Looking for baby boy names

There’s so much to do when preparing for the birth of your baby boy, and finding the perfect name is probably right near the top of the list. To help, we’ve collated a list of 1,000 strong, classic, and cute male names. With so many good baby boy names to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one from those on our list.

Top Baby Boy Names

First, check out the top 100 male baby names in the United States in 2020, as you might find the perfect name from among these most popular names:


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Classic Baby Boy Names

If you’re looking for a classic baby boy name with wide appeal, choose from among these:

Choosing a baby boy name can be exciting yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some fun facts that could help you find the perfect baby name.

Old-fashioned Baby Boy Names

If you’d like to give your son a name that reminds you of a beloved family member, you might be thinking along the lines of an old-fashioned male name, like one of these:

Strong Baby Boy Names

The following baby boy names connote strength and power. Perhaps one reminds you of the qualities you’d love to see in your little prince’s character or personality:

Cute Baby Boy Names

Take a look at these cute baby boy names to see if one stands out as the best choice for your son:

Cool and Modern Baby Boy Names

You may have your heart set on a baby name that is modern and different, or simply put, cool. That’s because your baby boy is unique and deserves an effortlessly hip name, like one of these:

Uniquely Spelled Baby Boy Names

Set your son apart from all the other little boys with a baby name that features a unique spelling:

Romantic Baby Boy Names

If you’re looking for a name that has an air of romance and charm, like that of an Italian boys’ name, one of these following might make your shortlist:

The Bottom Line

Once you have a short list of top baby boy names, why not involve family and friends in narrowing the field? Consider throwing a baby naming party so that your loved ones can help you settle on the best name for your son? If you still need a little more inspiration, consider searching by theme or letter, such as country boy names or boy names starting with A. If you’re looking for the perfect middle name for your baby boy, any of the above could work. However, we also have a separate list of middle names for baby boys that you should check out. If you’re not yet happy with your short list of names or you’re still browsing all kinds of different names, check out our Baby Name Generator, which you can use to search names by gender, popularity, name meaning, and more.