What I Wish I’d Had the Chance to Say to the Nurse Who Took Care of My Baby


When I went into labor with my third child, it was quite an uneventful process. I was three days past my due date, something which I’d never encountered with my first two, and was at my doctor for an appointment. During that appointment, she advised me to go to the hospital as she saw I was in early labor.

I headed to my hospital by myself and called my husband on the way. I told him to stay at home with our daughters until my labor progressed further. As I got settled into my delivery room, my labor and delivery nurse walked in. She looked at me and looked around the room for someone else. “Just me,” I said with a smile. “This is my third, so I told my husband he could come later,” I explained. “Then it’s a good thing I’m here,” she said with a smile in her Irish accent.

For the next three hours we engaged in conversations about life and my labor and delivery plan. She coached me through every single painful contraction. She held my hand when the anesthesiologist gave me my epidural. She made sure I was as comfortable as possible before I welcomed my third child. And she was by my side helping me through every single push as he came into the world.

Her shift was over shortly after my son was born. She joked that she was glad I was able to have him prior to her having to leave because she wanted to be the one to help me through the entire process. And I’m so thankful she was the one who did.

Thank You

Before she left for the evening, she walked into my room to congratulate me. I thanked her for being a coach, a mentor, and a hand to hold when I needed it. At the time, I didn’t realize how much of an impact she would have not only on my birth story, but on my life. If I had the chance to see her again, I’d love to tell her how her smile and positivity was exactly what I needed during my last and final delivery. It’s because of her I have such a fondness of the entire labor and delivery with my son.

I don’t think you can ever truly express how thankful we are to those who help up through one of the most precious moments in our lives. But we can try. Sunday May 6, 2018 is National Nurses Day. What better way to celebrate that day than to tell our labor and delivery nurses thank you for everything they do for us in our most exciting moments.

What Other Moms Say

We asked moms what they’d say to their labor and delivery nurses and I think every mom can relate to their sentiments.

To all of the nurses out there, we want to tell you something we can never say too many times, thank you.

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