personal preference, there’s some standard information that you may want to include, such as your baby’s

  • name

  • date of birth

  • weight

  • length

  • time of birth

  • place of birth

  • parent name(s).

You can also include a short message, typically a line or two about welcoming your new baby.

Still deciding on a name? Use our Baby Name Generator below to filter through thousands of options and find the perfect name for your little one!


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Writing Birth Announcement Cards

Perhaps the hardest part for you is the wording of your birth announcement. With so many options, it can be a challenge to decide on what to write, but with any luck, the list below will inspire you.

  • 1. Funny birth announcements. People love to laugh, so you can certainly be a little funny with the wording in your birth announcement.

    • If you’re having twins, you can write something like, “Everything’s better in sets of two.”

    • You can use a play on words and write something like, “The cuddle is real” or “new addition to the house.”

  • 2. Musical birth announcements. Perhaps write a lyric from a favorite song or something that goes with your new baby’s name.

    • Some ideas include “Sara, you’re the poet in my heart” or “Amanda, light of my life” or “Daniel, you’re a star in the face of the sky.”

    • Or cute lyrics like “How wonderful life is, now you’re in the world” or “Come on over, come on over baby.”

  • 3. Sweet birth announcements. Sometimes, all you need is a little sweetness for your new sweet one.

    • Try something simple like “Announcing our new bundle of joy” or “Welcome to the world, little one.”

  • 4. Sports-related birth announcements. If you love sports, why not add that to the mix?

    • Maybe your baby is “right on par.”

    • Or, you can welcome your “little MVP to the team.”

  • 5. Holiday birth announcements. If your baby shares a birthday on or near a holiday, your announcement could have a festive message.

    • Consider something fun like “We were on the good list!” or “’Tis the season for little miracles” or “Joy to the world, our baby is born!”

  • 6. Animal-themed birth announcements. Nothing goes together quite like babies and animals. You can use animals as a design inspiration, such as with elephant birth announcements, or as message inspiration for the wording of your card.

    • You could write something like, “Welcome to the herd” or “Our pack is now complete” or “No more monkeying around, we’re parents!”

  • 7. Religious or inspirational birth announcements. If you have a favorite verse or quote from your religious or spiritual beliefs, or from a person who inspires you, you can always add that to the card, too.

Determining the perfect wording for birth announcements isn’t an easy task, but try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Whatever you write will be wonderful because it’s a message of love from you to your baby, family, and friends.

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Ideas

Birth Announcement Girl

There’s so much you can do with birth announcements for a baby girl. The choice is yours, from traditional colors like pink and white to animal themes like rabbits, birds, or circus animals, or anything from the list above. We’ve included a few more ideas below.

8. Classic Colors

There’s nothing wrong with a classic, which is why traditional colors combine so nicely with a trendy or modern design. For a baby girl birth announcement, try pink, white, and gold and add a photo to highlight your little one. This strategy creates a simple, sweet, and classic announcement, all at the same time!

9. Artsy Twist on a Classic

If you prefer a classic look for a baby girl birth announcement as described above, but want to elevate that standard design, change up the colors and add an art effect. For example, instead of just the classic colors, add in some shades of purple or light blue and soften the design with an art effect, like watercolors. Use flowers or other imagery in wispy watercolor tones to surround your baby’s photo.

10. Heartfelt Heritage

Another idea for your birth announcement is to add an aspect of your heritage or culture. Ignore the classic color scheme here and choose one that better represents your family. Add a creative font and surround your baby’s photo with cultural symbols, both from her heritage and the environment in which you live, such as tall redwoods, cacti, or mountain peaks.

11. Borderless Modern

Since you want to make the birth announcement all about your sweet baby girl, you can ditch the border and make her the focus! Although borders and imagery can tie an announcement together, using the photo as the entire background and layering on the text creates a clean, simple, and modern design.

12. Vibrant Imagery

You can add vibrant imagery to your baby girl birth announcements, such as flowers, buttons, hearts, bows, animals, and more. Choose any visuals you want or select something important to your baby, such as her favorite stuffed toy, first book, or nursery theme.

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Ideas

Birth announcements Boy

Many baby boy and baby girl birth announcement ideas are interchangeable, but you can always opt for traditional colors or imagery. Classic colors for baby boys include shades of blue, white, and green, or you can use cute symbols like ducks or bowties.

13. Strike a Pose

We love using a birth announcement to bring in a little humor, and a cute or funny pose does that perfectly. For example, place your baby’s arms behind his head as if he’s relaxing, or place his arms and legs straight out and reverse the photo as if he’s doing a cartwheel! You can get your baby to hold a pose by understanding his sleep patterns and snapping a picture when he’s deep in his Zs.

14. Cross Stitch

Cross stitch birth announcements are a fun classic, where you combine multiple photos, symbols, colors, and fonts in a unique layout. The layout should resemble a cross stitch pattern that presents all the information you want to share, including a photo. By varying the fonts and colors, it makes it more aesthetic and fun to read!

15. Fun Fonts

Remember, birth announcements can be anything you want, which means you can play around with the wording and font on the card. We love adding a sweet or funny message and using a font that resembles handwriting. It adds a personal touch! You can also use fonts that resemble child-like handwriting or that complement your nursery or baby shower theme.

16. Multi-Photo

Using one main photo is the classic look for birth announcements, but there’s no rule saying you can’t use more than one! Add other photos of your little one, or include photos with you, too. You can have one larger photo as the focal point and sprinkle in a few smaller ones here and there.

Gender Neutral Birth Announcement Ideas

Birth Announcement Hello

Tradition influences ideas for birth announcements, but they’re not set rules. Feel free to mix them up a bit! You can use pink for a boy or blue for a girl, or any color you want. This also applies to symbols, themes, and designs.

17. Color Burst

There’s no reason to stick to pink for girl and blue for boy unless you want to! Have fun with the colors and choose any color scheme. You can have a rainbow theme with vibrant colors or use a mix of colors in a complementary tone, such as pastels or muted neutrals.

18. Classic Hospital

Some parents like to send hospital birth announcements, taking hospital photos with props like the standard bassinet, ID bracelet, and blanket or hat the nurses give you. You can also use all your own clothing and props. For these, a birth announcement sign or letter board comes in handy to present the information about your baby.

19. Separate Photo

Sometimes you want to send a photo alone so that family and friends can frame it. You can easily do this by mimicking the style of a wedding invitation, keeping the birth announcement and photo separate. Go for a simple or classic design and protect the photo in a separate envelope like the gift it is.

20. Keep It Simple

For gender neutral birth announcements, sometimes less is more. If you’re not trying to draw attention to gender or use imagery or symbolism to indicate a boy or girl, keep it simple. Use a neutral background color, choose a standard photo, and add a hint of personality by using a fun font. You can also keep it natural and use recycled paper or earth tones.

Birth Announcement Ideas for Twins and More

Birth Announcement Twins

Whether you’re having quadruplets, triplets, or twins, you can keep the birth announcements simple and traditional or get a little creative. Remember, you have double (or more) the fun, so there are lots of opportunities to use your imagination!

21. Different Outfits

Keep it traditional but use separate outfits to let your twins express themselves individually. You might be able to tell them apart by a sweet sigh or wrinkle of the nose, but it may help your friends and family if you offer a slight difference in the photo! You can also use different colored hats or swaddles; just make sure you take the photo before it’s time to transition out of swaddling.

22. Get Creative

For twin birth announcements, you can have some fun while keeping it cute and sweet. For example, we love the idea of posing babies like two little birds sleeping in a nest! Other creative ideas include “partners in crime” and matching jumpsuits with something funny, like, “Sharing a womb, sharing a room” or “Twinning.”

23. Double the Information

Even if your little ones weighed the same, were born in the same minute, and were the same height, you may want to include information for them both. They are, after all, two babies! You can add that typical birth information to the sides and keep photos in the middle or place it below the photos. Either way, the announcement can still be subtle and classic while highlighting both babies.

24. Three’s a Charm

Having triplets and more isn’t easy, so feel free to have fun with cute wording in your birth announcement card. You can write “Three’s a charm” or something like “Triple the blessings” or “The more the merrier.” Or have even more fun with wording such as “Buy one, get two free” or “30 fingers, 30 toes.”

25. Creative Multifold

With more than one baby, you may need to expand the space of your birth announcement card. We love the solution of creating a foldable card that lets you add as many photos as needed. This design certainly comes in handy for multiples, and each baby gets their own page!

Now that your baby’s arrival is on your mind, download our New Parents Guide below!

How and When to Share Baby Birth Announcements

Once you have the design and card wording ready, you may start to wonder about how and when to send your birth announcement. You have lots of options in terms of how to distribute your exciting news, but you may want to send it no later than when your baby turns 6 months. This way, your baby is still little, and your community can celebrate their highly anticipated arrival!

  • Newspaper. If you think about it, the newspaper is kind of the original social media! It’s where people kept up on the happenings in their community, including births, engagements, weddings, and obituaries. Although newspaper birth announcements might seem old-fashioned today, check with your local paper. Perhaps it’s still a popular tradition in your community, or it may be something your grandparents would treasure.

  • Snail mail. Sending cards in the mail might also seem slightly old-fashioned, but you, your family, and your friends may want to have a small keepsake from such an important life event. And if you put photos on your birth announcement, it’s even more special to your community.

  • E-cards. If you don’t want to send cards in the mail (or spend money on paper and printing), you can always opt for an e-card via email. Some are completely free, while other services charge nominal fees.

  • Social media. Social media is a popular place to post your birth announcements, especially on Facebook and Instagram. You can either use the platforms alone, or you can simply post photos of your birth announcement on Facebook and Instagram for your community to see.

  • Sip-and-see party. Sip and see parties are just as they sound: a gathering of family and friends to sip beverages and see your newborn baby! You can host a sip-and-see in addition to sending birth announcements, or the party can take the place of the announcement.

  • Gifts and trinkets. Whether you host a sip-and-see or not, you can also offer cute mementos, like a magnet, mug, or ornament birth announcement! Family members like grandparents, aunts, and uncles may be particularly interested in this idea.

How to Find Baby Birth Announcement Templates

Luckily, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when creating your birth announcements, as there are plenty of templates out there to help you with the design process. Online stationery companies offer hundreds of templates, so all you need to do is pop in a photo of your little one and edit the text. You can also find easy-to-use design software online that allows you to create your own announcement.

If you prefer to go the old-fashioned route, need a little more inspiration, or want to add something to a physical baby book, download one of our baby birth announcement templates below!

Birth Announcements Template boy

Birth Announcements Template Gender girl

Birth Announcements Template Gender Neutral

Birth Announcements Template Twins

The Bottom Line

Sending birth announcement cards is a fun and special part of having a newborn. You get to announce your baby’s arrival to the world using your creativity. Birth announcements are a beloved parenting tradition, and it’s easier than ever to create and send them all from your computer. But when you need a little inspiration for your baby birth announcement ideas, we hope this list can help!

It doesn’t matter if you have a girl or boy, or one baby or two—you can mix and match all of these birth announcement ideas. And if you’re planning ahead and want to capture your baby’s first moments, you can download our Hospital Bag Checklist so you don’t forget your signage and camera!