150 Unisex and Gender-Neutral Names for Your Baby

If you’re still searching for the perfect name to give your baby, have you considered gender-neutral names? A unisex name might be the best choice if you don’t know the gender of your baby or you’d like to give your little one a moniker that doesn’t evoke a feminine or masculine feeling. There are many boy and girl names that fall into the categories of cool, popular, unique, and vintage unisex baby names, and we’ve rounded up 150 of them. Keep reading to discover beautiful names that work for both genders!

Popular Unisex Baby Names

Gender-neutral names have been increasing in popularity over the years; even some traditional monikers are working their way into the modern world of nonbinary names. As parents search for a name that suits their child's personality and style, many are opting for a unisex name that offers a sense of inclusivity, flexibility, and creativity. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration's statistics for 2022, the unisex names Riley and Noah feature in the top 1,000 monikers for both boys and girls—giving them a double boost of popularity! Note that some options that began as male names have now become more popular for females, such as Madison and Evelyn. There's no shortage of great options to choose from. Here are some of the most sought-after and versatile gender-neutral names in the U.S. from recent years.


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Unique Unisex Baby Names

If you prefer unisex baby names that are unique rather than popular, you have many choices! So, whether you’re looking for unique boy names or not-so-typical girl monikers, we’ve included plenty of rare gender-neutral names that offer an original aesthetic for your little one.

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More Unique Unisex Baby Names

What are some additional unique gender-neutral names? We know that uncommon and unusual unisex names can be very appealing, so we’ve continued our list below.

Cute Gender-Neutral Names

Perhaps you’d like a cute gender-neutral name for your adorable new baby! Some of the cutest options out can serve as nonbinary names, or names for both boys and girls.

More Cute Gender-Neutral Names

We’re keeping the cuteness going with even more cute gender-neutral baby names below!

Cool and Vintage Unisex Baby Names

Some parents love the idea of cool or vintage unisex baby names. If you’d like to evoke a sense of the past or generate some cool vibes, check out the follow gender-neutral baby names.

More Cool and Vintage Unisex Baby Names

London, Lennon, or Greer? Keep the cool and vintage sounds going with the following unisex baby names!

Pretty Gender-Neutral Names

There are plenty of pretty male and female names that can be used as gender-neutral options. The following names have a pretty sound or beautiful meaning (and some have both).

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More Pretty Gender-Neutral Names

With so many pretty gender-neutral names out there, we’ve expanded the list below!

Short Unisex Baby Names

Sometimes, long baby names seem to be more appealing for a boy or a girl, but short names often do the trick when searching for unisex options. The following monikers are perfectly short and sweet!

More Short Unisex Baby Names

Keep reading for even more short unisex baby names, which also make great options for nicknames.

Even More Unisex Baby Names

There truly is no shortage of options for good gender-neutral baby names. If you still need some inspiration, we’ve added more names below, for more than 150 unisex baby name options!

The Bottom Line

Naming your baby is a special part of welcoming a new member to your family, and choosing the perfect moniker might take some time. If you’re looking for gender-neutral names, we hope this extensive list helps you. Whether you’re on the hunt for popular, rare, cute, cool, or modern gender-neutral names, know you have plenty of options and will find the perfect match for your little one in time!