Pregnant with Twins - What to Expect

Pregnant With Twins

Congratulations, you’re having twins!

At the start of your pregnancy, you might not have noticed any specific, early signs of twins, but once your healthcare provider confirmed that you were pregnant with twins, you probably experienced a range of emotions. From happiness that you’ll be growing your family, to some trepidation about what having twins involves, these feelings are perfectly normal. Here you'll find some insights, information, and advice about being pregnant with twins.

Identical and Fraternal Twins

Identical twins are less common than fraternal twins. Identical twins form when a fertilized egg splits in two, while fraternal twins are conceived when two eggs are fertilized by two sperm. Only about 3 percent of live births are twins.

How Expecting Twins Might Be Different

Having twins makes yours a high-risk pregnancy — which, among other things, means more prenatal appointments, screenings, and tests than you would otherwise have. Some twin pregnancy symptoms you might notice include getting a bigger belly sooner, feeling more uncomfortable and tired, and experiencing more acute morning sickness.

Twins are also more likely than single babies to be born prematurely, even before week 36, and the chances of needing a C-section are higher (although this depends on the weight, position, and health of the babies). Labor could also be longer with twins.

Preparing for Twins

First up, it’s worth choosing healthcare providers who are experienced with twins. They’ll be able to answer the questions that are relevant to your pregnancy and offer the appropriate advice and care. In the meantime, you can find out more about your likely due date by checking our handy due date calculator, and learn more from our twin week-by-week guide.

As it is with any pregnancy, rest is important if you’re pregnant with twins, and, especially during the second trimester, some gentle exercise may help you sleep better. Following a good pregnancy diet helps ensure that you and your little ones are getting all the nutrients needed for healthy growth.

Consider taking early maternity leave if you can. Many twin moms-to-be do this because their babies may arrive sooner, and this gives them more time to get prepared at home.

Because of the higher chance of a premature birth, getting prepared early in the third trimester is key. Have your hospital bags packed in advance, make sure your home is baby proofed, and check that you’ve stocked up on the essentials that you’ll need for your two beautiful newborns well ahead of your expected due date.

The Bright Side of Twins

It’s normal to feel apprehensive about expecting twins, so try to seek out support networks, speak to your doctor, and find other moms of twins for guidance. Be sure to take a childbirth class, too; there are some that are designed specifically for parents of multiples.

If you have been struggling to narrow down your baby name wish list, one of the benefits of having twins is that you can choose even more names for your little ones. Try our Baby Name Generator for more ideas.

And, it might help to keep in mind that soon enough, you’ll have not one, but two bubbly little personalities adding joy to your family.

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