Top 200+ Japanese Girl Names and Their Meanings

Japanese girl names offer many options for unique monikers. From traditional Japanese female names with strong meanings to cute, cool, or rare options for your baby girl, we’ve got them all. As you peruse our list, you’ll find names with several different kanji characters, various meanings, and a range of pronunciations, making it possible to choose something extra special. For a little inspiration, check out our assortment of over 200 Japanese names for girls.

Traditions Behind Japanese Girl Names

Japanese girl names are rooted in custom and tradition. Even if you’re familiar with the baby-naming process in Japan and understand these cultural norms, the following could serve as a good refresher and help you find the perfect Japanese name for your baby girl.

The Japanese Alphabet

To start, it might help to understand the Japanese alphabet. Japanese names commonly use kanji, a set of characters that offer a beautiful visual representation of each moniker. However, kanji can be quite complex, so some parents prefer to use simplified versions of kanji, called hiragana and katakana. You can see how these different forms of the Japanese alphabet look with the following example. The Japanese girls’ name Haruka can look like this (among other options) when written with kanji: 晴香. You could write it with hiragana, which looks like this: はるか. And in katakana, it’s simplified further: ハルカ.

Characters, Meaning, and Pronunciation

After Japanese parents choose a baby name for their little girl, they’ll decide which characters, meaning, and pronunciation to use. Japanese names for girls and boys use over 3,000 kanji characters, and when these characters are combined to create different monikers and meanings, you’re left with nearly endless options!

Characters Some parents opt for just one kanji character when choosing their baby’s name, but, traditionally, the name becomes more personalized when using more characters. It’s common to see Japanese girl names with two or three characters; names with four characters are more traditionally used for the eldest in the family out of respect. Meaning A woman with a Japanese name could have the same name as another but with different meanings. That’s because parents can combine these characters and choose from multiple interpretations. Take the name Tomomi for example:

  • The Japanese character tomo has several adorable meanings, including “wisdom,” “intellect” and “friend.”

  • And when combined with tomo, the character mi can mean “beautiful,” “fruit,” “good result,” and “truth,” among other interpretations.

So, your little girl could have a Japanese name with the meaning “intelligent beauty,” “wise truth,” “beautiful friend,” etc. Pronunciation Just as meanings can differ, so can pronunciation. Many Japanese girl names have common and traditional meanings that parents might choose to adopt. However, if you opt for a more personalized name or one with a unique combination of kanji, it’s typical to provide the spelling and pronunciation along with your child’s name. These combos might create unexpected sounds, a relatively new trend that started in the 1990s.

To make it a little easier for you, our list of Japanese names for girls includes the most common pronunciation for each name. But if you choose a different pronunciation, just remember to provide the spelling and sound to your loved ones.


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Most Common and Popular Japanese Girl Names

If you’re looking for a popular Japanese name for your daughter, we recommend checking out both the top baby girl names in the United States and what’s trending in Japan. In the United States, five Japanese girl names have recently topped the charts, and you’ll see them listed as the first on our list. As for Japan, the other five names have been trending in recent years. Any of these options would be a popular Japanese girl name and a nice choice for your little one! 1. Ema. The most popular Japanese girl name is Ema, though as an American moniker, you might see it spelled Emma. In Japanese kanji, it means “favor, benefit” or “bay, inlet” combined with “flax.”

2. Naomi. Naomi is another popular Japanese American girls’ name. Though used for centuries, it had its trendiest spike in the 1990s and has yet to slow down. It means “straight, direct” and “beautiful.”

3. Jun. Pronounced JOON, Jun is popular as a Japanese boys’ name, too. As a singular kanji, it has several different meanings, including “pure,” “clean,” “simple,” and “moisture,” among other interpretations.

4. Hana. Another great option for a Japanese American girls’ name, Hana is pronounced just like the biblical girls' name Hannah. In Japanese kanji, it means “flower.”

5. Reina. Pronounced REH-NA, this traditional Japanese girls’ name simply means “wise,” so it’s a good option for your little intellectual!

6. Himari. If you’re looking for Japanese flower names for girls, we’ve included numerous options in this category! But what makes Himari (pronounced HEE-MA-REE) so cute is that it means “sunflower.”

7. Tsumugi. Popular and traditional, the Japanese girls’ name Tsumugi (pronounced TSOO-MOO-GEE) has a unique meaning: “pongee” or “to spin.” Pongee is a traditional knotted silk cloth in Japan.

8. Rin. This unisex name means “dignified” and is pronounced REEN. You can give this moniker to your mini noble guy or gal!

9. Mei. This Japanese name is pronounced MEH-EE and combines kanji to mean “bud, sprout” and “life,” so it’s quite the poetic option.

10. Aoi. Another perfect choice for a floral name, Aoi means “hollyhock, althea” and comes from the kanji that means “green, blue,” just like the flowers. The name has a unique pronunciation, A-O-EE.

Choosing a baby name can be a lot fun, but with so many choices, it might feel a little overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect name for your baby!

Unique and Rare Japanese Girl Names

Though the popular Japanese names for girls above are all excellent choices, perhaps you’d like to consider some unique or rare monikers. Choosing a unique Japanese girl name means your baby will stand out from the crowd. Another plus is that many of these are classic girl names that will likely never go out of style! 11. Asami. Uncommon Japanese girls’ names like Asami still offer very pretty meanings. Pronounced A-SA-MEE, asa means “hemp” and mi means “beautiful.”

12. Chinatsu. Though many are still unique, Japanese girl names meaning “summer” are quite popular. You’ll find lots of options, including Chinatsu, which is pronounced CHEE-NA-TSOO and means “a thousand summers.”

13. Chō. What are some rare Japanese girl names? Though there are many, one unique choice is Chō, a beautiful option meaning “butterfly” and pronounced CHO. It’s a great choice for a one-syllable girls’ name!

14. Junko. If you read this list in full, you’ll learn that ko means “child,” which is a common kanji in many Japanese names for girls and boys. In the case of Junko, jun means “obedience” or “pure.” The name is pronounced JOON-KO and is a great wish for your little one!

15. Kyō. As a singular kanji, this unusual girls’ name has many different meanings, including “unite,” “cooperate,” “capital city,” “village,” and even “apricot.” It’s pronounced KyO.

16. Masuyo. A happy omen for your baby girl, this Japanese name means “profit, benefit” and “world.” Your little Masuyo (pronounced MA-SOO-YO) will make the world her own!

17. Minato. Pronounced MEE-NA-TO, this rare Japanese girls’ name means “harbor,” making it a good choice if you’re looking for names meaning “water” or related to water.

18. Tsubame. Another rare option, this Japanese girls’ name comes with a unique pronunciation, TSOO-BA-MEE. If you like birds, you’ll certainly love the meaning of “swallow,” as in the adorable little bird.

19. Umeko. With ume meaning “apricot, plum” and ko meaning “child,” the name could suit a baby who is as sweet as a little apricot! Umeko is pronounced OO-MEH-KO.

20. Yaeko. Pronounced YA-EH-KO, this name means “multilayered child,” which is true for any baby!

More Unique and Rare Japanese Girl Names

For more unique Japanese girl names, some with rare sounds and others as favorites from past generations, check out the options below.

Cute and Pretty Japanese Girl Names

As you've discovered, Japanese names for girls come with various meanings, and you’ll find plenty of options for cute and beautiful monikers. It doesn’t get much cuter than names meaning “harmony” and “poem”! 31. Akari. Give your little Akari (pronounced A-KA-REE) an adorable name meaning “bright” and “village” or “white jasmine.”

32. Ami. Pronounced like the country girls’ name Amy, this moniker means “second” or “Asia” from the word a, and “beautiful” from the word mi. This might be a good name for your beautiful second-born daughter.

33. Emi. This cute Japanese girls’ name sounds lovely and comes with a pretty meaning. Pronounced EH-MEE, it means “beautiful” and “picture.”

34. Honoka. The word hono means “harmony” and ka means “flower,” creating a truly beautiful Japanese name for girls. It’s pronounced HO-NO-KA.

35. Ichika. This Japanese girls’ name has too many meanings to list, but the prettiest ones for the word ichi mean “love,” “hope,” and “beginning.” To up the cute factor, ka can mean “flower,” “beautiful,” “affection,” and “fragrance,” among other interpretations. Top it all off with an adorable pronunciation, EE-CHEE-KA.

36. Kei. Pronounced KEH, this pretty Japanese girl’s name can mean “intelligent” or “gemstone.”

37. Mio. In this name, the word mi means “beautiful,” and o means “cherry blossom” or “thread.” Mio is pronounced MEE-OH.

38. Noa. Cute, pretty, and unique, Noa is the perfect Japanese girls’ name meaning “love.” The kanji no is actually a possessive particle, so it shows ownership of a, meaning “love” and “affection.” Your little one will have all she needs with this name!

39. Shiori. Pronounced SHEE-O-REE, the name Shiori has lots of different meanings. When combined, the kanji shi and ori can mean “bookmark,” so this is perfect for your little bookworm! When the kanji are considered separately, you get meanings like “poem,” “weave,” and “graceful,” among others.

40. Yui. Ensure your little one is dressed well with this name! Pronounced YOO-EE, Yui means “excellence, superiority” and “garment of clothing.”

More Cute and Pretty Japanese Girl Names

If you’d still like more options for adorably cute, pretty, and beautiful Japanese names for girls, we’ve included even more!

Cool Japanese Girl Names

What’s a good Japanese name for a girl? Well, the answer to this question depends on what you consider to be "good," but cool names are always an option! Whether they offer hip meanings or trendy sounds, cool Japanese girl names are some of the best on this list. 51. Akira. Pronounced A-KyEE-RA, this name already sounds cool, but what makes it even better is the meaning of “bright” and “clear.” If you like watching Japanese films, you might be familiar with the famous filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

52. Asuka. You’ve got two choices for pronunciations with this name, both with a hip sound: A-SOO-KA or A-SKA. The name means “to fly” and “bird,” and is there anything cooler than being able to zip around the sky?

53. Hikari. Pronounced KHEE-KA-REE, this cool Japanese girl’s name simply means “light.” It’s perfect for the new light in your life! Plus, it’s very pretty in hiragana (ひかり), which is more popular than kanji for this name.

54. Keiko. This name just looks cool and means “celebrate” and “child.” Celebrate is what you’ll want to do once your baby is born! It’s pronounced KEH-KO.

55. Kimiko. This cool Japanese name means “valuable” (ki), “beautifu”l (mi), and “child” (ko), a terrific meaning for any little girl! You can pronounce it KyEE-MEE-KO.

56. Mai. This is a great option to give your little one a Japanese American girl name, as Mai can be pronounced like May or MA-EE. As a singular kanji, the name has several meanings, including “dance,” “genuine,” “love,” and “affection.”

57. Noriko. Give your little one a cool and strong Japanese girls’ name with Noriko, pronounced NO-REE-KO and meaning “rule” and “child.”

58. Shun. Set your little one up for success with the name Shun, pronounced SHOON. It means “fast” or “talented.”

59. Yoshiko. The kanji yoshi has a few different meanings, including “good,” “virtuous,” “fragrant,” “joy,” and “respectable.” But since the kanji ko means “child,” a cool combination could be “virtuous child.” Yoshiko is pronounced YO-SHEE-KO.

60. Yume. Like the Irish girls’ name Aisling, Yume means “dream, vision.” Of course, this Japanese name has a very different sound (Yume is pronounced YOO-MEH) and comes with a few other potential meanings. Additional kanji interpretations include “abundant” or “plentiful” and “bud” or “sprout.”

More Cool Japanese Girl Names

For even more cool Japanese girl names, we’ve included additional options below!

Japanese Girl Names Meaning “Flower”

If you’re looking for Japanese girl names meaning “flower,” you’re definitely in luck! Like with Arabic girl names, this is a very common meaning that many parents choose for their little girl. Of course, a beautiful flower certainly suits a beautiful baby! 71. Ayame. Pronounced A-YA-MEH, this name has a beautiful sound. And, of course, it’s a Japanese flower name for girls, ayame means “iris,” referring to the purple flower.

72. Hanae. Pronounced HA-NA-EH, this cute floral name combines hana, meaning “flower,” and e, meaning “picture,” “favor,” or “benefit.”

73. Hanako. The Japanese word hana means “flower,” and since ko means “child,” you have yourself an adorable flower child with this name! Hanako is pronounced HA-NA-KO.

74. Hinata. A unisex name, Hinata means “sunny place,” “toward the sun,” or, simply, “sunflower.” You might consider this Japanese name for a baby girl born in the summer! You can pronounce Hinata HEE-NA-TA.

75. Karen. Very similar to the classic American girl’s name, this Japanese moniker comes with the meaning “flower” and “lotus” or “water lily.” But unlike the English name Karen, the Japanese version is pronounced KA-REHN, putting a very pretty spin on it.

76. Kiku. Pronounced KyEE-KOO, this adorable name simply means “chrysanthemum,” referring to the flower.

77. Mio. Another cute-sounding name, Mio, pronounced MEE-OH, combines kanji to create the meaning “beautiful cherry blossom.”

78. Misaki. If you want a beautiful Japanese floral name for your little girl that's less specific than Mio, above, try Misaki, pronounced MEE-SA-KyEE. It means “beautiful blossom.”

79. Sakura. If you like the simple meaning “cherry blossom,” you can go with Sakura, pronounced SA-KOO-RA. If you were a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, the girl manga animated series in the late 1990s, you might recognize (and love) this name!

80. Sayuri. This Japanese flower name has the adorable meaning of “small lily.” It could be a cute option for a little girl whose mother’s name is Lily!

More Japanese Girl Names Meaning “Flower”

Yes, believe it or not, there are even more Japanese girl names meaning “flower”!

Japanese Girl Names Connected to Nature

Flowers aside, Japanese girl names are similar to Korean girl names in that many are connected to nature and the natural world. Besides the blooms above, you’ll find names with meanings relating to animals, seasons, weather, gemstones, and more. 91. Chōko. With this truly cute Japanese girls’ name, your little one could be a beautiful “butterfly child”! The name is pronounced CHO-KO.

92. Fuyuko. If your little lady is born in the winter months, you could consider the name Fuyuko, pronounced FOO-YOO-KO. It combines kanji to mean “winter child.”

93. Hibiki. For a Japanese girls’ name with a unique sound and meaning, Hibiki offers an excellent option. It’s pronounced KHEE-BEE-KyEE and means “sound” or “echo.”

94. Hoshi. Give your little star a name that means “star!” Hoshi, a singular kanji, is pronounced HO-SHEE.

95. Hotaru. If you’re looking for Japanese girl names that mean “fire,” we can get you halfway there with this name. It means “firefly” (which is cuter anyway, right?) and is pronounced HO-TA-ROO.

96. Kohaku. Pronounced KO-HA-KOO, this sweet name means “amber,” referring to the fossilized gemstone.

97. Natsuki. If you're thinking of unique Japanese girl names meaning “moon,” consider Natsuki, pronounced NA-TSOO-KyEE. When combined, this kanji means “summer moon,” which is ideal for a girl born in the summer.

98. Shinju. This pretty Japanese name simply means “pearl,” perfect for your little girl who’s as precious as a pearl! Shinju is pronounced SHEEN-JOO.

99. Sora. Short and sweet, Sora is a pretty Japanese name for girls that means “sky” and is pronounced SO-RA.

100. Suzume. This uncommon Japanese girls’ name simply means “sparrow,” referring to the sweet little bird, and is pronounced SOO-ZOO-MEH.

More Japanese Girl Names Connected to Nature

With meanings like “summer child,” “forest child,” and “wings,” we had to include these adorable nature baby names!

Japanese Girl Names Meaning “Beautiful”

Your beautiful little girl might need an equally beautiful name. There are many Japanese names for girls that have kanji meaning “beautiful,” so you can get straight to the point! 111. Aimi. If you’re looking for a truly beautiful Japanese girls’ name meaning “love,” this has got to be it! Pronounced A-EE-MEE, the name combines ai, meaning “love, affection,” with mi, meaning “beautiful.” A perfect moniker for your beautiful little love!

112. Akemi. Pretty and cute, the Japanese girls’ name Akemi, pronounced A-KEH-MEE, means “beautiful” and “bright.”

113. Hitomi. This name typically uses the simplified hiragana system and means “beautiful history.” You can pronounce it HEE-TO-MEE and write it ひとみ.

114. Kumiko. Kumiko, pronounced KOO-MEE-KO, might be the ideal Japanese name for a baby girl. Its kanji mean “long time” (ku), “beautiful” (mi), and “child” (ko). So, you have a forever beautiful child!

115. Michiko. Meaning “beautiful,” “wise,” and “child” in Japanese, this name may just be the best choice for your little girl. Plus, it has the cute pronunciation of MEE-CHEE-KO.

116. Mika. Pronounced MEE-KA, this pretty name combines mi, meaning “beautiful,” with ka, meaning “fragrance.”

117. Miu. This short baby name has an adorable sound and meaning. Miu is pronounced MEE-OO and means “beautiful” and “feather.”

118. Nanami. If you have a big family and want a beautiful Japanese name for girls, you might like Nanami, pronounced NA-NA-MEE. Nana means “seven” and mi can mean “beautiful,” so it’s perfect for your seventh child or the seventh girl in your extended family!

119. Satomi. Give your daughter a big compliment with this name, as sato means “intelligent, clever, bright” and, when combined, mi means “beautiful.” The name is pronounced SA-TO-MEE.

120. Yumi. The name Yumi (pronounced YOO-MEE) combines two kanji that have lots of potential interpretations. But if you want to choose a beautiful Japanese name for girls, you could go with the meaning “beautiful friend.”

More Japanese Girl Names Meaning “Beautiful”

Keep reading for even more beautiful Japanese names for girls, including those that might melt your heart, like Miho, which means “beautiful” and “protect.”

Japanese Girl Names With Strong Meanings

Give your girl a sense of power and strength by choosing a Japanese name with a strong meaning. The options certainly convey power, yet they still sound beautiful! 131. Ayane. For a name with a unique meaning, try Ayane, pronounced A-YA-NEH. In Japanese, aya means “color,” “design,” and “brilliant kimono design,” and ne means “sound.” Since the kimono is such an important traditional garment, this is certainly a meaningful and strong name.

132. Chiyo. Though a simple name, Chiyo has quite a powerful meaning. Pronounced CHEE-YO, this Japanese girls’ name means “thousand,” “generation,” and “world.”

133. Hiroko. This cute Japanese name for girls is perfect for your little baby! Hiro can mean “tolerant, generous,” “abundant,” or “prosperous” and, of course, ko means “child.” It’s pronounced HEE-RO-KO.

134. Masako. By now, you’ve probably memorized that ko means “child,” so you know a name ending in ko is going to be cute! Masa can mean “elegant, “graceful,” “right,” or “proper,” so you have a graceful or proper little one! If you’re looking for royal baby names, consider Masako (pronounced MO-SA-KO), the name of the current empress consort of Japan.

135. Miku. There’s a lot to love about the Japanese girls’ name Miku, pronounced MEE-KOO. Mi means “beautiful” and, when combined, ku means “sky” or “long time.” But as a traditional nanori reading, Miku has a non-standard blend of kanji and means “future.”

136. Shinobu. Although it’s a long baby name, Shinobu is a just one single kanji, so this cool Japanese girl’s name means “patience, endurance.” It’s pronounced SHEE-NO-BOO.

137. Tomoko. The name Tomoko, pronounced TO-MO-KO, is a powerful choice. Tomo can mean “wisdom, intellect,” and ko means “child,” so you’re setting up your little one for a great future!

138. Tsukiko. For a Japanese girls’ name meaning “moon,” you have the moniker Tsukiko, pronounced TSOO-KyEE-KO. And since ko means “child,” you have a powerful little “moon child.”

139. Ume. Pronounced OO-MEH, this name simply means “Japanese apricot, plum,” referring to the species Prunus mume. Though it might not appear powerful at first, in Japanese culture, the ume blossom is thought to be a talisman to ward against evil.

140. Yoshi. As a singular kanji, the name Yoshi (pronounced YO-SHEE) is a unisex name with several potential meanings. For a strong Japanese girls’ name, you could choose “good luck,” “righteous,” or “virtuous.”

More Japanese Girl Names With Strong Meanings

Keep the power going with even more strong Japanese girl names!

Even More Japanese Female Names

With so many Japanese girl names on this list, perhaps you’ve already found a winner. If you’re still on the hunt, we’ve included even more options to help you find the perfect moniker.

The Bottom Line

Have you found a delightful Japanese name on this list that’s just the right fit for your baby girl? We hope so! Naming your baby is a big decision and not always an easy task, but it sure is a memorable one. Enjoy the process and go with your instincts. If you need a little more inspiration, check out our list of Asian girl names or use our baby name generator!

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