40 Activities for Toddlers You Can Do at Home

Hunting for something fun to do with your toddler at home? Check out these 40 fun ideas for toddler activities that will keep your little one busy and happy both indoors and outdoors. Included are all kinds of things to do with toddlers like arts and crafts projects, educational activities, and indoor adventures for a rainy day.

Toddler Activities for a Rainy Day

When your toddler’s stuck in the house on a bad weather day, the following indoor activities can be a lifesaver:

Educational Toddler Activities

Your toddler is always learning while playing, so strictly speaking any activity or game is educational. Still, we’ve collected some toddler activities that are especially focused on encouraging learning through play:

Toddler education activities

Activities to Keep Your Toddler Busy

If you need to keep your toddler busy for a short period of time, such as on a day when you happen to be working from home, the following ideas can help occupy his hands and mind for a while:

Toddler Arts and Crafts Activities

Bring out your toddler’s creativity with the following arts and crafts ideas:

Toddler finger painting

Interactive Toddler Activities

Although all of our toddler activities require adult supervision, the following activities may involve some additional adult help:

Toddler playing

The Bottom Line

Trying to keep an active toddler occupied can be challenging. Fun activities that you can do at home are the key, whether it’s an indoor sport for a rainy day, an absorbing arts and crafts project, or just something to keep your little one busy for a short time while you cook dinner, for example. What seems like a simple idea to you can be a magical experience for your little one. Let your and your toddler’s imagination run wild and you’ll find there are tons of things you can do together. Enjoy!

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