75 Biblical Names for Girls and Boys

Biblical baby names for both girls and boys are some of the most enduring of all time. Whether you’re looking for a name with a religious or spiritual association or simply appreciate the classics, biblical names can be a great source of inspiration. We’ve collected 75 of the most popular and unique names from the Bible, including those for girls and boy, plus unisex options.

Popular and Classic Biblical Girl Names

If you want to choose a biblical name and appreciate monikers that never seem to go out of style, you have plenty of options. These popular classics also work well if you’d like to name your baby after a family member.

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Popular and Classic Biblical Boy Names

Girls aren’t the only ones with options for classic biblical names! You might be surprised to learn that many of the most popular and enduring names for boys are biblical or originate from Hebrew, including Benjamin, Jacob, and Peter.

Unique Baby Girl Names With Biblical Meanings

One interesting aspect of biblical names is that despite some being the most enduring monikers, others remain rare and unique. So you can choose a name from the Bible for your baby girl and she can still rock an individual title!

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Unique Baby Boy Names With Biblical Meanings

Unique biblical names for both baby girls and boys typically come with unique meanings, which make them all the more interesting! The follow biblical names are excellent rare options for boys.

Unisex Biblical Names for Baby Girls and Boys

Biblical names even offer some gender-neutral options! If you’re on the fence about a gender-specific name or don’t know the gender of your little one yet, the following unisex baby names are great options for you.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve discovered, biblical names offer plenty of appealing options for boy, girl, and unisex monikers with classic sounds and unique meanings. Even if you don’t choose a traditional biblical name for your baby boy or girl, these names may still offer inspiration! If you’re still on the fence, have some fun with our Baby Name Generator below. Use filters and mix and match categories to find the perfect baby name from thousands of options!

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