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By RAGAVI - November 24, 2023

Product is good to use and easy absorbent.Recommended to all users

Received free product

By Emily - October 21, 2023

I’ve used pampers with all 4 of my babies. They are so soft smell good and easy affordable. Great quality! Forget the new diapers that have come out which are very much overly priced I mean hey it’s gonna get thrown in the trash lol But pampers is the REAL OG to diapers and wipes!

Received free product

By Elena - April 23, 2023

This was actually my first time using the brand with my newborn and I have to say he is super comfortable great product keep up the great work!

By tsdbgdbgdfgn - April 03, 2023

I have been using pampers diapers and wipes since my first born to my last born I have six children no grandchildren yet I still have babies my oldest is 15 and my last baby is a newborn

By Jayme - April 03, 2023

10/10 recommend. We were gifted a lot of different diapers (5 months worth) at our baby shower. When it came time to purchase, I knew I was sticking with Pampers Pure. We love the feel, absorbency & prints. After our fancy dinner out last night, I knew I needed to write a review. We took our daughter with us to our anniversary dinner…1/2 way through my husband took her to the car to change her bc she clearly loaded her diaper. He put the diaper behind the wheel hidden like we always do so we don’t let it sit in the car while we finish our task, then grab it when we leave. Except we went to leave, the car next to us was parked so close to us he had to move the car to get her in. Welp, in the chaos he reversed right over the diaper. I can say confidently that Pampers Pure can hold the weight of a Jeep Cherokee bc that thing didn’t even have a mark on it & I watched him drive right over it. We will only be continuing to use these moving forward.