Pampers Club & Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Pampers Club & Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pampers Club is is a loyalty program available via a mobile app, that can be downloaded for Android or iPhone. Use the Pampers Club mobile app to scan codes found in Pampers packs to turn diapers and wipes into gifts and savings!

    1. Buy Pampers Products
    2. Download the Pampers Club app from Google Play Store or App Store
    3. Find and scan the Pampers Club codes in your diapers and wipes pack. You can scan the code using your phone camera or submit it manually.
      The more codes you scan/submit, the more rewards you can get!
  • Our Consumer Support team can be reached via email, call or chat. Please visit this page to contact us.

  • Download the Pampers Club mobile app from the Play Store or the App Store, enter your details to create your account and you’re in!
    Another way to join is to create an account on, download the Pampers Club mobile app from Google Play or the App Store & log in with your email & password.

  • Yes, it’s free to download and join Pampers Club.

  • No, there is no membership card. To be a member, you simply need to use the mobile app.

  • Yes, if you have already created an account on you can use the same login details (email and password) in the app. You will need to download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

  • Scan your codes found in Pampers products.
    Every time you purchase a Pampers product, open the app and scan the in-pack codes. For certain wipes products, manually enter the code found on the bottom of the pack.

  • Codes should be added instantaneously, but certain bonuses may take 24 hours to be awarded.

  • Yes, you can. Please see the details under each gift/coupon in the app catalog for the maximum quantity for each item.

  • Yes, as long as the coupon is accepted by the chosen retailer. If you choose a coupon from the catalog, you will receive your coupon in the mail.

  • Visit our Pampers Club catalog to learn more about the types of rewards available to you. Download the app to see the full list of rewards and offers available.

  • Up to 200MB of storage.

  • Inside each package of Pampers diapers or training pants you'll find a small white label with your Pampers Club code. Wipes codes are printed either directly onto the pack (refills) or on a white sticker (tubs). Here are some additional tips for finding the codes.

    Diapers or Pants Bag: The Pampers Club code sticker is glued inside the bag. If it's not visible, turn the bag inside out.

    Diapers or Pants Box: The Pampers Club code stickers are inside each of the bags within the box. If the stickers aren't visible, turn the bags inside out. Be sure to enter the code from each bag to earn all your points!

    Wipes Tub: The Pampers Club code sticker is on the top of the lid

    Wipes Refill Packs: For individual refills or soft packs, codes are on the outside of each package or under the back seam of the soft pack. Be sure to look on all sides as the Pampers Club codes may not always be in the same place.

  • Your Pampers Club points will not expire as long as you remain an active member. If your account is inactive for more than 12 months, then you will lose your points. So make sure you enter codes regularly and redeem your rewards!

  • You can find all your Pampers Rewards orders and promotional codes directly on your Pampers account. Just follow these simple steps:

    Log in to your Pampers account and go to your dashboard by clicking my account at the top right of the page and then choose profile.

    Next, click in the “Rewards Points” section and then sort by “Points Redeemed”.

    Once there, you’ll see a list of any Pampers Rewards you’ve redeemed along with any promotional codes that were generated for you. If multiple rewards were redeemed on the same transaction, only one code will appear in the Points Redeemed section.

    Every time you redeem points you should also receive an email confirmation including your promotional codes. To prevent our emails from going to your spam/junk mail folder, we recommend to add to your approved sender list.

  • If you redeemed a non-digital item such as a gift card, please allow 4-6 weeks for your Rewards order to arrive. Although it may not take that long, we can’t guarantee you’ll receive it sooner than that time.

    Details of your order can be found in the confirmation email you were sent. Unfortunately, we're unable to re-send your confirmation email so please ensure you keep this email in a safe place.

    Digital Rewards gifts will be sent via email within 24 hours.

  • You cannot transfer Pampers Club points from one Pampers account to another. However, you can transfer your points to a new email address if the new email address isn't already registered on the Pampers Rewards site.

  • You can update your Pampers account details inside the app (Profile Settings) or on the Pampers website, go to the My Account menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click on Edit Profile. From there, you’ll be directed to a page where you can update your profile information such as your mailing address and birth dates. You can also reset your password on this page.

  • Find out how many Pampers Rewards reward points you can earn for your Pampers purchases, even before you buy. Simply follow these three easy steps to use our points chart below.

    1. Choose your child's diaper size
    2. Find your Pampers diapers or wipes below.
    3. Follow your Pampers diapers or wipes column down, to match up with your package's diaper count on the left - you'll see the number of points you can receive when you submit that purchased product code.

    Points values vary by pack size and brand, but range from 10-240 points. Wipes range from 5-10 points.

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Did you know?The Pampers Club App can help you turn diapers into rewards.