Hospital Bag Checklist - What to Pack for Mom, Baby and Partner

Are you all set for the big day? If you answered a resounding “no,” you might like the help of a hospital bag checklist to take the guesswork out of what you’ll actually need to pack. Read on to get four hospital bag checklists with everything you, your partner, and your newborn will need when the big day comes.

When to Pack Your Hospital Bag

Your baby might arrive earlier than expected, so it’s worth having your hospital bag (or bags, if you’d like one for labor and delivery and one for after delivery) and your baby’s hospital bag organized and packed during month eight of your pregnancy—just in case. Pack the bags with your partner so you can double-check the checklist to make sure that you’ll each have everything you might need for the hospital. Once they’re packed, keep them handy either in your car or near the door, so you'll be ready to go at a moment's notice. Keep reading for a full list of what to pack for the hospital, and download your hospital bag checklist below!

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag for Mom (Labor and Delivery)

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag for Mom (After Delivery)

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag for Your Birth Partner

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag for Your Baby

This list of basic baby gear will come in handy once your newborn arrives:

The Bottom Line

With this hospital bag checklist, you'll be well prepared for your time in the hospital. Read up on the signs of labor, which includes things like your water breaking or seeing the mucus plug discharge. Another way to check whether you are in labor is to time your contractions to see if they are getting stronger, longer, and more frequent. Contact your healthcare provider if you notice any of the signs of labor—they'll be able to let you know when it's time to grab your hospital bag and be on your way. Good luck! While you’re here and in the mood for preparing for the birth of your baby, download the Pampers Club app. You can use the app to earn rewards for all the diapers and wipes you’ll be buying once your little one’s here. Are you waiting until you see your little one’s face to decide on a name? In the meantime, get some inspiration with our Baby Name Generator, where you can filter through thousands of titles to find your baby’s perfect name!