Your Child's First Haircut

The first haircut can be unsettling for both you and your child. If you're not sure how your little one will react to having his locks snipped, don't worry: a little preparation for the big day can ease your worries and ensure a fun, incident-free trip to the hair salon.

Tips for Your Baby's First Haircut

Choose the Right Salon If you don't have a hair salon in your neighborhood that caters to kids, call up your local salon and ask for a stylist recommendation. You'll want someone who has experience with kids and first haircuts.

Arrange a Visit If your child is a toddler or preschooler, take him to the salon before his scheduled appointment and show him around. Introduce him to the stylist who will cut his hair, and let him watch her cut other children's hair. He'll be less fearful if he knows what to expect.

Prepare Your Child Read a picture book about first haircuts to help your toddler get used to the idea. If you can't locate a suitable book at the library, you can create a homemade book using photos of other children getting their hair cut. On the day of the appointment, talk your toddler through the process. You may want to avoid using the word "cut" in case he associates that word with danger or pain. Instead, tell him that he's going to get a fun new hairstyle or a "trim."

Bring Supplies Be sure to bring an extra T-shirt in case your toddler refuses to wear the cape. It's also smart to pack a snack and a toy to keep him distracted.

Keep Your Child Still A squirmy toddler and scissors do not pair well. If your child is moving around too much in the styling chair, have him sit on your lap instead.

Make sure to get lots of pictures of your child's first haircut and to save one of those first locks!