Top French Names for Baby Girls and Their Meanings

Have you been dreaming of French names for your baby girl? Whether you have French heritage or are looking for a girl’s name with an air of je ne sais quoi, then you’re in the right place. You’ll find many options in this list of 71 French names for baby girls, including ones you could use for either a first name or a middle name. Our categories include names that are popular, unique, cute, pretty, beautiful, and old-fashioned.

Most Popular French Girl Names

Here is the list of the top French girl names in France from 2020:


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Unique French Girl Names

If you’re looking for French girls’ names with a unique sound and/or meaning, choose one of these options:

Cute and Pretty French Girl Names

Many French girls’ names seem inherently cute and pretty. We’ve included some of the top ones in this category:

Beautiful French Girl Names

You’d think the more accents in the name, the more beautiful it becomes—well, that’s not entirely incorrect as many of the following French girls’ names prove:

Old-Fashioned French Girl Names

If you’re looking for a classic name with old-fashioned charm and character, take your pick from among these French girls’ names:

The Bottom Line

With any luck, you've selected the best French girl’s name on this list for your daughter. If you're still hunting for inspiration, check out our list of international baby names and our top 1,000 baby girl names.

Still looking? Our Baby Name Generator is another way to find the perfect name for your daughter. This handy tool lets you search thousands of names using filters like first letter and theme to narrow down names more easily.