The Best Strollers for Your Baby

Whenever you leave home with your baby—whether to run errands or take a trip to the park—a baby stroller is essential. The best strollers are those that you can rely on and offer needed features that make your life easier. To help you choose the best baby stroller that suits your lifestyle and needs, check out the advice from over 16,000 Pampers Parents who voted for their favorites.

Types of Baby Strollers: Double, Jogging, Umbrella, and More

Before you get started, it helps to learn about your options. There are six common types of strollers, and each one serves a purpose. When deciding what’s best for you and your baby, consider the following stroller categories:

  • Travel system strollers. The best travel system strollers are 3-in-1 styles with an infant car seat, a car seat base, and a stroller. You can move the car seat portion from the car seat base to the stroller, and vice versa. This feature makes the stroller a good choice for travel, as the name suggests. A travel system stroller usually costs more than other models, but this style is multifunctional and grows with your baby. Once your little one outgrows the infant car seat, you can continue to use the stroller for years to come.

  • Jogging strollers. These strollers are generally three-wheeled with a single front wheel and two in the back. They have a hand brake as well as a foot-operated brake for easy speed control, which comes in handy when you’re out jogging. If you’re a parent of multiples, you can opt for double or triple jogging strollers, which can be good choices for twins, triplets, or large families.

  • Lightweight umbrella strollers. Umbrella strollers are best for babies older than 6 months who can sit up on their own. These strollers are ideal for traveling because they fold easily and are super lightweight. The umbrella offers protection from the wind and sun, and you can get double or triple versions of these strollers for multiples.

  • Full-sized strollers. These strollers are adjustable and grow with your baby, from the newborn stage up until your little one no longer needs a stroller! They’re heavy, so if you take public transportation or need easy portability, these aren’t the best option. However, the excess weight typically means better durability, so they can be a good long-term investment.

  • Car seat carrier strollers. This type of stroller is a simple frame that carries your baby’s car seat. Stroller frames are usually lightweight and cheap, but make sure they’re compatible with your preferred baby car seat.

  • Double strollers. For multiples, double or triple strollers are a lifesaver! You can choose from two styles: tandem models where your babies sit behind or in front of the other, or side-by-side models, your little ones sit next to one another. Double strollers are convenient if you have twins or if you have two young children. And, of course, triple strollers are great for triplets or large families!

Among these different types of strollers on the market, Pampers Parents prefer travel system strollers, jogging strollers, and lightweight umbrella strollers, and you’ll find their favorites on our list below. But first, read on to learn more about what to consider when purchasing your baby’s stroller.

What to Consider When Buying a Stroller

Before we reveal the best baby strollers as selected by Pampers Parents, we’ve provided a list of things to consider when choosing a stroller. The following questions regarding safety and use will help you pick the right stroller for you and your baby.

Stroller Safety

Your baby’s safety is, of course, what’s most important. Luckily, strollers are designed and monitored for safety to ensure that your little one is well supported while you’re out and about. When perusing strollers, ask yourself the following questions regarding safety:

  • Does the stroller meet federal safety standards? Strollers sold in the United States must meet specific safety standards. Look for a sticker on the stroller or its packaging declaring the manufacturer participates in the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association’s (JPMA) certification program.

  • Are you using a double stroller safely? If you purchase a side-by-side model double stroller, make sure there’s only one footrest that goes across the entire front of the stroller. If the footrests are separated, your little one’s foot could get stuck.

  • Is the stroller right for your baby’s age and size? Until your baby is around 6 months old and can control their neck and head, make sure your stroller can fully recline to give your little one the support they need. Check the manufacturer’s height and weight limits to ensure your baby will be safely supported in the stroller.

  • Are the brakes easy to control? Ideally, the brakes won’t work merely by putting pressure on the tires. Rather, they should also have some kind of mechanism integrated into the wheel itself that stops the wheel from rolling. Either way, make sure the brakes are easy to engage.

  • How easy is it to adjust the seat? Practice adjusting the backrest or fastening and unfastening the harness to ensure it’s reasonably simple.

  • Does your baby have special needs? If your baby has special needs or health concerns, you might need a stroller that can carry equipment like an oxygen tank or cardiac monitor. Ask your baby’s healthcare provider for suggestions. You might also get suggestions from other parents who have babies with similar health concerns as yours.

  • Is the handle height right for you? The handlebars should be at your waist level or a little lower. Make sure the height is right for you and your partner, or that the height is adjustable. If you’re interested in a particular stroller, you might want to take it for a test run; if you’re buying online, see if you can find a floor model in a local retailer before you purchase.

Stroller Lifestyle

In addition to thinking about safety, you’ll want to consider your personal lifestyle to get the most out of your baby stroller. Maybe you have a set budget or need a stroller that’s portable, or perhaps you have a small car or go for daily walks in the park. All the questions below will help you choose the type of baby stroller that will work best for you:

  • Will the stroller fit in your car? If you have a car, make sure your stroller will fold compactly enough to fit. Likewise, if you need to carry the stroller around when not

    in use, consider a lightweight stroller that folds into a compact shape.

  • Will you use the stroller more often on smooth or rough terrain? Some strollers are built for “all-terrain” usage, like grassy trails or gravel pathways, while other strollers are more suited for use on smoother surfaces like sidewalks.

  • Does the stroller have the storage space you need? You might like to pack a lot of gear in your stroller such as a diaper bag along with your handbag. Also, consider how easy it is to access that storage space.

  • Does it have the added features you want? We’re talking things like cup holders, built-in speakers that connect to a mobile device, or special clips for your cell phone. Check out what features are available and decide what’s important to you.

  • Is it easy to clean? Many strollers require just a quick wipe down with warm, soapy water, but some have removable padding that’s machine washable. If the stroller has too many nooks and crannies, it might be hard to clean.

  • Is it easy to maneuver? When your stroller is weighed down by your baby and heavy things like a diaper bag or purse, make sure it’s still easy to push and maneuver. You should also be able to push the stroller in a straight line with only a single hand.

  • How easy is it to fold and unfold the stroller? Some strollers require one hand and others require two to open and close. Both methods can be simple, but make sure the stroller you

    buy is easy for you to manage.

  • Is the price right? Strollers aren’t cheap, and some can be quite expensive, but a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better stroller or a stroller that will meet all of your needs.

After considering the questions above, you’ll have a better idea of what stroller works best for you and your family. Now, let’s dive into the top-rated baby strollers as voted by our Pampers Parents!

Best Travel System Strollers

Travel system strollers were the most popular among our Pampers Parents. Our community loves how these 3-in-1 strollers can easily convert and change with your growing baby. They usually come with an infant car seat carrier, a car seat base, and a stroller that holds the infant car seat before it turns into a big-kid size for toddlers.

1. Graco Modes Travel System

Why pick this one? This 3-in-1 stroller was the top-voted stroller overall. You can use it in many different ways, including as an infant car seat carrier, a reclining baby stroller (which can be either back- or forward-facing), and a toddler stroller that can hold big and growing kids until they reach 50 pounds.

This stroller has options for both a three- and five-point harness to suit your growing baby. It has a tray for you and two deep cup holders. It also has a tray for your little one and removable armrests that makes it easier to get your baby in and out.

Be aware that a few Pampers Parents mentioned that this stroller isn’t great for bumpy terrain and works better on smooth surfaces like a sidewalk.

Highlights: With multiple recline positions and leg rest adjustments, this Graco stroller can be set to 10 unique configurations.

Price*: about $255.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Why pick this one? This travel system stroller comes with an infant car seat carrier and base and can be converted to a stroller as your baby grows into toddlerhood. The backrest reclines into multiple positions to create a comfortable space for your little one.

This stroller comes with a large, adjustable canopy for shade and has full-suspension wheels and front swivel to support a smooth ride. However, some Pampers Parents noted that they had trouble with the wheels getting stuck from time to time.

This travel system stroller has a linked brake system for the back wheels that you can easily engage with a tap of your foot.

You can adjust the padded handle to one of three heights for your comfort. The handle also doubles as a carrying handle for when you fold the stroller down for storage or transportation.

Highlights: This stroller is easy to fold down with one hand. As you're folding it down, the front wheels simultaneously rotate inward for easier handling.

Price*: about $399.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

3. UPPAbaby Vista

Why pick this one? Although more expensive than the others on this list, the UPPAbaby 3-in-1 travel stroller (with a car seat included) was the third favorite among our Pampers Parents. You can use it as a newborn bassinet carrier stroller to start with; then, as your baby grows bigger, you can use it as a back- or front-facing stroller. It’s compatible with all UPPAbaby MESA infant car seats.

The mattress pad in the bassinet is ventilated for better breathability, and the stroller folds in just one easy step. The stroller also comes with both a rain and bug shield. It’s got a large basket for storage, and you might like its full-grain leather details for a luxury look.

Highlights: With compatible components and adapters, this stroller can be configured to hold up to three children. This could be one of the best double or triple strollers for twins, triplets, or bigger families.

Price*: about $929.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

4. Britax B-Free & Endeavours Travel System

Why pick this one? This 3-in-1 travel system stroller includes an infant car seat, a car seat base, and a toddler stroller. You’ll also receive adapters that allow you to securely lock the car seat into place when you transfer it to the stroller. You can use the stroller's car seat in the rear-facing position to start, then adjust it to forward-facing after your baby outgrows the infant seat.

This three-wheeled stroller has large, durable wheels made with solid rubber, so you don’t have to worry about them going flat. The back and front wheels are all lockable, and the handlebar adjusts to suit your height. Plus, there’s a large, expandable canopy to keep your baby shaded.

A few Pampers Parents noted that they had some trouble with the front wheel becoming wobbly after a few months of normal usage.

Highlights: This stroller has several zippered and open storage options for tucking away essentials.

Price*: about $429.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

5. Doona Infant Car Seat & LATCH Base

Why pick this one? This stroller is really a car seat with integrated wheels. It comes with a LATCH base that remains in your vehicle, so you can easily move the seat from the car and, with the click of a button, unfold the wheels so that it becomes a stroller. If needed, you can install it in your vehicle without using the LATCH base.

This stroller has a one-touch brake that you can engage with the tap of your foot. Other features include a five-point harness, an adjustable handlebar height, and an air travel certification.

Keep in mind that because it’s an infant seat stroller, you’ll have to purchase another stroller as your baby reaches the maximum size limit of this product.

Highlights: The seat has removable and washable fabric.

Price*: about $550.00 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

Best Jogging Strollers

If you’re a runner, you can continue your fitness routine and take your little one with you when you have a sturdy jogging stroller. Read on to find out which models Pampers Parents voted for as the best jogging strollers.

1. Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel Stroller

Why pick this one? This is the best jogger stroller option according to Pampers Parents, as it’s a stroller with a car seat. The stroller itself offers a multi-position reclining seat and a removable tray with cup holders for your little one.

This stroller comes with a large, expandable shade canopy that has a peek-a-boo window so you can see your little one when you’re out on your walk or jog together. The harness can convert from a five-point to a three-point system.

There’s a large tray for you with a smartphone cradle and two cup holders. The stroller has a covered storage compartment as well as an extra-large open storage basket. It has a one-hand folding mechanism and is self-standing when folded.

Be aware that several Pampers Parents mentioned that this stroller is quite bulky and doesn’t stay folded well.

Highlights: You can lock the front wheel on this stroller into a fixed position for jogging mode and unlock it for a swiveling strolling mode.

Price*: about $269.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

2. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Why pick this one? This three-wheeled jogging stroller has large, bicycle-style tires for smoother rolling on most surfaces. The front wheel swivels for easier maneuvering on slower strolls, and it locks into place for jogging.

Other features include a padded reclining seat, five-point harness, large shade canopy, storage basket, and trays with cup holders for both you and your little one. This stroller is compatible with Baby Trend infant car seats if you’d like to create a complete travel system.

Keep in mind that some Pampers Parents said the front wheel had to be adjusted from time to time, as it became loose and created a bumpy ride for their little one.

Highlights: The adjustable handle is extra wide and ergonomically shaped for your comfort and easier maneuverability.

Price*: about $129.99 to $330.50 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

3. Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller

Why pick this one? As one of the best-rated lightweight jogger strollers, this option has a very simple, one-handed folding mechanism. The large UVA protection canopy has a built-in peek-a-boo window, so you can see your little one. The adjustable seat back has a near flat recline, and the front wheel can lock into a fixed position for jogging, or you can leave it unlocked when you’re just strolling.

City GO infant car seat adapters are included (although, the infant car seat itself is not included), so you can make this jogger stroller a complete travel system stroller. If you’d like, you can buy separate components to customize it, including a tray for your little one or console tray for you.

Be aware that the handlebars on the City Mini 2 are not adjustable, so make sure the height works for you.

Highlights: Keep your little one extra comfy with a reclining seat and adjustable calf support.

Price*: about $279.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

4. Thule Glide 2.0 Performance Jogging Stroller

Why pick this one? This three-wheeled jogger stroller has a fixed, 16-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wheels for great performance. The handlebar is ergonomic and adjustable to suit your height, and the multi-position canopy has a magnetic peek-a-boo flap. Also, there are zippable side ventilation windows to help keep your little one comfortable.

The twist hand brake integrated into the handlebar gives you easy speed control, and there’s also a foot pedal brake. The suspension system in the wheels can give your baby a smoother ride, plus the seat reclines and there’s a large storage basket.

Several Pampers Parents noted that because this stroller has bigger wheels to make it an effective jogger stroller, it’s bulky and takes up a lot of storage space.

Highlights: This jogger stroller has a higher child weight limit than the other strollers that made it onto the Pampers Parents list, so you can use it longer and for big kids!

Price*: about $549.95 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

Best Lightweight Umbrella Strollers

Lightweight umbrella strollers are great if you’re often on the go or need a stroller that’s easy to manage when traveling with your baby. Pampers Parents voted for the following as the best lightweight strollers on the market.

1. Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller

Why pick this one? The seat on this lightweight umbrella stroller is reversible, so your little one can face you or face forward. The lightweight aluminum frame has a large seat with a six-position recline, infant head support, and a five-point safety harness.

The large shade canopy has a peek-a-boo window so you can see your little one when you’re going for a walk. This stroller includes a cup holder for you and a side storage pocket. The rear wheels lock with the tap of a foot pedal.

A few Pampers Parents said that when the seat is in the back-facing position (facing you), the small storage basket isn’t easy to access.

Highlights: The front swivel wheels can lock forward into a fixed position for easier strolling, which is especially convenient on different terrains such as cobblestone sidewalks or grass.

Price*: about $120.53 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

2. Graco NimbleLite Lightweight Stroller

Why pick this one? This is the lightest baby stroller on the Pamper Parents’ list, weighing in at only 12 pounds. Although sold separately, this stroller is compatible with any Graco car seat, so you can get the best of both worlds with a lightweight stroller creating an entire travel system.

There are two trays and cup holder sets, one for you and one for your child. The seat has multiple reclining positions. There’s also a large canopy with multiple positions and a peek-a-boo window, plus a roomy storage basket on the bottom. You get all you need without the weight!

Highlights: You can fold this lightweight umbrella stroller with just one move, so it’s easy to manage when you have your hands full.

Price*: about $85.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

3. Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Why pick this one? This stroller folds in one step and is made for travel. It’s easy to carry when you’re not using it, and there’s a large sun canopy and a rear hood for extra sun protection.

This stroller has a three-point harness and shock-absorbing front swivel wheels. There’s a lower storage basket and a cup holder for you, and the umbrella-style handles are padded for comfort and a better grip.

Some Pampers Parents said that although this stroller is great for smooth surfaces like sidewalks, it’s not great if you’re on dirt or grass.

Highlights: Built into the backrest is a roll-up panel that exposes mesh for better ventilation on hot days.

Price*: about $55.00 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

4. Pockit+ All City Compact Lightweight Stroller

Why pick this one? This stroller was made for anyone navigating the busy city! It’s lightweight and folds into a compact square shape, fitting perfectly into a stylish backpack accessory you can purchase separately.

The stroller has a five-point harness and large storage basket that can hold up to 11 pounds. The umbrella folds out into multiple positions and offers UPF50+ sun protection. You also have a multi-position seat, so you can recline it to suit your little one’s needs, and the stroller comes with adapters that work with any CYBEX infant car seat to create a 3-in-1 travel system.

Highlights: The stroller’s seat features a breathable mesh fabric to help keep your baby cool on hot city days.

Price*: about $299.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

Safety Tips When Using Your Baby’s New Stroller

Keeping your baby safe is of utmost importance, so once you find the stroller that’s right for your needs, consider these 10 stroller safety tips:

  1. Never leave your baby alone or unattended in the stroller.

  2. Make sure the stroller is securely locked in the open position before you put your baby in.

  3. Place heavier items only in the lower storage areas of the stroller. Never hang anything heavy (like a handbag or diaper bag) from stroller handles, as this can cause it to tip over.

  4. Each time you stop the stroller, engage the brakes and ensure your little one can’t reach the brakes release lever.

  5. When you’re folding and unfolding the stroller, make sure your baby isn’t close enough to get their fingers caught in any hinges.

  6. Also, make sure your little one can’t get their fingers caught in the stroller wheels.

  7. A five-point harness is the safest type of harness. It connects to the stroller in five places: over both shoulders, at each side of the hips, and between the legs. Secure your baby properly with the harness whenever using the stroller.

  8. If you attach toys to the stroller, make sure they’re securely fastened so your baby can’t pull them off.

  9. If the stroller has been in a hot car or out in the sun, check any plastic or metal parts to make sure they’re not too hot before placing your little one in the stroller.

  10. Don’t use a pillow or thick blanket as a pad in the stroller. If there’s extra space around your baby, use tightly rolled blankets to help keep your little one snug and secure.

The Bottom Line

As you have so many choices and countless features to consider when shopping for a stroller, we hope this list from our Pampers Parents helps you choose the best stroller for you and your baby. Whether you choose a travel system, umbrella, lightweight, jogging, and/or double stroller, knowing you have one of the best, safest, and most functional strollers on the market can give you peace of mind!

If you’re in the process of preparing for your little one’s arrival, consider adding one of these strollers to your baby shower registry. Don’t forget other essentials, like diapers and wipes! And earn rewards for all those future diaper changes by downloading the Pampers Club app.

Recall Notice

Before buying a product, always check that it’s approved and hasn’t been recalled on sites like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

*Prices are subject to change.