The 10 Best Double Strollers

When you’ve got two little ones, a double stroller can be handy for when you’re heading out together. To find out why double strollers are great, for tips on what to consider when buying one, and to discover which one might be best for your needs, read on.

Over 7,000 Pampers Parents voted for their favorite double strollers to help make choosing easier for you. In this list of top 10 double strollers, you can find detailed descriptions and pros and cons for each so you can make an informed choice.

What Kind of Double Stroller Should You Choose?

With two children to manage, you could of course go with two single strollers, but that would mean two adults need to be on every outing. That's why a double stroller can be a better idea if you have twins or two little ones who both need to be in a stroller when you go out.

The style of double stroller that's best for you depends on things like the weights of your children and the width of the doors or hallways your stroller needs to fit through.

  • Side-by-side. If you’ve got twins, a side-by-side double stroller will maneuver quite well, but if one child is much bigger than the other, a side-by-side model might be difficult to maneuver because the weight is not evenly distributed. In this case, a tandem model might be a better option.

  • Tandem. In tandem double strollers, one child sits in front of the other. Because the tandem style is long and narrow, it can fit through smaller doorways and spaces more easily than side-by-side double strollers, which can be quite wide. All of the tandem double strollers on our list are configurable in multiple ways. For example, you might configure your double stroller to have an infant car seat carrier in the back with a standard toddler seat in the front. Or you might configure it to be a “sit-and-stand” stroller where your younger child sits in the front and your older child stands on a back platform.

  • Jogging. Jogging double strollers are usually made with inflatable rubber tires like those on a bicycle and have a suspension system to make for smoother rides. These are great if you’re a runner who likes to take your little one with you. Jogging double strollers come in both side-by-side and tandem versions.

What to Consider When Buying a Double Stroller

These are some important things to think about when choosing the best double stroller for you and your little ones:

  • Does the stroller come with a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) sticker? Strollers sold in the US must meet specific federal safety standards and this sticker indicates that the manufacturer meets these requirements. The JPMA’s website also lists brands that participate in its certification program.

  • Is the footrest safe? The footrest on a side-by-side double stroller should go across the entire width of the stroller. If there’s a gap or separation in the middle of the stroller’s footrest, your little one’s foot could get stuck and injured.

  • Will it fit where I need to stroll? Remember that side-by-side double strollers are about twice as wide as single strollers, so they’re not always easy to squeeze through narrow doorways and hallways, or into elevators. An answer for this might be to go with a tandem model, but these aren’t as easy to get up over curbs.

  • How easy is the stroller to store? Check the measurements to make sure the stroller you’re considering will fold compactly enough to fit into the trunk of your car, and that it won’t be in the way when not in use at home.

  • Will you use the stroller on bumpy terrain? If you’ll be on grassy or rough paths regularly, consider strollers with “all-terrain” wheels and suspension like the BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller.

  • Is there enough storage space? If you’re carrying gear and essentials for two, you’ll probably need plenty of storage baskets or compartments. Check how much storage room the stroller offers and how easy it is to access.

  • Does it have the features you want? Some stroller manufacturers offer lots of add-on features like cup holders, trays, and cell phone holders. Consider what you need and check whether it already comes with the stroller or whether it can be purchased separately.

  • Is it reasonably easy to clean? Spills happen, so check the stroller seat fabric to make sure it’s easy enough to clean. Usually, a wipe down with warm, soapy water will do the trick, but some strollers offer removable, machine-washable seat pads. Keep in mind that when some strollers fold, the dirty wheels get the canopy dirty.

  • Is the handlebar height comfortable? Many strollers don’t have adjustable handlebars, so make sure the handlebar height will work for you and your partner. Handlebars at your waist level or a bit lower will probably be most comfortable.

  • Can you easily secure the brakes? Some strollers have a braking mechanism that’s integrated into the wheel itself whereas other strollers have brakes that work by putting pressure on the tires. Whatever the case, make sure you can easily and fully secure the brakes. Plus, make sure your little one can’t reach the brakes to release them.

  • Can the seats recline? Sometimes only one seat can be reclined. And if you think you’ll often be adjusting the seat, check to make sure adjusting the recline is reasonably simple. Keep in mind that on some side-by-side double strollers the seats can only be reclined together.

  • Is folding and unfolding the stroller a quick job? Whether it takes one or two hands to fold the stroller down, make sure the mechanism is easy to handle.

  • Do you have a baby with special needs? You might need to carry, for example, an oxygen tank or other medical monitoring equipment if one of your baby’s has special needs. For suggestions on a good double stroller that can accommodate your baby’s needs, talk to his healthcare provider or reach out to parents who have a baby with the same special needs as yours.

The Top 10 Double Strollers

The double strollers Pampers Parents voted for as their favorites include side-by-side, tandem, and jogging strollers. Ready to discover more about the best double strollers? Let’s get started!

1. 2017 UPPAbaby Vista

Why pick this one? Voted the number one double stroller, the 2017 UPPAbaby Vista is an investment, but with all the options and features it offers, we can certainly see why so many Pampers Parents voted for it!

This stroller can also be configured to hold three children if one child is old enough to safely stand on the back platform. It can also convert to hold up to two compatible infant car seats.

The 2017 UPPAbaby Vista stands upright when folded and has a one-step folding system. The UV 50+ sunshade canopy is extendable and this stroller comes with a rain and bug shield, too. The all-wheel suspension makes for a smooth ride, plus it has a storage basket that is easy to access and holds up to 30 pounds.

Be aware that this stroller comes with a baby bassinet and a toddler seat. If you need other seating configurations — such as two infant seats, a toddler seat plus and infant seat, or a standing platform along with a toddler seat and an infant seat — you will need to purchase additional components.

Highlights: This stroller has a leather-covered telescoping handle bar that can be adjusted to the perfect height for you or your partner.


Price*: about $929.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: There are so many different seat configurations and they click together seamlessly.

  • Cons: There isn’t a carry handle, so the stroller is difficult to handle when it’s folded.

2. Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller

Why pick this one? This tandem double stroller converts to different riding options for your children. The rear seat can be an infant car seat carrier, a standard toddler seat, a bench, or a standing platform. The front seat can be an infant car seat carrier or a standard toddler seat. Depending upon the seat style you choose, there are three- or five-point harness options.

This stroller has a one-hand folding system and stands on its own when folded. A few Pampers Parents mentioned that, although this stroller isn’t too difficult to fold down, it’s not very easy to open.

The front wheels swivel, are lockable, and have a suspension system for a smoother ride.

The stroller has an extra-large storage basket underneath, a removable child’s tray for the front seat, and a tray with a cup holder for you.

Highlights: Because of the multiple seating configuration options, this Ready2Grow stroller can be used for years.


Price*: about $194.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It’s easy to handle, not too heavy for a double stroller, and roomy.

  • Cons: It’s bulky when it’s folded and takes up a lot of storage space in the car

3. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Why pick this one? The seats on this double stroller can be configured to suit the needs of each of your little ones. For example, the rear seat on this tandem stroller is removable to convert to a standing platform for your child if you wish, and the front seat can be a toddler seat or an infant car seat carrier.

Each toddler seat can be reclined to keep your little ones comfortable. The seats are easy to wipe clean with warm, soapy water.

The two shade canopies are extendable and removable. For storage, this stroller has a large lower basket. Keep in mind that the bottom storage basket area may be difficult to access because of the standing platform.

There are toe-tap breaks on the rear wheels.

Highlights: This stroller has removable child trays with cup holders that swing away when you need to take your little ones in and out of the stroller. It also has a parent tray with a cover and two cup holders.


Price*: about $106.59 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: This stroller goes over hills, bumps, and curves with no problems.

  • Cons: The wheels are plastic, so they might not last as long as rubber ones would

4. Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini Double Stroller

Why pick this one? Be aware that although this stroller is called a “jogger,” it’s not intended to be used for jogging. This stroller does, however, have a suspension mechanism in the front wheels to absorb the shock of bumpy rides, and the rear wheels have a foot-operated brake system for easy access.

This side-by-side double stroller has two large sun canopies that extend and retract independently so they can be placed to suit each of your little ones, plus they each have a handy peek-a-boo window.

It has padded seats that recline, and the seats are vented for comfort. The five-point harnesses in the seats have pads on the shoulder area and buckle covers. Also, there is a storage basket underneath the seats as well as a storage pouch on the back of each seat.

The stroller can convert to hold compatible infant car seats with separately purchased adapters. Whatever seat configuration you choose, this stroller has quick-fold technology to make folding it down easy and fast.

Highlights: The front wheels can swivel for easy maneuvering around tight corners, but they can also lock into place for long and steady strolls.


Price*: about $449.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It’s more compact than most double strollers and it folds easily.

  • Cons: There’s not enough storage space in the underneath basket

5. Chicco BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

Why pick this one? This double stroller has a traditional toddler stroller seat in the front with a five-point harness. If you wish, the seat can covert to hold a compatible infant car seat. Also, there’s an extendable shade canopy for the front seat.

The back bench has a three-point harness and can convert to a standing platform, which can come in handy if you like the ease of your older child hopping on and off when you’re ready for him to do so. A few Pampers Parents noted that the back bench may not be comfortable enough for your little one if you’re planning a long stroll.

The handle bars are padded for your comfort. And, to keep things easier for you, there’s a one-hand folding system with a carry handle. When it’s folded, this stroller is freestanding and compact.

This stroller has rubber tires that have full suspension for a smoother ride. The front wheels swivel for easy maneuvering around tight spaces and sharp turns. On the back wheels there are brakes that engage with a tap of your foot.

Highlights: There’s an extra-large storage basket underneath the seat, a parent tray with two cup holders, and a child tray with two cup holders.


Price*: about $337.89 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It’s light and easy to close.

  • Cons: The front seat doesn’t recline.

6. BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller

Why pick this one? This side-by-side double stroller has a traditional three-wheel jogger stroller design so you can head out for a run with your two little ones in tow. The front swivel wheel is lockable to help make a more stable ride while you’re jogging. This stroller touts a “mountain-bike-style” suspension system and has air-fillable tires.

The handlebar on this stroller is padded and adjustable, and it has a hand brake integrated to make controlling the stroller speed easier for you.

The seats have a one-hand reclining mechanism and are padded as well as ventilated. The extra-large sun canopies offer UV 50+ sun protection. Plus, the sun canopies are independently extendable so you can provide the right amount of shade or sun to each child. This stroller can convert to hold compatible infant car seats.

Some Pampers Parents mentioned that this stroller is bulky and heavy, so it may not be ideal if you would like to regularly put it in and take it out of your vehicle.

Highlights: This double stroller comes with a large storage basket underneath the seats as well as a pocket beside each seat. There are also pockets on the back of each seat for you.


Price*: about $689.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: This jogger is great for all kinds of trails from bumpy grass to sidewalks.

  • Cons: It’s a little tricky to maneuver through standard doorways.

7. Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller

Why pick this one? This tandem stroller is handy for a younger child and an older sibling. The front seat can be an infant car seat carrier and convert to a standard toddler seat for your younger child, while the back bench for your older child can convert to a standing platform.

The front seat has a multi-position recline and a five-point harness, but some Pampers Parents noted that when an infant car seat is in the front or when the front toddler seat is reclined, there isn’t much room left for an older child to sit on the rear bench comfortably.

This stroller has a one-hand folding system.

Highlights: There is a child tray on the front seat with two cup holders. It pivots out so you can easily get your child in and out of the stroller. Plus, there’s a parent tray with two cup holders.


Price*: about $131.56 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: This stroller folds almost as compactly as a single stroller.

  • Cons: It would be nice if the shade canopy had more coverage.

8. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller

Why pick this one? This double stroller is the most budget friendly choice on the Pampers Parents list. This stroller converts to hold two compatible infant car seats or up to two toddler stroller seats. The back seat, if it’s not being used as an infant car seat carrier, can convert from a padded bench with a three-point harness to a standing platform for an older child.

There are two removable cup holders for you as well as a pivoting child tray with two cup holders for the front seat. The back seat/platform also has two handy cup holders. Bear in mind that several Pampers Parents said the cup holders weren’t big enough to hold larger water bottles.

There is a large, removable shade canopy for the front seat. The front seat also has a five-point harness and there’s a large storage basket located underneath it.

Highlights: The all-wheel suspension gives a smoother ride and the back wheels have foot-activated brakes.


Price*: about $97.76 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: There’s plenty of leg room.

  • Cons: The wheels have to be aligned in a specific position for it to fold down correctly.

9. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

Why pick this one? This three-wheeled jogging stroller has wheels that are good for running errands on smooth surfaces like sidewalks as well as for jogging on a park trail. The bicycle-style tires have a locking front swivel wheel for a smooth ride for your little one when you’re out on a run. For your convenience, there is a foot-activated rear brake.

The seat pads are easy to clean with warm, soapy water. The seats have a multi-position recline and they can also recline individually, plus each seat has a five-point safety harness.

There are two cup holders for you along with a handy parent tray. The single, large canopy offers shade to both of your little ones.

A few Pampers Parents mentioned that the bottom storage basket is a bit small for all the gear they need to carry.

Highlights: The quick-release wheels are easy to remove when you want more compact storage.


Price*: about $169.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It’s easy to use on all kinds of pathways and trails.

  • _Cons: _It’s quite wide, and it’s not easy to fit through standard-size doorways.__

10. JOOVY Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Why pick this one? Both seats on this double stroller have a multi-position recline. The rear seat is fully removable if you’d like your older child to use the stand-on platform at the back. The front seat adapts to hold a compatible infant car seat while still leaving room for one child to stand on the back. Some Pampers Parents commented that there’s no footrest for the back seat and that it’s easy for their little ones to kick the back tires when on the standing platform.

This stroller has a canopy that extends over the front and back seats to keep both of your little ones shaded when they’re seated. The wheels are designed with sealed bearings to reduce friction and keep a smooth ride even when the load gets heavier — such as when your little ones grow. The brakes are engaged by a toe-tap system that locks the back wheels.

Highlights: There’s a parent organizer to hold your phone, wallet, and keys, and two pockets to use as cup holders.


Price*: about $219.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: The sunshade is great and covers both seats well.

  • Cons: It’s a little hard to open

Safety Tips for Using Your Double Stroller

Once you find the perfect double stroller, follow these guidelines to make sure your little ones are safe every time you go for a stroll:

  • Don’t leave your babies alone or unattended when they’re in the stroller.

  • A five-point harness is ideal because it’s the safest kind of harness. A five-point harness is attached to the stroller between the legs, around each side of the waist or hips, and over both of your baby’s shoulders. Whenever your little one is in the stroller, make sure she’s buckled in with her harness.

  • Unless storage bags are designed by the manufacturer to hang on the back of the stroller, never hang bags from stroller handles, as the extra weight on the handles can cause the stroller to tip over. Instead, keep heavier items in the bottom storage basket.

  • Whenever you stop the stroller, fully engage the brakes.

  • When you’re folding and unfolding the stroller, make sure your little ones aren’t close enough to get their fingers caught in any hinges.

  • Make sure your child keeps her fingers away from the stroller wheels to prevent an injury.

  • If you attach hanging toys to the stroller, make sure your baby can’t pull them off.

  • Check any plastic or metal parts to make sure they’re not too hot if the stroller has been sitting in the sun or in a hot car.

  • If the seat seems to be a bit too big for your little one, don’t use a pillow or a thick blanket as a pad. If needed, use tightly rolled small blankets to tuck around your little one to help keep her secure.

When you’ve got a growing family, a double stroller can come in handy for running errands or enjoying a long day in the park. We hope this list of double strollers chosen by Pampers Parents helps you find one that works well for you and your family.

If you’re looking for a double stroller because you’ve got another little one on the way, then consider putting your dream double stroller on your baby registry list. Check out our other ideas for baby registry must-haves.

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