The Benefits of Training Pants

The Benefits of Training Pants

While the toddler years are absolutely filled with joy, laughter and endless bouts of energy, they can also bring moments of uneasiness as you travelthrough different stages of development – especially when it’s time for potty training.

As a mother of three, I’ve learned a lesson or two about teaching my children how to properly use the bathroom. I think the most important thing Irealized, was that potty training is a process that can only start when your child is ready and not a moment sooner.

Don’t try to compare timelines with other children; everyone is different. By letting your toddler begin on his/her own schedule, you are giving your childthe opportunity to naturally embrace the experience and achieve success. Once your toddler is ready, that is when you can begin creating routines andmaking fun out of the process. This is also the time where you get to celebrate this new milestone and build anticipation for the opportunity to wear realunderwear!

That is why I found training pants to be so beneficial. Training pants are a core essential when potty training. Not only do they make the process easierfor your toddler, but they give you ease of mind as well for numerous reasons:

Confidence and Independence
There are many lessons that parents and caregivers are responsible to pass down to the children in their lives. I think one of the most powerful andimpactful lessons you can provide to your baby is the ability to be confident and feel independent. They all eventually have to leave the nest, right?Let’s make sure that they do so with their heads held high.

Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants provide protection that prevents accidents and mistakes that typically can shame and embarrass children. So, in a way, theyprovide double protection. Protection from leakage and protection from emotional stress as well!

When introducing training pants to your children, encourage them to put them on themselves. By teaching them that they can take care of this one small taskon their own, they will take ownership of part of the process and really embrace the routine.

Ease of Routine
A toddler can find him/herself on a potty trying to go to the bathroom several times in one hour. Imagine the frustration they would feel if you had to laythem down and put on a fresh diaper each time. Training pants quickens the experience and introduces a more positive outlook on the entire act of using thepotty. All those frequent trips to the bathroom in the beginning of the process typically are for naught. The focus is really about learning the routine oftrying to use the toilet.

Overnight Protection
If you’d like to use underwear during the day and then training pants at night, it would still feel like a new experience to your child and a step up fromdiapers. Choose training pants like Pampers Easy Ups, which provide the leakage protection overnight that children need, but also look like underwear.

It’s better to be prepared and that is why I found training pants to be extremely beneficial throughout the entire potty training process. Try them outwith your little one and I am sure they will bring the both of you some peace of mind.

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