If you're hunting for baby names that have stood the test of time, you're in luck. Names that might have once seemed dated are now making a comeback, giving you fresh inspiration in the form of vintage names.

If you've already scoured countless baby name lists, including our top baby names for boys and girls in 2017 and unique baby boy and girl names, why not dial back the clock and take a look at some old fashioned names that just may make you melt.

Your search for traditional baby names may inspire you to revisit some old family names, or just rediscover some classic names that are ready for a triumphant return to popularity.

Classic Baby Names for Boys


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Classic Baby Names for Girls

If your search for old fashioned names for girls or vintage baby boy names has come up empty, we suggest taking a peek at our Baby Name Generator. This easily searchable tool will guide you through thousands of possible options in a variety of categories.

Or, what if you could take some of the pressure off finding the perfect name, and enlist family and friends to help? Baby naming parties are becoming popular among parents-to-be, and we have all the information you need to host one yourself. Maybe some of your guests will come up with vintage baby names you haven’t thought of. Have fun!