Premature baby in incubator

FAQ: All About Having a Premature Baby

August 21, 2019
1 min read

All parents have questions about caring for their newborn, but when your baby arrives early and requires an extended hospital stay before going home, it’s natural to have even more concerns. Here are some of the most common questions about babies born prematurely:

  • Q : When Is a Baby Considered Premature?
  • Q : How Common Is Premature Birth?
  • Q : What Do We Know About a Premature Baby’s Survival Rate?
  • Q : What Are the Causes of Preterm Births?
  • Q : What Are Some Common Myths About the Causes of Preterm Birth?
  • Q : How Can I Decrease the Chances of My Baby Being Born Prematurely?
  • Q : What Is Extremely Premature?
  • Q : What Is Very Premature?
  • Q : What Is Moderate to Late Preterm?
  • Q : How Is a Preemie’s Age Calculated?
  • Q : What’s the Difference Between Small, Medium, and Large Preemie Babies?
  • Q : What Is the Delivery of a Preterm Infant Like?
  • Q : What Can I Expect at the Hospital?
  • Q : How Do I Deal With the Costs of Special Medical Care for My Preemie Baby?
  • Q : When Will My Preterm Baby Be Discharged From Hospital?
  • Q : Can My Premature Infant Have Visitors at Home?
  • Q : For How Long Will My Preemie Need Follow-Up Appointments?
  • Q : How Will My Family Be Impacted and What Can We Do to Handle This Situation?
  • Q : Will My Next Baby Be Premature?

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