15 Reasons I’m Thankful to My Kids For Making Me a Mom


Before becoming a mom, I honestly hadn’t given much thought to having kids. I had my fair share of babysitting experience as a teen and I shared in the excitement when both my older sisters had their kids. I loved babies and children, at times I found it easier to bond with them over adults. They were easier to understand because their needs were simple: feed me, clothe me, clean me, play with me, love me! Yet, I never truly envisioned myself as a mom.

Of course my future children were not about to wait for me to catch up and realize how awesome being a mom would be, because less than a year after I was married...boom! Welcome to motherhood! It was such an emotional time. Happiness and fear all rolled up into a huge ball in my belly. Speaking of bellies, mine was growing so fast that my thoughts and emotions could barely catch up. Before I knew it, I was preparing for the greatest adventure of all time. In fact, if it wasn’t for my two little rascals, my life would have certainly been less exciting.


There are so many reasons I am forever thankful to my kids for making me a mom and here are just some I’d love to share:

  1. It will be okay. No matter how many times I feel like I’ve messed up or that I’m the worst mom ever, they are there to tell me it’s okay. In their eyes, I rock.

  2. Permission to be as silly as possible. Yes, let’s talk rocking out. I can act silly, which means singing AND dancing in the car with no judgement...okay, maybe a side-eye from the 9-year-old but otherwise it’s all good times!

  3. Newfound cooking skills. Had my kids not come along, I may have never learned how to cook, it would have been fast food city for life. Not to mention when I make spaghetti and meatballs or pancakes they are in awe of my basic abilities. What’s that special ingredient mommy? Love.

  4. Cool as a cucumber. I learned how to handle emergencies with a calmness and poise I never knew I had in me. When my kid broke his wrist on the monkey bars it also broke my heart. But there was no time to panic or react without thinking things through. So, as I juggled comforting my child, getting him to the doctor, taking notes, emailing his baseball coach that he wouldn’t make that day’s game, all with a very pregnant belly in tow, I took care of business mom-style.

  5. I will speak up. Because of them I have a stronger voice so I can advocate for them always. This is when having a big mouth and strong opinions work to my advantage. You do not want to mess with this mama bear.

  6. Stronger relationships. It brought their dad and me closer, making us an even stronger team which I definitely needed during the terrible two’s. When your partner is in the thick of parenting things with you, you’ll appreciate each other that much more. Who else is going to give you that knowing glance when your kid hits his teens full force, with eye-rolling and all? I got your back honey.

  7. Instant pick me up. I am grateful that when I think I’m at my lowest or just having a bad day, their sweet smiles, hugs, or a “mommy I love you” can just pull me right out of it.

  8. Keeping me a child at heart. I’m a big kid at heart so being able to share in the fun with my kids makes it extra special. That means I have every intention of playing with all their toys, listening to their kid music or reading their favorite books a million times because I secretly love it all!

I Am Thankful For My Child Because

  1. I’ve become fearless. My kids have helped me get over many fears; mine and theirs. From learning to ride a bike to swimming and first day of school jitters we conquered it all together. They might have to hold my hand more times than I did theirs but who’s counting?

  2. Appreciation for myself. They made me appreciate my own unique quirks and qualities. So what if I need a million napkins when I eat or need my blanket to be just right before going to bed...my kids not only see my quirks and still adore me, they also may have picked up some of them, making my children even more endearing to me.

  3. It’s a lesson in humility. I am not always smarter than a 5th grader or any grader for that matter. There is nothing like being put in your place when you’re trying to figure out the remote control for over an hour and your child waltzes up, clicks one thing and fixes it.

  4. Appreciate the small things. My kids give me every excuse to bake my way through the holidays and stuff myself silly with all the yummy goodies. Then when all is said and done, they look at my beautifully round middle and lovingly squish it, while telling me, “You have a fun belly. It’s so jiggly!”

  5. Always there for a good laugh. Which brings us to humor. I have some serious comedians in my household. Whether it’s the endless quotes or one-liners they throw my way or when they bust out those silly faces, jokes and even those pull my finger tactics, I can’t help but chuckle.

  6. They push me. All day every day, they know my buttons. But some days pushing means I have to dig deeper at being more kind and patient with them or on another day it may mean they are pushing me to want to be a better person, to make changes for a world I would be happy and proud for them to live in.

  7. Motherhood is beautiful. They open my eyes and heart every day to the beauty that is motherhood. Through the good and bad, I’m just thankful to be their mom.

This Mother’s Day, I reflect on all of these wonderful reasons I am thankful for my children for giving me a reason to celebrate this day. Happy Mother’s Day to all of my fellow moms.

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