Pampers Celebrates Baby Names and Honors AAPI Heritage

Welcoming a baby into the world is a great joy for new parents and parents-to-be, who choose a name for their newest family member with great care. Among Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, the choice of a name and the name's meaning are particularly significant and deeply rooted in cultural tradition.

Introducing The Name, a Story of Belonging and Identity

We are proud to introduce and share The Name, a new film from our parent company, Procter & Gamble. It follows the journey of a Korean mother and her daughter, Yeong Joo, a young girl who wants to be included and struggles with the impact of her name as she goes about her daily life.

Led by an AAPI cast and crew, the poignant film touches on issues of identity and acceptance—and illustrates how simple gestures like learning to pronounce a name and knowing its meaning can help make someone feel valued and included, and their cultural tradition embraced.

Affirming Our Commitment to a More Inclusive World

When we at Pampers learned about the tension many AAPI parents feel in naming their children — wanting to honor their culture but also to fit in — it felt natural to support this film and the broader campaign it represents. Our job is to serve all babies and parents, and to do so with empathy, understanding, respect, and total inclusion.

For years, our goal at Procter & Gamble has been to foster a better and more inclusive world, free from bias and offering equal representation and opportunities for everyone. We know that film, TV, and advertising content can influence the way we see one another, and that stereotypical portrayals can contribute to bias, especially surrounding communities of color. Our hope is that our film will help raise awareness of issues faced by many AAPI families and inspire increased understanding and appreciation of these communities. Please join us in celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander names and the rich heritage that inspires them.

Finding the Right AAPI Baby Name: How Pampers Can Help

Are you hunting for a baby name, and looking for ideas from the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities? You're in luck, as we have a wealth of resources on our site to aid you in your search. A good place to start is with our articles on Asian boy names and Asian girl names. Each piece contains hundreds of options, listed with their meanings, origins, and pronunciations. To make it easier to find what you're looking for, we've grouped the names into smaller categories. That way, you can dive right into names that are long or short, rare or popular, traditional or trendy, pretty or powerful.

You could also focus on names from a specific geographical area or cultural heritage, concentrating on, say, Japanese names for girls or Japanese boy names. In these articles, and in others that highlight different AAPI communities, we also provide a brief overview of the naming process itself, covering some of the relevant customs and traditions involved in choosing a name within a given culture.

No matter where you are in your search for a baby name, or in your parenting journey, we at Pampers want to help!

Inviting You to Announce Your Baby's Name

At Pampers, part of the BabyCare division of P&G brands, we value and celebrate all babies and all families. We know how much it means to select a name for your baby and to announce your little one's birth. That's why we're happy to introduce a new tool that lets you create your own online baby announcement: it not only features your baby's photo and name but also includes a pronunciation guide to your baby's name, as well as the name's meaning. It's an easy and fun way to share your exciting news! Learn more.