Diapers Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit ®

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Easy On & Easy Off
Smart design makes them easy to put on and tear off


Easy On

NEW Stretchy waistband makes it easy to put on


Easy Tear Off

Simply tear the sides for speedy removal


Easy Disposal

Roll up the sides and tape close for easy disposal

NEW 360° Fit
Our best fitting diaper for your active baby


All around stretchy waistband

NEW 360® stretch that adapts to baby's every wild move



To protect baby's delicate skin, even during active play

Premium Protection
Premium skin protection and up to 12 hours of dryness


Dual Leak-Guard Barriers

Gently seal around baby's legs to help prevent leaks


Air-Dry Channels

Breathable dryness to keep baby's skin feeling fresh

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Overall Rating   759


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Comfortable Fit
Keeps Dry
Good Value

"These are good but im in need for pampers to make a size 7 for 360 fit."

MasonJuly 15,2019

Our new favorite diaper

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Comfortable Fit
Keeps Dry
Good Value

"At first I expected these to be like the easy up diapers. Which were a no go to me as they give my tot a rash and didn't want the same to happen to my little one. Luckily I was sent a sample and we fell in love! My little at 6m and still in baby dry had already started to pull the side tabs and ruin his diaper before he used it. So these came as a savior. The material is not at all like easy ups and are very soft on my baby's skin. He'll still try to pull tabs and grunts when he doesn't find them. I was delighted to see the back tape to help roll up the diaper as pull on diapers can get messy. But we haven't had any issues with anything seeping out of them on or off the baby and that's the best part. Also I can slip them on in whatever position my squirmy baby is in when he's fighting diaper changing."

MagalyJuly 13,2019

Amazing choice

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Comfortable Fit
Keeps Dry
Good Value

"My little girl is a chunky baby. So because of that a lot of diapers don’t cover her fully or leave gaps. This style fits perfectly on her and keeps everything in!"

AlyssaMarieJuly 11,2019

Pampers Cruisers

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Comfortable Fit
Keeps Dry
Good Value

"Pampers Cruisers is an amazing product that i highly recommend to all parents. It is value for money."

July 11,2019

Pampers360 are the best

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"Loved this product again have my childfree coverage and very comfortable.for .y child"

Motherof310July 04,2019

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Comfortable Fit*
Good Value*
Keeps Baby Dry*

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