7 Signs Your Child Is Ready to Potty Train

7 Signs Your Child Is Ready to Potty Train

If you're like most parents of toddlers, you're eager to start potty training (you'd like to be finished already!). But is your child actually ready? Check out our handy list to see if he has most of the necessary skills.

Your child may be ready if he:

  • Imitates your behavior, including bathroom habits
  • Has started putting things where they belong
  • Tells you first when he is "going" and then when he needs to "go"
  • Expresses an interest in potty training
  • Has regular, predictable bowel movements
  • Can pull his pants up and down
  • Can walk and is ready to sit down on the potty

If you can check off most of these, you're probably good to go. Good luck!

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