Pregnant woman takes a walk in the snow

by Allaya Cooks-Campbell

Baby it's cold outside! Growing a new baby comes with a litany of symptoms--exhaustion, nausea, having to pee all the time--so being pregnant in the winter is definitely no sleigh-ride. We reached out to the mamas who have been there before to tell us what you absolutely must do (and not do!) to make the most of your winter pregnancy.

Wardrobe Is Essential

Contrary to what you might think, you won’t need to invest in a whole closet full of bump-friendly winter clothes. A friend of mine jokes, “Winter pregnancies are the best because you can wear summer clothes and feel fine!” Mamas suggest grabbing basics, like leggings, big comfy sweaters and cardigans, and layering them with a chunky scarf. One mom adds, “You don’t need a jacket because there is no such thing as too cold. I did fine with a light fleece.” You’ll want to be wearing lots of layers so you can adjust when you start to get overheated. If you do want to invest in something made just for your belly, try getting a nice maternity coat. Having something that fits nicely can make you feel a bit less frumpy (true for every winter, not just the pregnant ones).

Sturdy Shoes Are a Must

Make sure you get at least one pair of high-quality, non-slip boots so that you can walk safely when things get slippery. Make sure they’re not too tight when you try them on, or they won’t last long if your feet begin to swell. Once you hit the third trimester, you may also need someone on standby to help you take them off (and while they’re down there, rub your feet for you).

Don’t Skimp on Skin Care

I am never more diligent with my skin care routine than I am in the winter, because my skin cracks and dries like you wouldn’t believe. Splurge on a creamy, luxurious body butter or a super-hydrating body oil to prevent stretch marks and dry, itchy skin. Be sure to take extra care of any parts left exposed, like your hands and face (including your lips). Moisturizing starts from the inside out, so keep up your daily water intake as well.

Enjoy The Holidays

Being pregnant over the winter means sharing your news with your family over the most fun time of year. You can eat guilt-free (and even ask someone else to get seconds for you). You can rock those cute holiday bump t-shirts and costumes made just for expectant mamas.

Heavy Duty Snow Gear

Unless you spend your winters in California, you’ll want to have a plan in place for snowstorms on and around your due date. Keep gas in the car (preferably one with all-wheel drive) and extra bags of snow and ice melt around. Let your significant other or neighbors know that you’ll need help with the shoveling. Minimizing your travel will minimize your risk of accidents, so let a delivery service bring your groceries and any household goods you need.

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Allaya Cooks-Campbell is a writer, yoga instructor, and a born-and-bred New Yorker. She is the mother of a feisty toddler and step-mommy to two equally feisty teens. Living in Queens with her husband, Damany, Allaya tries to raise her family with equal doses of optimism, discipline, and mostly age-appropriate humor.

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