Diapers Cruisers 360° Fit ®

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Easy On & Easy Off
Smart design makes them easy to put on and tear off


Easy On

NEW Stretchy waistband makes it easy to put on


Easy Tear Off

Simply tear the sides for speedy removal


Easy Disposal

Roll up the sides and tape close for easy disposal

NEW 360° Fit
Our best fitting diaper for your active baby


All around stretchy waistband

NEW 360® stretch that adapts to baby's every wild move



To protect baby's delicate skin, even during active play

Premium Protection
Premium skin protection and up to 12 hours of dryness


Dual Leak-Guard Barriers

Gently seal around baby's legs to help prevent leaks


Air-Dry Channels

Breathable dryness to keep baby's skin feeling fresh

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Overall Rating   855

360 diapers

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Comfortable Fit
Keeps Dry
Good Value

"I love this brand this is my first time using pampers!"

September 01,2019

no tape no hassle

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Comfortable Fit
Keeps Dry
Good Value

"We got samples of these in a big box of pampers we bought for my son. He is currently a year and a half. He loves to pull on the tape of diapers and I didn’t know diapers without the tape existed. These are amazing. My son loves being able to help put on his own diaper and doesn’t fuss at all when it’s time for a change. Normally we have to worry about leaks throughout the night with other brand but not these. My family is so excited to go buy more of these and recommend them to anyone I know."

LeilaAugust 30,2019

Best Diapers Ever

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Comfortable Fit
Keeps Dry
Good Value

"We have tried several brands and other Pampers products but these are the most amazing diapers. The first time I saw them I bought a pack and we haven't looked back. I ran out last night and had to resort back to a different brand tab diaper. My toddler has taken them off three times and they have rubbed red spots on her in several places. She wouldn't even settle down to sleep until I found one Cruiser 360 in the diaper bag and put that on her. She immediately laid down and was still. Now I will always keep more Cruisers 360 on hand now (We live in a rural area and the closest stores that carry them are a 45+ mile drive). She doesn't try to take them off since they are so soft and comfortable. They don't leak or break out her delicate skin. Also, they have a wetness indicator!! So much easier to change on a wiggly toddler who doesn't like to sit still. We also have liked Swaddlers and Cruisers(no wetness indicator) but these are our favorite. They cost a little more but it is so worth it for baby's comfort, no rashes or rubbed spots, and quick and easy changes!!"

KaciAugust 20,2019

Pamper cruisers

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"I really love it but the biggest size was 6 and my baby fits small in them if you have a bigger size that will be great my baby really needs a bigger size"

IluwamhAugust 16,2019

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best diaper yet

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"this has been the best diaper yet so far. My two year old is not quite ready for potty training, but loves to rip the diaper tabs off all day, so this has been a huge help."

DeLaurenAugust 16,2019

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Comfortable Fit*
Good Value*
Keeps Baby Dry*

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