The best swaddle blankets for 2020

Swaddling is often recommended for newborns to help them feel warm and secure as they sleep. There are a number of different kinds of swaddles available, ranging from the traditional swaddle blanket to wearable blankets or sleeping sacks.

Read on to find out what types of swaddles are on the market, and what features to look for when buying one. Then check out the top nine swaddle blankets as chosen by Pampers Parents.

More than 7,500 Pampers Parents voted to help you decide which swaddles are the best for you and your little one. Read the product reviews here, including some potential pros and cons of each, before you buy.

Why You Might Like to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

Not only does a swaddle help keep your baby warm while sleeping, it also provides your newborn with a sense of security. That’s because a blanket that’s snugly wrapped around your baby can create an environment that’s similar to the womb. When done correctly, swaddling can help calm your infant and promote sleep.

Although a swaddle is great to use in the first couple of months, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends you stop swaddling once your baby hits 2 months old, before the time when she may start being able to roll over.

Types of Swaddles

Here are three common types of swaddles:

  • Swaddle blanket. Just like it sounds, this is a thin blanket, also known as a receiving blanket, that you fold using a swaddling technique, which very much resembles an envelope. This is the most traditional type of swaddle and you might see it used in hospital nurseries. Your baby’s arms are wrapped inside the swaddle.

  • Sleeping sack/wearable blanket. This version is like a cross between a jumpsuit and a potato sack for your baby with a zipper and sometimes “wings” that fold over your baby, attaching with hook and loop fasteners. You can choose to tuck your baby’s arms in or leave them exposed.

  • Swaddle wrap. This kind of swaddle is similar to the blanket in that you basically wrap your baby up like a burrito. The only difference is that a swaddle wrap has hook and loop fasteners to prevent the swaddle from coming undone. Some versions also give you the choice of either leaving your baby’s arms in or out.

The type of swaddle you and your baby prefer is a personal choice. You may wish to try one or two to find out which one your baby sleeps comfortably in, and which one you find easiest to use. Read up on how to swaddle your baby.

9 Best Swaddles for More Comfortable Sleep

Here are the nine best swaddles in ranked order as voted by thousands of Pampers Parents. Find your favorite among these top picks.

1. aden+ Anais Harry Potter Baby Swaddle Blankets

Why pick this one? Pampers Parents chose this traditional swaddling blanket set as their favorite. The 100 percent cotton muslin fabric is thin, breathable, and durable enough to withstand lots of laundering.

This product comes as a pack of three swaddle blankets. Each of the three blankets measures 47 inches square, so you’ve got plenty of fabric to wrap your newborn in. The blankets can also double as nursing covers, burp cloths, tummy time blankets, stroller covers, or changing pads, so you’ll be able to get lots of use out of this product.

A traditional swaddle blanket, like this one, might not work well for every baby, as it can be easy to wriggle out of. Some Pampers Parents preferred swaddle wraps that had hook and loop fasteners for the added security.

Highlights: The prewashed blankets are nice and soft, and with each additional wash they’ll get even softer.

Price*: about $59.95 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: The material is soft, the blanket is very versatile, and it can fit babies of different sizes.

  • Cons: It’s quite expensive.

2. Halo SleepSack Swaddle

Why pick this one? Made of 100 percent cotton, the Halo SleepSack can be configured in 4 different ways: with your baby’s arms in, the arms placed hands-to-face, one arm out, or both arms out.

With this product, you don’t have to worry about getting your swaddling technique down. Instead you can simply use the zipper and the two “wings,” which you attach using hook and loop fasteners, to secure your little one with ease. The front of the sack includes a sweet embroidered reminder that “back is best” to help you remember to always lay your baby down on his back for sleep.

Pampers Parents noted that when laundering, you should make sure to attach the “wings” so that the hook and loop fasteners don’t get stuck on other items in the wash.

Highlights: The sleeping sack features an inverted zipper, which means the zipper opens from the bottom first. This way you can open up the sack easily for a diaper change without having to “unswaddle” your baby. The swaddle is also available in a large array of colors.

Price*: about $21.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It’s easy to put on, and your baby can’t undo the swaddle.

  • Cons: The hook and loop fasteners can be loud, which can startle your baby if she’s sleepy.

3. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

Why pick this one? This wrap-style swaddle uses hook and loop fastener tabs to secure your baby like a little burrito in order to mimic the feeling of the womb. The wrap “wings” have the hook and loop fasteners on the tabs, and are easy to adjust to the fit of your baby.

The swaddle wrap features harness slits, in case you want to swaddle your baby for a ride in the car seat using the car seat’s five-point harness. You can check with your baby’s healthcare provider to make sure this is safe.

This swaddle also features a flap so that you can more easily open the leg pouch for diaper changes.

Highlights: This is a three pack, so you are getting better value. Plus, each pack includes three different yet complementary designs.

Price*: about $34.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It’s adjustable and easy to use, and even if your little one is a mini Houdini, the swaddle stays put.

  • Cons: It would be nice if there were more sizes available for preemies and larger babies.

4. Love to Dream Swaddle UP

Why pick this one? The Love to Dream sleep sack-style swaddle allows your baby to sleep in the arms-up position. The manufacturer claims this design can allow babies to self-soothe more easily, as they can freely move their arms inside the sack. Many Pampers Parents noted that this was a key reason for preferring this product.

It's worth knowing that the cotton elastane blend fabric doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or flame retardants.

The swaddle is easy to use because all you do is insert your baby and zip it up. The zipper works both ways, which means you can also unzip the swaddle from the bottom for a quick diaper change without having to entirely remove your baby from the comfort of his swaddle.

Although Pampers Parents found this sleeping sack to be on the pricier side, they commented that the ease of use makes up for the higher price.

Highlights: This swaddle is available in three sizes: newborn (5 to 8.5 pounds), small (8 to 13 pounds), and medium (13 to 19 pounds); and three colors: blue, pink, and gray. The manufacturer also offers this sleeping sack other fabric options that you might like.

Price*: about $29.95 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: This swaddle doesn’t constrict your baby’s arms, and the zipper makes it easy to use

  • Cons: There could be more fabric and color options, and a larger size for bigger babies

5. HALO SleepSack Plush Dot Velboa Swaddle

Why pick this one? This sleeping sack from Halo allows you to swaddle your baby with her arms swaddled in or her arms completely out of the sack, whichever is more comfortable for her. The sack is designed with a large roomy bottom to give your baby ample space for proper hip development, and room to kick.

The inverted zipper at the bottom can be unzipped for when you need to do a quick diaper change.

For a cute reminder to always have your baby sleep on her back, the SleepSack features an embroidered “back is best” on the chest.

Highlights: The swaddle is available in two sizes: newborn (6 to 12 pounds), and small (13 to 18 pounds).

Price*: about $21.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: You’ll love that this sleeping sack is plush and warm.

  • Cons: The hook and loop fasteners can be loud when opening them.

6. BreathableBaby Adjustable 3-in-1 Soft Premium Cotton Swaddle

Why pick this one? Just as the name suggests, the BreathableBaby swaddle is made of a breathable cotton and spandex blend, which allows for a snug yet stretchy fit that can adjust to your baby. It offers extra-wide legroom to accommodate your baby’s proper hip development.

The best part may be that it offers multiple positions: You can swaddle your baby with arms down, arms up, or arms out. The swaddle also features a bottom flap so you can change your baby’s diaper without removing her from the swaddle and without the noise of a zipper or hook and loop fasteners.

Highlights: The swaddle is available in various colors, as well as in a two-pack.

Price*: about $21.00 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: The swaddle is snug yet comfortable for your baby, while being difficult for her to undo.

  • Cons: It could come in more colors and sizes.

7. SwaddleMe Pod

Why pick this one? Made of a cotton and spandex blend, the SwaddleMe Pod sleeping sack is soft, comfortable, and stretchy so it can move with your baby. With this product you get two sleeping sacks.

The zipper works in both directions, so you can unzip from the bottom in case you need to change your baby’s diaper.

This sleeping sack does not have the “wings” of some of the other sacks. Some Pampers Parents noted they preferred not having the wings, because with this version all you do is place your baby in the sack and zip it up.

Highlights: The manufacturer claims its product is sized for preemies and smaller babies. The age range for this product is 0 to 2 months, and from 5 to 12 pounds and up to 26 inches long.

Price*: about $12.59 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: Those who prefer not having hook and loop fasteners will appreciate this sleeping sack.

  • Cons: It could be available in more colors and sizes.

8. Ergobaby Swaddle Wrap

Why pick this one? The Ergobaby swaddle features a unique “escape-proof” design. Each “wing” features a pocket in which you tuck your baby’s arms so they stay in a “hand-to-heart” position. There’s even a hip positioner to ensure your baby’s hips are in the proper position. These two features, with the help of hook and loop fasteners, prevent the swaddle from coming undone and help keep your baby comfortable.

For quick diaper changes, simply remove the leg pouch to access your baby’s diaper without undoing the entire swaddle.

The fabric is ultra-soft and breathable cotton. But, if you find your baby’s too warm, you can remove the leg pouch.

Highlights: It’s available in a wide variety of colors and cute designs like sheep, moons, stars, elephants, and more — all of which Pampers Parents loved.

Price*: about $19.98 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It’s durable and comfortable for your baby.

  • Cons: It could be available in larger sizes.

9. Happiest Baby Sleepea Swaddle

Why pick this one? The manufacturer of the Sleepea Swaddle claims it only takes five minutes to swaddle your baby using this product. Some Pampers Parents felt it was so easy to swaddle with this product that you didn’t even need to use both your hands. Of course, it’s safest to keep both hands on your baby when swaddling, no matter how easy the swaddle is to use.

A unique feature of the Sleepea is an inner band that keeps your baby’s arms by her side, preventing her from wriggling out of it. The swaddle is made from breathable organic cotton with open mesh panels to help keep your baby from overheating. This is a feature that many Pampers Parents liked for the summer months.

This sleeping sack features a zipper that works in either direction, so you can do a diaper change without removing your baby. The hook and loop fasteners are extra quiet, so you can avoid disturbing your baby if she’s dozing off.

Highlights: This swaddle is available in small (5 to 12 pounds), medium (12 to 18 pounds), and large sizes (18 to 26 pounds) as well as 4 colors (pink, blue, gray, and teal).

Price*: about $25.95 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It’s easy to use and the mesh makes it very breathable.

  • Cons: It’s quite expensive.

What Features to Look for in a Swaddle

A swaddle blanket may not have as many features and options to consider as, say, a car seat or a stroller but there are still some important things to think about.

Based on the comments of Pampers Parents, these are the features to look for when it comes to buying a swaddle blanket, sleeping sack, or swaddle wrap:

  • Safety. The swaddle should be difficult or nearly impossible for your baby to get out of. It’s also a good idea to check that the swaddle is approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and hasn’t been recalled.

  • Blanket, wrap, or sack. These are some common styles to choose from: the traditional swaddle blanket, swaddle wrap, and sleeping sack. Read more about the types of swaddles. Some Pampers Parents noted that their babies squirmed in the type of swaddle that constricted their arms to the side. If you’re not sure which type you or your baby would prefer, consider going for one of the swaddles that lets you choose whether you wrap the arms or leave them free.

  • Ease of use. It’s important to choose a swaddle that is easy to get your baby in and out of, and that allows for quick diaper changes without having to remove your baby entirely.

  • Fabric quality and breathability. Look for swaddles that are made from mostly cotton, which is breathable and less likely to cause your baby to become too hot. Most of the swaddles on this list are made from a lightweight cotton blend that can help keep your baby from overheating while being soft against your baby’s delicate skin.

  • Price. Some swaddles are more expensive than others, often due to features they offer like hook and loop fasteners, zippers, fold-over “wings,” and more. You’ll want to take this into consideration when determining your budget. Some swaddles are sold in packs of two or three, which may be better value, and can come in handy if one happens to be soiled. The swaddles on our list range from about $12.59 to $59.95 (for a pack of 3). How many swaddles you buy is up to you, but having a few may be convenient so that you have another on hand while one is in the wash, for example.

  • Size. Not every swaddle is available in a wide range of sizes, so take a look at some of the weight and size ranges before purchasing to ensure that it will fit your baby. As your baby grows you may have to go up a size up, which means you might have to switch to a different swaddle brand or buy a bigger size if the one you use doesn’t fit anymore. Some Pampers Parents were concerned their babies would outgrow the swaddles too soon, so double check the size before buying. A large swaddle blanket may be more likely to grow with your little one.

  • Design. Some swaddles on our list are only available in simple pastel colors, whereas others come in a wide array of colors and patterns, including themes that can coordinate well with your baby’s nursery, like elephants, sheep, or stars. Some Pampers Parents noted that this was an important factor in their decision.

Now that you know the benefits of swaddling and the best blankets on the market, according to Pampers Parents, you can make a much more well-informed decision when buying the right one for your newborn.

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Recall Notice

Before buying a product, always check that it’s approved and hasn’t been recalled on sites like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

*Prices are correct at the time of writing.

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