75 Cool, Popular Middle Names for Boys

Giving your baby boy both a first name and middle name is a good idea, as it offers your child some options as to which name to go by later on in life, and because you can include more of your favorite names. Here’s a list of some unique, cool, and most popular middle names for boys to help you find the best one.

Tips for Choosing a Middle Name for Your Baby Boy

Middle names have an interesting history. In Roman times, having more names indicated you had a higher social status. In the Middle Ages, Christian families often couldn’t decide between naming a child after a saint or a family member, so they went with both. And much later, a trend of using the mother’s maiden name as a middle name came about. In certain cultures, the concept of a middle name is rare or nonexistent. Middle names aren’t used in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In Spanish-speaking nations, a child will be given a compound first name like Juan José. In Africa, a child may be given multiple first names, each with a dedicated meaning such as birth order and even the specific day of birth. In China, children get a first name made up of two syllables, but there are no middle names. Middle names are much more popular in the United States, where there aren’t such strict naming traditions. However, not all parents choose a middle name for their children. If you decide upon a middle name for your child, luckily, you can pick one for any reason you like without adhering to any cultural norm. Just as with your baby’s first name, you can be as creative as you like with the middle name. Here are some tips for choosing a great middle name:

  • Honor a beloved family member

  • Match the middle name somehow with the first name

  • Consider the length; if the first name is very long you may like to select a shorter middle name

  • Pick a name that sounds good when your child’s first, middle, and surnames are said altogether

  • Think about mixing it up a bit. If you’ve chosen a traditional first name for your son, you might like a cool or unique middle name.


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Cool and Unique Middle Names for Boys

Here are some cool and unique middle names for boys:

Check out our list of 70 unique baby boy names for even more ideas that will ensure your boy has a name that stands out.

Short Middle Names for Boys

If your child’s first and surnames are particularly long, you may decide that a short middle name is the best match. Here are some ideas for short middle names for boys:

Most Common and Popular Middle Names for Boys

Here’s a list of some of the most common and popular names for boys in the United States. Any of these options would make a good middle name:

The Bottom Line

Picking a middle name for your baby boy may not be as nerve-racking as choosing the first name, and you might even have a little fun with it. Some parents decide to go with an unusual or unique middle name while others choose a name inspired by a beloved family member. Before making your final choice, think about how the name pairs with the first name, and how the full name sounds altogether. We've given you a few options in this article, but for even more check out these 1,000 baby boy names, any of which could make a great middle name as well. You can also use our Baby Name Generator that lets you sort names by theme, starting letter, and more!