Looking for potential girl names for your daughter? Start with our comprehensive list of the top baby names for girls.

Whether it’s for your first daughter, or you already have a houseful of girls, choosing baby names can be a tough decision - but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

When making your decision, you probably remember those cute names you have always had in mind, or perhaps you and your partner will give her a family name to honor someone close to you.

And then there are those classic, pretty names that you hope will reflect your sweet little girl. Our guide includes these and other popular names of the moment.

Take some time to browse our list for inspiration; there are so many cool names out there that you may have trouble choosing just one.

Below are the most popular girl names of the past few years. Click on any name to learn more about its history and meaning*:

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Do you have your own shortlist of top baby girl names yet?

If you want to involve family and friends in choosing the right name, consider throwing a baby naming party.

And for more inspiration, don’t forget to check our list of international baby names as well as our Baby Name Generator. With the Baby Name Generator, you can easily search by gender, popularity, name meaning, and more.

*The list of names in this article was obtained from the US Social Security Administration website.