Top Umbrella Strollers for Your Baby

Full-sized strollers are great because of their smooth ride and hefty build, but umbrella strollers are handy when you need something light and easy to travel with.

To help you choose an umbrella stroller that best suits you and your baby, over 4,000 Pampers Parents voted for their favorites. Based upon these votes, we have created lists of the best standard umbrella strollers and the best double umbrella strollers.

Read on to find a detailed review of each product, and see what Pampers Parents say are some pros and cons about each umbrella stroller based on their experiences.

What Is an Umbrella Stroller?

A standard umbrella stroller is lightweight and folds compactly just like an umbrella (that’s why they’re called umbrella strollers). Umbrella strollers are usually best for babies and toddlers who are old enough to sit up on their own.

You might prefer an umbrella stroller if you’d like to maneuver more easily through tighter spaces like stores and crowded sidewalks.

These models are also ideal for quick everyday errands, for when you need to jump in and out of the car or public transportation, or for when you’re scurrying through airports and catching flights.

Types of Umbrella Strollers

There are plenty of baby strollers on the market, but when it comes to umbrella strollers there are three main types to choose from:

  • Standard umbrella strollers. These are lightweight and easy-to-fold strollers with four wheels and one seat.

  • Jogging umbrella strollers. These strollers are also lightweight and easy to fold but they have three wheels instead of four. There’s one wheel in the front and two in the back. These are all designed to look like jogging strollers, but not all are suitable for actually going out jogging.

  • Double umbrella strollers. Lightweight and easy to fold, these strollers are great for taking your twins, or your younger baby and toddler, for a ride at the same time. Side-by-side double strollers are probably most common, but there are also tandem models available where one of your little ones sits behind the other. There are also triple umbrella strollers on the market if you’d like to take your triplets or three young children out at once.

What to Consider When Buying an Umbrella Stroller

If you’re thinking of buying an umbrella stroller, you’re probably looking for something light and travel friendly. Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing the best umbrella stroller for you and your baby:

  • Are federal safety standards met? Specific safety standards must be met for all strollers sold in the U.S. Check for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) sticker on the stroller or the packaging. This sticker shows that the manufacturer participates in the JPMA’s safety certification program. You can also check the JPMA’s website to check that the brand you’re considering is certified.

  • Is the stroller right for your baby’s age and size? Your baby won’t be able to support himself well enough for most umbrella stroller seats until he’s well over 6 months old. Even with reclining seat options, most umbrella strollers aren’t designed for young infants who need head and back support. Check the stroller manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended child weight and height limits before deciding if it’s the right stroller for your baby.

  • How small does the stroller fold? With umbrella strollers, you may also want to consider how compactly the stroller folds down so it’s easier to store in your car or carry if you’re traveling.

  • What kind of terrain will you use the stroller on? Some umbrella strollers are better for smooth terrain like sidewalks while others are built for “all terrain” or rougher paths like gravel or grass.

  • Is the storage space suitable? If you’re not a light traveler and, like most parents, have plenty to carry, ask yourself if the umbrella stroller will have room for necessities such as your diaper bag, shopping bags, or your handbag. Also, consider how easy it is to access the stroller’s storage compartments.

  • Does it have the added features you want? Are you interested in features such as a cup holder for you, a special place to clip your cell phone into, or a tray for your baby? Sometimes these features come with the stroller, and sometimes they can be purchased separately.

  • Is it easy to clean? You’ll probably appreciate an easy-to-clean seat, but don't overlook any crevices and nooks that will need an occasional wipe down. It’s common for many strollers to only need a wipe down with warm, soapy water, but a removable and machine-washable seat cover is sometimes an option, too.

  • Will the handle height be comfortable? The stroller handlebars should be around your waist level or a little lower. Some umbrella strollers have adjustable handlebars, but many are fixed. You may like to give the stroller you’re interested in a trial to make sure the handlebar height will be comfy for you.

  • How easy is it to maneuver? An indication of good maneuverability is if you can push the stroller in a straight line using one hand. Think about how easy it will be to push the stroller when it’s carrying the weight of your baby and other heavy things like your diaper bag. If you can find a floor model of the stroller you’re interested in at your local retailer, try testing it out in the store.

  • Can you easily control the brakes? The best kind of stroller brakes have some type of mechanism built into the wheels that prevents the wheel from rolling when the brake is applied. Some strollers have hand brakes and many have toe-tap brakes that put pressure on the tire to stop the wheel from rolling. Bottom line: it’s important to have brakes that are easy to engage. Also, make sure the stroller design is such that your little one can’t reach the brakes to release them.

  • Are both the seat and harness easy to adjust? If the umbrella stroller comes with a reclining seat, consider how easy it is to adjust. Also, check how easy the harness is to open and move out of the way when you want to move your baby in and out of the seat.

  • Can you fold and unfold the stroller easily? Some umbrella strollers offer a one-hand folding system while others require both hands. Either way, find out how easy it is to open and close.

  • Does your baby have special needs? If your baby has certain special needs, you might need to carry medical monitoring machines or equipment like an oxygen tank. Your baby’s healthcare provider can offer suggestions for umbrella strollers that might suit you and your baby’s needs. Asking other parents of babies with health considerations similar to your baby’s for stroller tips might also help you find the right one.

  • Does the double stroller have one long footrest? Side-by-side double strollers should have a footrest that goes across the entire width of the front of the stroller. Having separate footrests increases the risk of your baby getting his foot stuck in between.

Top 5 Umbrella Strollers

Just because umbrella strollers are lightweight doesn’t mean they’re not durable and ready to take you and your little one on some great adventures. Check out the top five umbrella strollers as chosen by Pampers Parents.

1. Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller

Why pick this one? This lightweight stroller tops the list. It can be used for errands or as an easy travel stroller. Pampers Parents love it because it’s light and relatively simple to fold. This one is simply a great everyday umbrella stroller!

The durable aluminum frame folds compactly and has a padded carry strap. The seat has multiple recline positions as well as a five-point safety harness.

This stroller has an oversized canopy with a mesh peek-a-boo window you can flip open to check on your little one. That said, bear in mind that some Pampers Parents mentioned that they’d prefer a bigger canopy than what this stroller offers.

Highlights: This stroller has lots of storage areas including a cell phone holder, a parent cup holder, a sippy cup holder for your little one, a zip-close storage pocket on the back of the seat, and a large storage basket underneath the seat.


Price*: about $119.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: This stroller has several useful storage areas.

  • Cons: For some, it’s a little difficult to fold down.

2. Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller

Why pick this one? This 2-in-1 stroller can hold a compatible Chicco infant car seat and then convert to a standard umbrella stroller. This means it can be used from the time your baby is a newborn until he weighs up to 50 pounds. When this model is used as a standard umbrella stroller, the seat has five recline positions.

This umbrella stroller has rear-wheel suspension and toe-tap lock brakes. A built-in fold-and-carry handle makes folding it down easier.

This stroller has a storage basket as well as a cup holder for you. Keep in mind that several Pampers Parents didn’t like the cup holder or the fact that this umbrella stroller doesn’t have a tray.

Highlights: This stroller has an adjustable leg support for your little one and the canopy is removable.


Price*: about $229.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It’s easy to fold up and takes up minimal space.

  • Cons: The bottom storage is small and not very easy to access when the seat is reclined.

3. UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller

Why pick this one? This umbrella stroller has a lightweight aluminum frame and tall handles to help make pushing it more comfortable for you. This stroller has four-wheel suspension for a smoother ride, and toe-tap brakes.

The seat has a five-point harness and reclines for added comfort. The shade canopy is extendable with a UV 50+ sunshade for extra protection from the sun.

A built-in hand lever makes folding down the stroller easy, plus it has a carry strap for your convenience. This stroller comes with a removable cup holder for you and a large storage basket that’s easy to access.

Highlights: This stroller has a mesh sling seat, which might make it easier to clean than some of the other stroller seats on this list. The mesh seat also makes this stroller even lighter to carry. The fabric on this stroller is stain and water resistant.


Price*: about $199.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: Among umbrella strollers, this one is particularly lightweight.

  • Cons: Sometimes it’s difficult to fold this stroller down.

4. Maclaren Mark II Stroller

Why pick this one? This stroller has four-wheel suspension for a smooth ride along with a durable but light frame. The seat reclines and has a breathable mesh center for extra comfort.

The extendable shade canopy offers UV 50+ sun protection, plus it has an integrated sun visor and peek-a-boo window so you can easily check on your little one. Keep in mind that several Pampers Parents said that because of the way this stroller folds, if the wheels are dirty, they can make the sun canopy dirty, too.

Highlights: This stroller comes with a removable, machine-washable seat as well as an oversized storage basket.


Price*: about $194.89 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: The tall handles and the wheels make it easy to maneuver.

  • Cons: The safety harness can be a little difficult to buckle.

5. Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT

Why pick this one? This jogger-style City Mini GT also made it to the umbrella strollers favorites list. Bear in mind that although this jogger umbrella stroller is designed similarly to a standard jogging stroller (e.g., it has three wheels), the wheels are smaller, and it’s not really intended for jogging.

What makes this stroller among the top-voted by Pampers Parents is that its three-wheel design helps maneuvering around tight spaces easier. Plus, this stroller has all-terrain tires with suspension in the front wheel, so it’s easier to handle on rougher terrain like a grassy path or cobblestone streets as well.

The handlebar height is adjustable and the stroller has a hand brake system so you can more conveniently control the brakes. This stroller has a one-hand operated lift strap for easy folding.

Plus, with adapters you can purchase separately, this umbrella stroller can transform into a travel system to carry your infant’s car seat.

The large canopy offers UV 50+ sun protection for your child. The canopy is adjustable and has a handy peek-a-boo window for checking on your little one.

Highlights: This stroller’s padded seat is removable and machine washable. Plus, this Baby Jogger stroller offers options to purchase additional accessories like a cooler bag to customize it.


Price*: about $251.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It has a sleek profile that’s great for running errands and for navigating tight spaces.

Top-Voted Double Umbrella Strollers

Double umbrella strollers can be quite handy when you’ve got two little ones and you need to manage the stroller solo. Two double umbrella strollers made it to the Pampers Parents favorites list.

1. Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Why pick this one? This double umbrella stroller is a favorite among Pampers Parents.

The six-inch double wheels have suspension for shock absorption and have toe-tap brakes. The reclining seats come with five-point harnesses that are fitted with soft shoulder pads to help keep your little ones comfortable.

This stroller has a canopy over each seat. Keep in mind, though, that some Pampers Parents mentioned that these canopies are small and don’t offer much protection from the sun.

This double stroller includes a cup holder for you as well as two large hanging storage bags at the back of each seat. This stroller also folds compactly for easier storage.

Highlights: This double stroller fits through standard thirty-inch doors.


Price*: about $70.49 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: It folds small, but it still feels roomy when it’s open.

  • Cons: It’s not as easy to maneuver when there’s over 40 pounds in it.

2. ZOE XL2 BEST v2 Lightweight Double Travel & Everyday Umbrella Twin Stroller System

Why pick this one? This double umbrella stroller folds down with one hand and has seats that recline. The footrest is adjustable for added comfort, plus you can adjust each shade canopy separately to suit both of your little ones. It comes with a large mesh storage basket. This stroller has removable padded harness strap covers.

A few Pampers Parents mentioned that this stroller doesn’t maneuver well when it isn’t on a smooth surface like a sidewalk.

Highlights: This stroller comes with cup holders not only for you, but also for each of your little ones.


Price*: about $269.95 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: The sun canopies offer a lot of shade.

  • Cons: There aren’t many accessories available for this stroller.

Safety Tips for Using Your Umbrella Stroller

Once you’ve chosen a great umbrella stroller, consider these tips to keep your little one safe each time you go for a stroll:

  • Make sure you always keep a careful watch on your baby when she’s in her stroller.

  • Before you put your baby in the stroller, check to ensure the stroller is securely locked in the open position.

  • Use the under-seat storage basket for heavy items like a diaper bag. Unless the manufacturer recommends otherwise, never hang heavy items on the handles, because this can cause the stroller to tip over.

  • Every time you stop the stroller, engage the brakes.

  • To prevent your little one’s fingers from getting pinched in any hinges, make sure to keep her away from the stroller when you’re folding or unfolding it.

  • To keep your baby’s fingers away from the stroller wheels, make sure she can’t reach them when she’s sitting in the stroller.

  • Whenever your little one is in the stroller, make sure she’s secured in the safety harness.

  • Make sure any hanging toys you attach to the stroller (like a mobile) are securely fastened so your little one can’t remove them.

  • Many strollers have plastic or metal parts that can get very hot if they’re out in the sun or left in a hot car. Before you put your little one in the stroller, make sure there aren’t any hot parts that might hurt her.

If you and your little one often visit the park or zoo, travel, or simply run errands together, then a lightweight umbrella stroller can make your adventures much easier.

We hope you’ve found a great umbrella stroller on this list, so that you can get back to enjoying your time out and about with your little one.

Recall Notice

Before buying a product, always check that it’s approved and hasn’t been recalled on sites like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

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